I went to a PT before coming here and I was still messed up.! This place works you out! I love the atmosphere and the people here makes you feel soooo comfortable.! Gavin is AMAZING (No matter what jokes about him getting on my nerves I made) I can honestly say all of them are perfect at what they do! They want to make sure you are getting better.! I worked up a sweat being there for about 3 months and I feel better.! I got worked on more here than I did at this other PT that i’ve been too for 4 months.! After my car accident I was afraid I wouldn’t get back to normal but thanks to EVERYONE here I am back to normal.! I am so grateful for this place and these people.! They changed my life and my back.! SO I HAD TO DO A REVIEW AND SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP.!! Thank you for pushing me to my limit and beyond.! You guys are AMAZING.! 🙂

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