A Professional Recovery

A Professional Recovery

When you face a significant injury, it’s hard not to think your life will never be the same. It’s important that you seek the help and medical attention you need right away, to avoid the risks that are involved with prolonging your treatment. Our patients at Professional Physical Therapy have seen great results from working closely with their therapists one-on-one, following a personalized recovery plan both in the clinic, and at home.

Take it from this patient and his incredible recovery story. Although the road to recovery can be rocky, anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

“On December 29th 2019, I went mountain biking with a couple of friends of mine. I decided to take upon a difficult obstacle which resulted in me falling and breaking my left arm; the doctors called it a distal humerus fracture. I fractured my humerus/elbow in 5 places, which resulted in 6 hours of surgery and 4 metal plates. After the accident and learning about my diagnosis, I felt and knew that things were never going to be the same. Dealing with emotions of anger, sadness and hopelessness, thankfully I had help from my physical therapist at Professional Physical Therapy to help me get back to normal.

When I started physical therapy, I was in disbelief that I was going to get better with what my therapist was telling me to do. Honestly, because of my emotions, none of the workouts made any sense to me. I was upset and I felt like giving up on Professional PT. But, after my therapist kept pushing me I started to feel that everything he was tell me to do was working. Believe it or not, in 3 months I was about 4 degrees away from full extension;  5 months at full extension to the point that my doctors were in shock. If I did not listen to my therapist’s advice I probably would not have full range of motion. Today I am back to normal; I am doing push ups, pull ups, lifting weights and I am able to do other workouts. I just want to thank the Professional Physical Therapy staff for all your help. You helped me believe that is was possible.”

Thank you to this patient for this wonderful review, and thank you to our hard working team and their dedication to their patients!

Its stories like this that keep us doing what we love, which is helping you! Going through the emotions after an injury can be difficult to overcome. It is easy to grow angry and frustrated, and give up on your recovery completely. There are also emotional benefits to working with a physical therapist including building relationships that help to motivate you on this journey.

With more than 20 years of clinical excellence, superior patient outcomes, and exceptional service, we’re proud to provide our patients with best in class care that is focused on functional rehabilitation. We offer an array of services and specialty certifications including but not limited to: physical therapy, occupational therapy, workplace solutions, pre/post-surgery, in-home care, home exercise programs, and telehealth.

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