Back In The Game is a comprehensive physical fitness, strength and condition program designed by physical therapists, strength and fitness experts, pediatric orthopedists and pediatric oncologists. Its purpose is to help young cancer survivors regain their fitness, strength, conditioning and confidence.

Back in the Game - Feature PhotoIn 2006, Professional Physical Therapy Chief Clinical Officer and founder Rob Panariello joined together with Paul Fick, Certified Athletic Trainer and Director of Business Relations at Professional, to create a program that focuses on helping young cancer patients and survivors (ages 5-18) regain strength, balance, flexibility and impact their total well-being. Our goal is to help these “athletes” get Back in the Game!

The Back In The Game Philosophy

Our intent is to provide a safe, fun and free program developed by experienced physicians, physical therapists and certified fitness experts. Our goal is to help each participating “athlete” work to regain their physical strength and confidence to participate in everyday sports.


The Benefits of Back In The GameBack in the Game - Circle

Each participant progresses individually as a result of their participation in Back in the Game. The program has been designed to improve: Strength, Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, Agility, Body Coordination, Flexibility, Speed, and Confidence.
“These kids are so deconditioned from treatment,” said Paul Fick, “that everything changes when they participate in Back in the Game. They have neurological and physical recovery, yes, but one of the biggest changes we see is the increase in confidence – not only in them, but in their parents as well.”


Back in the Game - Sit UpsFuture Growth and Development – Become Part of Our Team!

The long-term goal of the Back in the Game program is to continually expand the number of “athletes” who participate, and increase the number of pediatric oncology centers that offer this program to their patients. And, continue to provide free of charge.

Young children are diagnosed with cancer every day. Many of these children actively participated in sports prior to treatment but for many, it is difficult to get “Back Into The Game”.

Paul Fick discusses the Back in the Game Program with Ken Rosato on Long Island Viewpoint for ABC 7 New York, watch now.