Drew Scott injures hamstring on Dancing With the Stars

Drew Scott injures hamstring on Dancing With the Stars

Property Brothers star, Drew Scott, suffered a hamstring injury while rehearsing with his partner Emma Slater, for his Dancing With the Stars performance. While we often hear about hamstring pulls in athletes, it is a quite common injury for dancers as well, and we wanted to provide insight from that perspective.  Naturally, we turned to our in-house expert, Sasha Cyrelson, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and Clinical Director at Professional Physical Therapy’s Sicklerville, NJ location.

As a dancer herself, Sasha can relate to the specific needs of this population, and is able to provide general insight into how hamstring pulls can occur in dancers, as well as some recovery tips.

“Dancers spend a lot of time extending their legs high in the air, or, in the case of Drew Scott, supporting another dancer. These repetitive movements can lead to muscle imbalances. Commonly, the muscles in the front of the leg (the quadriceps and hip flexors) become tight and overactive, while the muscles in the back of the leg (the hamstring and the gluteal) become weak and lengthened.  In this case, he was in a position of strain on the hamstring, and then took the weight of his partner,” says Sasha.

“The best treatment for the first 72 hours is rest and ice. If treated properly from the beginning, a minor injury can be prevented from becoming a major injury. During the first 72 hours, some gentle stretching can help the healing process. After this period, continue stretching in multiple planes as best as you can.  Using the opposite muscle (the quad) during the stretch can also be helpful in getting a better stretch of the hamstring.”

If after a few days, the pain is not improving, it may be time to see a Physical Therapist.  It is suggested that dancers to see a Physical Therapist with a dance background, as they understand the specific stresses placed on the different muscles during positions and movements specific to the dancer.  They can design a program tailored to these needs.”

Professional Physical Therapy wishes Drew a speedy recovery.

Note: Professional Physical Therapy has not treated Drew Scott for this injury.  While each person, condition and injury is unique, the information above reflects general guidelines.
sashaSasha Cyrelson PT, DPT, OCS, MCMT

Clinical Director in Sicklerville


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