When I arrived at the Bayside office I was having a hard time walking, was in constant pain and was thinking that nothing was going to help me but perhaps surgery. As a special ed teacher who has to walk up 4-5 flights of stairs at least 6 times a day, the future did not look promising. I was met by Pt Chris Leona who told me things would get better with time and with work. He, as well as those that assist him pushed me every time I was there. They listened to my complaints when I had them and cheered me on when I had none. They pushed me even on the days I didn’t want to even try. I can tell you that today I have little to no pain and I am partaking in activities that several months ago were impossible to do. I continue to do my home exercises and follow the routine they gave me at the gym. I don’t know if I will continue to feel like this forever but I do know that right now my life is so much better and nearly pain free. If I had to go back for any PT at anytime I would be right back there asking for Chris. Thank you to him and all the wonderful staff.

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