Helen Agrelo

Partner, EMR Integration Specialist

Helen Agrelo is the Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle¬†Operations. She helped start up this Physical Therapy practice in 1999. Helen’s dedication and leadership has helped Professional develop into the successful practice it is today. After graduating with a B.A. in Biology and a Medical Technology degree, she decided that was not the career for her and returned to her innate specialty as a Medical Practice Manager. Her drive, determination, and good fortune, has led her to the career of a lifetime.

As the Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations, Helen is responsible for extensive research on new business ventures for the company, and has created on-the-job training programs such as Professional University which enabled room for advancement for other employees. She has developed the current administrative structure and always has her finger on the pulse of what will benefit and further the growth of Professional. Most recently proposing and implementing our practice management software, which successfully transitioned the company into Electronic Health Records, Helen is also intimately involved with contract negotiations with regard to both Vendors and Payors, leading to topline & bottomline growth. She also spearheaded Centralizing Billing Operations, which has also proven to be a financial success, promoting tremendous internal business efficiencies. Her ideas, research, and knowledge continue to be part of the strong foundation for the company.