Restored ability to run

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of the Hewlett Lacrosse Association for taking the time to train our boys. They had a wonderful experience and I hope it will continue to produce on the field a winning season. On a personal note, I must thank you for all you have done for Sam. It…
Wendy S.

He provided the light at the end of the tunnel

The Professional Physical Therapy facility is one of the best facilities that I have been to.  The staff is always friendly and up to date on appointments.  I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere; from the moment I walk in,  I’m greeted by a pleasant receptionist.  I love how patient and warm the staff…
Debra Alberts

Give thanks to Rob

…Douglas went to Garden City’s Professional Athletic Performance Center for his rehab and conditioning.  He raved about the results he got from working with renowned physical therapist and strength coach Robert Panariello.  ‘I have to give thanks to Rob,’ Douglas said. ‘He really helped with…
Alan Hahn

Would return to Professional again!

The hardest part of my rehab was wanting to move it along faster, being able to run sooner. The best part of my rehab was the first time performing a walk/jog progression on the treadmill. I created a 'bucket' list for myself and accomplished one of the goals on my list, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro…
Matt A.

Tailored my exercises to my particular needs

After having surgery on my wrist in August, I found Professional Physical Therapy in the Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY. I was warmly greeted at my first appointment and every appointment thereafter. Steve was my Therapist and tailored my exercises to my particular needs. I understand that is a primary…
Regina Murphy

On my way to a full recovery

Dear Everyone, In my experience at Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy....They are the most dynamic and resourceful group of Professional Physical Therapists that I have ever encountered. The dedication, knowledge ability and friendly atmosphere is not only welcome, but is an inspiration…
Mitchel A.

I wouldn’t be pursuing Kilimanjaro without you!

I wouldn’t be pursuing Kili without you!  Thanks — Rebecca   Read more about Rebecca's climb from The Old Westbury Times

Delightful, helpful, and very encouraging!

James Lowe.jpg
Rachel, Terri, Ken, and Justin are delightful, helpful, and very encouraging each time I visit Professional Physical Therapy. The environment here is friendly. Lastly, Sasha is wonderful, knowledgeable, and outstanding with Dry Needling. Praise be to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To the entire staff,…
James L.

Feeling incredibly improved

I am thrilled to report that I finished my last PT session today and am feeling incredibly improved.  Much of my improvement is thanks to the wonderful work of Jillian.  As a health care provider over the past several decades, I am keenly aware of what it takes to contribute to another’s healing…
Norma Hannigan

Excellent guidance, clear direction

Good morning Joe. I’d like to offer my personal commendation to you on behalf of the exceptional performance of the staff that I encountered and worked with at your facility during my six visits for physical therapy from July 19, 2013 to August 9, 2013. The office staff was always professional,…
Vincent Konetsky

The office staff is wonderful

I would personally like to thank Dr. Richard Scalise at the RVC office for making my time at OT a great experience. Not only was I healed 100% (broken elbow) by the therapy I received, but it was such a pleasure to be at this location - the office staff is wonderful and we literally had a blast and great…
patti armet

I Wouldn't Hesitate to Recommend

Today marked the completion of my LSVT-BIG Parkinson's therapy. It consisted of twelve very specific and exaggerated movements. I found once learned, this program is easily incorporated as a daily routine. At several points during my treatment, testing of my progress revealed steady improvement. I wouldn't…
Helen T

Staff is top notch!

Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy is the best Physical Therapy place in New York City.  I have been going to Professional’s Chelsea location on and off for a few years due to injuries and replacement surgeries.  I have recommended Professional to at least 6 different people and…
Eileen M.

Welcoming experience every time

I want to thank you for all your help with my PT over the past couple of months. I saw Dr. Marx yesterday and said I’m all healed so will no longer be needing PT. An additional thank you to both Donnis, and the entire staff for their expertise and professionalism. Having done PT in the past, it has…
Samuel Lewis

Outstanding service

In September, I had several PT sessions at your Equinox – 43 Street location. As a new member of the Flex Spending program, I find their receipt request to be somewhat onerous. While majority of reception staff would hand me a statement, Andy Andrews knew exactly what was needed to comply. He remembered…
Leslie Kraus

I've told 20-30 people about Professional

I graduated PT today at Wall Street and am writing in praise of Neeti Dharia's work. This is my second PT experience with your company; I was successfully and quickly rehabbed for a serious calf tear at Murray Street a few years ago. Neeti not only diagnosed my hip/back pain within minutes of my initial…
Michael W.

You knocked the ball out of the park!

Hi Paul!  So great that Back in the Game is still going on.  Colby is going to ice hockey camp this summer for 4 weeks!  He is doing amazing!  Scores tons of goals.  We have you guys to thank for getting him back in shape and for having the youth and professional hockey players at BITG to inspire…
Lynda Feeley-Calvin

Helped tremendously in my therapy

I had to send you an email in regards to Rachel. I wanted to convey to you how incredible she is at what she does. Although I have further issues to deal with, she has helped tremendously in my therapy. Her professionalism and intuitive ability at discerning physical issues is wonderful. I am so glad…
Jay Glenn

Mollie eased my fears and gave me my independence back

When I first started seeing Mollie for Occupational Therapy after my wrist surgery, my hand and wrist were so painful, stiff and swollen. I was hesitant to even get therapy because I couldn’t imagine it would ever be the same again. I had such a hard time with daily activities like getting dressed,…
Phyllis Schreiber

My tendonitis is just about gone and I can’t thank you enough

Dear Bob: I want to thank you for your spot-on referrals, namely Dr. Jeffrey J. Brooks, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Zoraida Santiago, OTR, Clinical Hand Specialist, for the diagnosis & treatment of my tendonitis. I found Dr. Brooks to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He took the time to thoroughly…
Eileen Dietzman

Professional Physical Therapy is the Best

Cam Lew - Empire Games
Thanks to Brian & Branio along with entire staff at Professional for all your hard work w my son Cameron. My son Cam has Autism. He had broken his arm again last year & with all your help, he was able to compete in Empire Games for physically challenged. Last week he placed 3rd overall in long…
Jeffrey Lew

Kept me focused & motivated

I have known the staff at Professional since my days at Manhasset High School and Nassau Community College. I went through some tough injuries and they did their utmost in their area of expertise to help me get better. They always kept me focused and motivated. The staff is full of enthusiastic and devoted…
Vinnie Rizzo

I could tell that their first priority was to get the patients back as quickly and safely as possible.

Kyle Okposo -

kyle #21 New York Islanders  "At Professional the staff was always courteous and respectful. I could tell that their first priority was to get the patients back as quickly and safely as possible. They pushed me everyday to work hard through the ups and downs and I am thankful for that."

I had double knee replacement surgery and rehabbed at Professional PT 2-3 times a week doing strength and balance exercises. I have been able to walk up big mountains in Western China and Sri Lanka.

Daniel A. -

daniel"I am a 67-year-old lawyer. In 2010 I had double knee replacement surgery and rehabbed at Professional PT 2-3 times a week doing strength and balance exercises. The physical therapists, PT assistants and athletic trainers are very caring and attentive to the needs of the patients. They integrated massage and stretching along with other exercises that were essential to my recovery. In the last two years I have been able to walk up big mountains in Western China and Sri Lanka; I've ridden camels, slept in the desert and have managed to resume an active and normal life.   Thank you Professional PT!"