Laser Therapy + Physical Therapy: Can the mix speed up the Healing Process?

By Harlan Pyes, edited by Lauren Panariello

Harlan Pyes is the founder of Harlan Health Products, and a veteran of the Healthcare Industry for over three decades. 


Laser Therapy has been used for almost 60 years around the world to treat a variety of conditions, but it wasn’t until 2002 that the FDA approved its use in the U.S. The FDA ruling came after a study showed that laser treatment alleviated serious Carpal Tunnel pain, and now Laser Therapy is being used to treat everything from sports related injuries and bone fractures to joint conditions and muscle injuries.


Since 2002, we’ve seen Laser Therapy effectively treat the injuries of your next-door neighbor and professional athletes alike. The bottom line: when paired with Physical Therapy, Laser Therapy is a breakthrough treatment that can speed up healing and return patients to the activities they need (and often love) to do.


So, how does Laser work? Our cells have the ability to absorb photons emitted by Laser Therapy and convert them to usable energy. The added energy aids in pain relief and healing at a rate a patient wouldn’t otherwise experience.


Laser Therapy is performed by a Physical Therapist, and is a painless process that takes between five and ten minutes. To achieve the best results, expect to try six to twelve sessions of the therapy. If you have any other questions about Laser Therapy, including how to get started, just ask your Physical Therapist. The staff at Professional Physical Therapy is eager to answer any of your therapy questions.