Leave Fireworks to the Professionals

Leave Fireworks to the Professionals

As Independence Day is coming upon us, Professional Hand Therapy encourages all of our patients, employees, friends and family to be safe while attending fireworks shows this summer.

According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), accidents involving firecrackers, bottle rockets, and sparklers total approximately 57% of all firework injuries, and of all firework-related injuries, about 42% involve the hand, arm, or fingers. Firework-related injuries range in severity from superficial burns to complete loss of the hand and fingers.*

Professional Hand Therapy strongly supports The American Society for Surgery of the Hand in urging the public to leave fireworks in the hands of the professionals.

To help prevent injuries, the following precautions should be taken when participating in, or attending a public fireworks display this summer:

  • Attend public displays, which are monitored for safety by a local fire department, rather than setting off fireworks near or around the home.*
  • Obey safety barriers, and stay a minimum of 500 feet from the launch site.*
  • Do not touch or pick up firework debris when the display is over, as it may still be hot, or in some cases, they might be “live” and could still explode.*
  • Never give children hand-held sparklers. Sparklers cause 10% of all firework injuries** and are associated with the most injuries to children under 5 years of age.***

If you or a loved one suffers a hand injury from fireworks or another source, Professional’s Certified Hand Therapists can help. Contact your nearest Hand Therapy location today to schedule your evaluation.

*American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
** American Pyrotechnics Association
*** U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


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