Barbara’s Telehealth Story

Barbara’s Telehealth Story

When Barbara began her stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, she expected to isolate safely and peacefully with her family and two dogs.

She did not expect to experience a major injury.

“I suffered a knee injury. I have two big Bernese Mountain dogs who were wrestling and totally chop-blocked me when I wasn’t paying attention and knocked me out,” Barbara explains. “I had a pretty severe injury, and given the nature of the health crisis that we’re in, I was not able to walk into a doctor’s office or walk into a physical therapy office to get treatment.“

However, this did not mean that Barbara had to suffer.

“A friend of mine was using your physical therapy company and said ‘You know, they have telehealth,’” Barbara tells us.

As a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many are unable or reluctant to leave their homes to attend non-emergency medical appointments. With Professional Physical Therapy’s newly implemented telehealth service, patients like Barbara are able to have virtual evaluations with a physical or hand therapist right from the comfort of their homes with a smart phone, tablet, or web browser.

“I reached out, and that afternoon received information back,” says Barbara. “I had an appointment set up in very short order, which I was incredibly thankful for.”

Using the Professional Physical Therapy app, Barbara began regular sessions with physical therapist Melanie.

“I have actually never experienced telehealth,” Barbara tells us. “I think it’s a really viable option. [I had] the ability to interact with [Melanie], and the technology [allowed] for her to check on my progress. She could physically look to see if my leg was straight and if I had made progress, [she could see] how my range-of-motion was, she could physically see me walking back and forth. I didn’t have a lot of expectations walking in to telehealth relationship having not had one, but I was incredibly surprised at how effective and productive it is.”

Barbara’s therapist Melanie also believes that telehealth is a great option in times like these. “It’s been really, really effective. I would love to get my hands on her, that’s really the nature of our profession, but I think we’ve really maximized the use of the telehealth services so far,” she says.

“In this case I felt like my being able to work with Melanie was a very solid, if not just as good as, replacement of being able to be in the physical therapy clinic,” Barbara agrees.

Want to learn more about telehealth or request an appointment? Fill out a form or call us today! We can’t wait to see you!

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