medical records request.

Patients request your medical records here


Fill out the below form and we will deliver your medical records right away. We always strive to save you time and give you the highest level of customer service available. Utilize this digital form to save time. After completing, our operators are always available to issue refunds or make adjustments if you need.

1. Fill out the form
2. Pay a flat fee of $6.50 to process and release records
3. Your records are delivered via email.

*As per the HITECH Act Law, for a direct accesses patient requests, the legal cost is a flat fee of $6.50, to release records electronically only.

Patients - Request Medical Records

Please note: All direct patient requests will be charged a flat fee of $6.50. If a medical records request is for an attorney purposes, cost will be calculated according to the state fees. There is no charge if the records are going directly to a doctor’s office for continuation of treatment purposes.

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