COVID-19 updates

At Professional Physical Therapy, the health and safety of our patients and employees is our top priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the standards for clinical operations. To continue providing the safest environment to protect the health of our employees and our patients, we have made significant changes to our protocols.

Physical Therapy has been deemed an essential service because of the ability to relieve emergency rooms and urgent care facilities of patients who need pain management solutions for physical limitations. We serve to address physical pain, weakness, and movement limitations for those whose daily living and independence are affected in a responsive and responsible manner.

We support and follow mandates issued by our local and federal agencies. We are regularly adapting our operations according to the safeguards they outline as best practices. As an essential service, we understand it is our obligation to abide by the highest levels of sanitation and safety standards.

Covid safe physical therapy options.

We Are Completely Open

Our numerous office locations are an advantage to us and have allowed us to consolidate where we treat patients in-clinic while our patient volumes have slowed.

Telehealth Appointments Are Available

For new and existing patients. We launched as a way for our patients to continue their physical or occupational therapy at home as we know some patients may not be comfortable in-clinic at the moment. You can now meet with our licensed therapists via smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

In-Home Physical Therapy

For acute new patient evaluations and Medicare patients. This is currently available in select areas.

Physical therapist performing stretching for neck and back pain in a covid-19 safe environment.
Physical therapist with covid-19 mask and gloves sterilizing a training bed.

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogging

Our procedures to disinfect our clinics and equipment have been expanded to include ULV Fogging. This hospital-grade equipment delivers vaporized disinfectant.

ULV Fogging allows us to disinfect as a medical-grade virucide to tackle pathogens in the air and on both soft and hard surfaces. ULV Fogging is commonly used for mold and water remediation because of its ability to deliver the disinfectant in a smaller droplet than aerosol spray.

Our clinics are now routinely fogged as a proactive and preventative measure to help stop the spread of viruses. 1,2

Watch how ULV Fogging works!

We are grateful for our incredible facilities team who keep us operating at the highest standard of sanitation.

Non-Touch Digital Thermometers

We no longer have temperature checks or screenings.

Purple and white non touch thermometer reading 97.7 degrees at a corona safe physical therapy appointment in NY.

Masks and Gloves

We no longer require masks in any clinic.

Physical therapist putting on gloves and wearing a face shield for covid-19 safety.

High Traffic Touchpoints

We have adjusted our check-in procedures to eliminate as many potential contact points as possible. This begins when you enter our clinics, where our first directive is for all employees and patients to immediately wash their hands with sterile soap.

Our check-in procedure is now completed behind a glass window wherever possible and we have discontinued the use of community pens and the transfer of nonessential paperwork. Digital check-in and survey tools such as tablets or smartphones are sterilized after every use.

High-traffic touchpoints such as door handles, light switches, and sink faucets are regularly wiped down. Our rehab equipment is disinfected after every use between patients.

Travel Restrictions

Our commitment to the health and safety of our patients and employees is our top priority. We are abiding by local and state mandates for all travel restriction and testing policies.

We look forward to serving as your trusted provider of world-class physical, occupational, and hand therapy.

We will work in an effective way to get you back on your feet, focused on your wellness during and after therapy.