Celebrating 25 Years at Professional Physical Therapy

Celebrating 25 Years at Professional Physical Therapy

By Professional Physical Therapy

As Professional Physical Therapy proudly marks a remarkable milestone of 25 years in the realm of healthcare and wellness, we find ourselves reflecting on the journey that brought us here. To encapsulate the essence of this celebration, we wanted to connect with our co-founder and many of our team members who have stood with us over the years, through thick and thin. In posing the question, “What does 25 years mean to you?” to those who have witnessed our growth, triumphs, and unwavering commitment to patient care, we uncovered many experiences that helped shape our identity.

Hear from some of our team members that have been with Professional the longest. We thank them for being an integral part of our success!

George Papadopoulos
Co-Founder/Chief Development Officer
25 Years with Professional PT

“We proudly celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We started with a very simple approach by delivering quality care that others did not and packaging that with a superior patient experience that was over the top. That was our mission, and we stand by it today. It is not just about growth, it’s all about our patients and how we can affect their lives. Thank you to everyone that has put their hard work and efforts to stay true to what we started, many of those people have been here since our inception. We look forward to being here to celebrate our 50th and even more. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that is here and comes to work every day. Thank you!” Click here to view video on George’s full message of thanks.


Neil Moss
DPT, Clinical Director Whitestone
24 Years with Professional PT

“What does 25 years mean to me?  It means I am old!  I met Adam, George, and Rob in 1996 when Adam was my PT at HealthSouth after breaking my wrist playing summer baseball. I went from a patient to a volunteer then a PT aide.  When they decided to start their own PT company, Pro-Fit, it was a no brainer to come with them to a strip mall in January 1999 and I have never left! I knew we would be a big company with the 3 of them leading the way but I could never imagine growing to what we are now.  I am thankful for them giving me the opportunity to grow along with them and with the company for over half of my life.  Cheers to 25 years!”


Charlie Byrd
VP Clinical Operations
23 Years with Professional PT

“25 years means the opportunity to develop long-standing relationships with coworkers, patients, and physicians. Due to this dedication, we have been able to build a solid reputation within the communities we serve. I’m here 23 years and couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this significant milestone.”



Timothy Mauro
MSPT, RVP Queens/Long Island
20 Years with Professional PT

“I take great pride in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Professional PT. As an employee with Professional for over 20 years, I have witnessed the company undergo many changes over the course of its history. The company has grown, changed, and evolved over time, and it’s extremely satisfying to see us continuing to thrive 25 years later. The relationships that have been created throughout my career with the Professional family are the highlight of my tenure and are a testament to the strength of the company. Professional has afforded me the opportunity to work in a great environment, support my family, and grow as an individual. I look forward to exciting times that lie ahead, and I wish nothing but success to all those that remain dedicated to the company and the profession.”

Angelo Marsella
MA, ATC, USAW | Partner I Director of Sports Medicine
22 Years with Professional PT

“Congratulations to Professional PT on 25 years of service!  I was hired 22 years ago as an outreach ATC for the company when we only had 2 PT locations-1 in NYC and 1 in Queens.  As the company grew, I was fortunate to advance into a management role and eventually into my current role as the Director of Sports Medicine.  This was my first and only job out of college and it’s been an amazing journey watching the growth of the company, meeting some life-long friends as well as helping so many in need.”

Dean Maddalone
20 Years with Professional PT

“When I started at Professional, we only had 5 clinics opened. Seeing our growth from 5 to now more than 200 clinics has been a credit to our teams’ contributions, hard work, and dedication. In the past 20 years I have seen my career grow from business relations/clinical PTA to Assistant strength coach to Director of the Performance Center. I also had the opportunity to become business partner of the Performance center and became Director of Fitness and Wellness. I feel very proud to celebrate 25 years with Professional!”


Alex Bua
PT, DPT, OCS, Vice President of Clinical Operations, NJ
22 Years with Professional PT

“Our 25th Anniversary means we’re an evolving company, not afraid to make changes to how we deliver services, work with our physicians, and meet the needs of our individual markets.  Any company that can sustain this level of growth over a 25-year period of time, in a field that is always changing, must have a leadership team that knows how to adapt to propel the company forward. These words come to mind when I think about our Silver Anniversary.”

S – Sustained Adaptability
I – Impeccable Quality of Service
L – Loyal to our Communities
V – Versatile Business Model
E – Experts in the rehabilitation field
R – Reliable to our patients and physicians

Joe Trani
Regional Director of Operations, MSPT ATC
20 Years with Professional PT

I started with Professional at the Bayside location which was located in a strip mall on Francis Lewis BLVD.  We were called Pro-Fit at the time.  To grow professionally within the company has been an amazing journey.  The relationships I was able to develop among colleagues and patients is immeasurable.  I am extremely grateful and proud to call Professional PT my family.”


Meghan Sanabria
Manager Customer Care
15 Years with Professional PT

“When I started at Professional PT 15 years ago, I remember we only had 10 clinics and we were only in NY state.  Over the years I have seen the growth in Professional, the endless dedication and passion from all employees, and have witnessed the family that Professional PT has become.  I feel so proud to be part of the Professional family and to be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this incredible company.”


Dana Sassone
Patient Care Coordinator III – Eastchester, NY
18 Years with Professional PT

“I have been in the physical therapy field as an office manager /site supervisor/patient care coordinator for 18 years. Professional has been like a family to me. We all work together so well, and our success continues to grow.  The benefits from working here have been outstanding.  I would just like to thank Professional for being so “professional “and I wish our company another 25 years of good fortune and blessings!”


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