FOTO Score

(Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes)

Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

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What to Expect

We utilize a software program (FOTO) that allows us to track how you are improving on your journey to recovery. Patients are given a short survey that is completed on a tablet before their first session, as well as after every 5 appointments. Your time is valuable! This survey helps us design the best plan of care for your condition.

Professional physical therapist and patient smiling and walking on treadmill.

What we do with this information

This program allows us to compare your results to others like you around the world who are experiencing similar injuries and see just how efficient and effective the care we are providing you is. It ensures that you are receiving the best care for your current condition and allows your therapist to make any necessary changes or updates at the most opportune time.

Professional physical therapist and patient explaining and pointing to knee pain.

Quality Measurement and Management

This program allows your clinician to quickly help you visualize the progress you are making. It can be very motivating when you are in the recovery process. The power of the software tool utilizes strong risk adjustment algorithms and other calculations to predict outcomes and estimate length of treatment for each injury based on your individual factors.

Physical therapists in a classroom with a woman giving a presentation.

Furthering Education

Having this feedback straight from the source, the patient, allows us to learn more about each injury and use it as a learning opportunity for our teams. It allows our clinical excellence team to provide the most targeted, world-class, training programs to make sure the treatments you receive continue to be exceptional.

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