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At Professional Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on providing not only high quality care to our patients, but also high quality education to our students. We accept students from:

  • Accredited Physical Therapy programs
  • Accredited Physical Therapist Assistant programs
  • Accredited Athletic Training programs
  • Accredited OT programs (Wrist and Hand specialty)

We currently have contracts with over 100 colleges and universities that participate in our Clinical Affiliation Program. Many of our Physical Therapists are Credentialed Clinical Instructors by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and all are dedicated to ensuring that the student’s experience at Professional is a rewarding one.

As a student affiliating with Professional, you will be exposed to a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. Your Clinical Instructor will guide you through a program designed to ensure that each student has a uniform experience, which will include Evaluation and Treatment of patients in your assigned clinic and completion of an in-service, as well as the opportunity to observe surgeries and attend lectures with nationally renowned orthopedic surgeons.

Throughout your affiliation, you will not only achieve the goals set for you by your academic program, but also experience the internal education process that is ongoing for all Professional employees. You will have access to our Clinical Library, which contains the evidence-based landmark articles that define our practice. You will become a part of the relationships we have built with schools, doctors, and hospitals. You will learn from not only your assigned Clinical Instructor, but also from other members of our seasoned staff.

At Professional, we believe that one of the greatest contributions that we can make to the field of Physical Therapy is to provide the highest quality of clinical education to each student that participates in our Clinical Affiliation Program. Our Clinical Instructors are chosen not only for their excellent clinical skills, but also for their ability to demonstrate the core values of the APTA in their daily work.  Many of our current Therapists who went through this program later returned to become full-time members of our staff, and as a Physical Therapist-owned company, we are proud to say that many of our former students are now Clinical Directors and Partners in the company.

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Kim Ciprian

Kim Ciprian

Administrative Director of Clinical Affiliations

Kim Ciprian has been with Professional Physical Therapy since 2001. She started her career with Professional as a Certified Athletic Trainer,  and now is in the corporate office, managing all administrative duties for new contracts and placements of all students within the Clinical Affiliation program.

She is a graduate of SUNY Cortland, where she earned a dual degree in Athletic Training and Health Science. Kim has done internships with the Cornell University, and HealthSouth in Phoenix Arizona.

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