This is my second time around at the Sixth Avenue facility. The first–after carpal tunnel surgery– having been as good as experience as the present. Rehab after extensive spinal surgery to alleviate sciatic/stenosis, however, is a more complicated process. And under the care of therapist Michael Goldstein ( Mr. Golden Hands ) and his team of dedicated assistants the process has been an amazingly effective one. In just three months I’ve regained most of my legs’ strength (…and I do hate squats ), my back feels stronger than ever and I can bend and touch my toes; Not an earth-moving achievement, I know, but one you can relate to if like me you are over 70. Though I hope I never have reason to see Michael and his team again, if destiny signals otherwise, there’s no other physical therapist facility I would consider going to other than theirs and no therapist my transverse abdominal would consider listening to other than Michael.

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