I was terrified and shocked when my wrist was sliced with a glass bottle. I cut all my right finger tendons, one of my thumb tendons, and an artery and nerve in my wrist. My injury happened so quickly and it was so overwhelming. I was worried that I wouldn’t regain full use of my right dominant hand again.

After meeting Rob Wilutis, I felt comfortable and reassured I would get all of my function back. Therapy was really painful at first and sometimes frustrating but Rob, Karen, and Liz were all so encouraging and constantly found ways to show my improvement so I didn’t give up hope. It was amazing the first time I could open and close my hand! I was so excited I sent a video to my parents in California. Although I’ve been attending therapy for almost a year, I went from being totally dependent on my boyfriend to help me with showering, getting dressed, eating, and taking care of our dog, to being almost completely independent! I still look forward to therapy and can’t thank Rob, Karen, Liz, and the staff in Southampton enough for all of their help to get me to this point and to continue to address the skills and impairments I need to become completely independent.

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