CC Sabathia’s Hamstring Injury

CC Sabathia’s Hamstring Injury

New York Yankee, CC Sabathia suffered a hamstring injury during the June 13th game.

Hamstring injuries are both common and painful, and occur to one or more of the muscles at the back of the thigh. Asymmetry in strength, flexibility and range of motion at the hips, pelvis, and spine can lead to increased tension on the hamstring, making an athlete more susceptible to injury. Initial treatment of a hamstring strain is rest and ice, refraining from stretching it during the first few days.

The 4-week timeframe referenced in the article might be derived from a study by Chris Ahmad et al, that took data from the 2011 professional baseball season which demonstrated an average amount of days missed between 24-27 days due to hamstring injuries. Because of the way the muscle is used at each position, pitchers and position players are faced with slightly different concerns during the rehab process to get back on the field from a hamstring injury, and may seek assistance from a Physical Therapist who will usually work on strengthening the core and increasing flexibility of the hip flexors. To reduce the chance of having a hamstring injury, it is suggested to include lower back flexibility and core strengthening into your conditioning program.

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Dave Del Vecchio, PT, DPT, CSCS
Regional Clinical Director, NJ





Note: Professional Physical Therapy has not treated CC Sabathia. While each person, condition and injury is unique, the information above reflects general guidelines.