Prehab — Can You Recover Faster After Surgery?

Has your doctor told you that you need surgery? Chances are you will need Physical Therapy after your operation, but what about pre-operation? Anthony D’Angelo, Professional Physical Therapy’s Partner and Vice President of Clinical Operations in New York City (NYC), has seen many benefits of Prehabilitation. Prehabilitation — or Prehab — in a clinical setting is … Continued

Relieve Soreness After Shoveling

As a Buffalo, NY native, Clinical Director of our Parsippany, NJ office, James Collins knows a thing or two about snow. Get some relief from the soreness & aches caused by snow shoveling with the tips below: Keep Moving: Contrary to what many may think, performing light exercise may help relieve the pain one experiences from … Continued

An Athletic Trainer’s Role in Recovery From Overuse Injuries

Guest written by Dr. Howard J. Levy, MD, MBA Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine as commentary to the Wall Street Journal’s “The Best Way for Teens to Recover From Overuse Injuries” released on January 18, 2016 Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) are an integral part of any comprehensive sports medicine program. An article in the Wall Street Journal … Continued