Congratulations All Newly OCS Certified Therapists!

Congratulations All Newly OCS Certified Therapists!

Our team at Professional is excited to announce that a number of our physical therapists are now OCS certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties!

After undergoing 2,000 hours of direct orthopedic patient care as a licensed physical therapist, these individuals have worked rigorously to prepare for the board exam, and earn this credential. This program is designed to recognize therapists who have gained advanced knowledge and skills of the orthopedic field, leading to the healthcare community having designated therapists for these types of injuries. During this preparation, these individuals have demonstrated that they possess the dedication and skills required to serve patients with these types of unique injuries.

“Take a moment to look back at the time when you made the decision to take on the Residency program and what that meant at that point in your lives. Now flash forward to this moment when it all paid off to help you accomplish your goal of not just gaining your OCS but also fast forwarding your careers. Things that may seem difficult and tough at first, have significant and exponential payoffs. CONGRATS on this one of many accomplishments to come!” – Donis Gil, Coordinator of Clinical Education/Seminars at Professional Physical Therapy

Therapists receiving this OCS credential include:

John Poole

Alexandra Linden

John Bonavita

Liam Bryant

Tamara Fattaleh

Molly Frankinburger

Thomas Ventura

Meredith Johnson

David Chen

Thomas McCallum

Zarah Anvery

Andrew Frazzini

Priyanka Dave

David Wong

Congratulations to all recipients! We look forward to your future with Professional Physical Therapy.

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