Learning Never Stops!

Learning Never Stops!



Many organizations claim to promote staff continuing education and learning. At Professional Physical Therapy, we do not just claim it; we have made it part of our culture. We have a dedicated staff of educators whose primary purpose and mission are to develop clinicians who we would be proud to send a family member in order to receive the best care possible.

Our robust Clinical Excellence curriculum starts with an Essentials course that reviews our treatment philosophy, which includes customer service, understanding the key components of treatment progression, and implementing an impairment-based model. Once completed, clinicians are assigned to a 12-week mentor program. Groups consist of three to four clinicians to one mentor. A uniform program is provided to all clinicians with one common goal; consistency.

The learning does not stop there. The Clinical Excellence department has developed a robust website and a learning management system with resources that meet our clinicians’ educational needs. Additional education is available through our Physical Therapy and MD Lecture series, which is available virtually or live. Our student program is another avenue for learning for our students and clinicians, with over 100 student affiliation contracts in place.

For those who want to continue to learn, we offer advanced specialty courses in the spine, the hip, and telehealth, leading to certification. We are proud of our Orthopedics Certified Specialists (OCS) Residency program, Advanced Level 1, and Level 2 course work through the Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (IOMT) and Fellowship with Boston University. Last but not least, our Professional Seminars division has been providing our staff and the medical community with top-notch continuing education opportunities since 2014. We are proud of the growth of this division of our company and continue to add to top notch lecturers every year.

We are dedicated to continuing to improve the quality of care for our patients and will continue to be best in class. We believe we are doing a good job, but do not rest on our beliefs; we utilize patient outcome studies as a guide. We are continuously improving our educational programs based on the findings from our outcomes data.

To learn more about Professonal’s Clinical Excellence program, click here.

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