Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise and Rehabilitation (PACER) Program at Professional Physical Therapy

Post-Acute COVID-19 Exercise and Rehabilitation (PACER) Program at Professional Physical Therapy


Are you recovering from COVID-19 and still feeling the effects? A startling number of those recovering from COVID-19 (whether hospitalized or not) report continued fatigue, weakness, limited endurance, and mobility challenges for many months afterward. The toll on muscle strength, balance, endurance, and heart and lung capacity, can last for months, potentially years after the virus leaves your body.

There’s good news – Physical Therapy can help assist in your recovery! From improving breathing mechanics with specialized respiratory muscle training techniques, therapist guided progressive exercise program for strength and endurance, as well as balance and functional testing, we’re here to help you every step along the way. Our specially trained providers are available to perform a detailed evaluation of your current abilities and help develop a customized program to guide you as you continue to heal.

When you’re sick, a lot of rest is required to properly recover. During this extra time in bed, you may experience muscle imbalances and restrictions from prolonged lack of use. Manual therapy, postural training and education, and energy conversation techniques are used to help have you feeling better in no time.

“Most people recover from COVID 19, feeling “mostly normal.” Typically people attribute any residual fatigue, lack of endurance or mild shortness of breath to just “being out of shape.” These are actually well documented signs of residual effects of the virus and what it can do to our body/systems long term. A skilled PT can help you get back to your “pre-COVID normal” in a safe way that is based on the science of healing and an understanding of limitations caused solely by this virus.

Come see us for a consult before jumping back into your exercise routine or labor intensive activities that add stress to your cardio-pulmonary systems!” Nicole C. McManus,MSPT, OMT, FAAOMPT, Physical Therapist, Regional Director of Operations – Boston/Woburn, and Regional Clinical Excellence Director for New England at Professional Physical Therapy.

“Whether a prolonged hospital stay in the ICU or a two week recovery period at home, COVID’s lingering effects can wreak havoc. A recent study showed that fatigue, weakness, and other endurance deficits can persist for months after COVID-19 infection, regardless of the severity of initial symptoms.

Amidst this very challenging year for all of us, it is invigorating to see the success stories of patients that have won their battle with COVID-19 and then have been guided back to their prior level of function through Professional Physical Therapy’s PACER program. The design of the program is based on the newest emerging research to assure every patient receives the latest cutting-edge treatments.” Owen M. Lennon PT, DPT, OCS, Director of Clinical Outcomes and Regional Clinical Excellence Director for New Jersey at Professional Physical Therapy.

Medical clearance from your healthcare team, a negative COVID test, no current symptoms or fever, and passing of our routine screening procedures are required for all in-office visits. To schedule an appointment with a Professional Physical Therapist, visit us at