Prehab — Can You Recover Faster After Surgery?

Has your doctor told you that you need surgery? Chances are you will need Physical Therapy after your operation, but what about pre-operation? Anthony D’Angelo, Professional Physical Therapy’s Partner and Vice President of Clinical Operations in New York City (NYC), has seen many benefits of Prehabilitation.

Prehabilitation — or Prehab — in a clinical setting is typically for patients who are heading for surgery. The main goals of Prehab are to preform some prep work to get a joint moving and to get swelling under control before having  surgery.

Some of the many benefits of Prehab include:

  1. Education — a Physical Therapist knows what to expect before, during, and after surgery, which may take away some of a patient’s uncertainty and fear prior to surgery.
  2. It’s a great opportunity to develop trust between Physical Therapist and patient.
  3. Training the muscles you will use prior to your rehab helps develop a memory for the activity, because your physiology has something called “muscle memory.” Post surgery, your body will remember the activity, and this may lessen the time of your recovery.
  4. Working on the restoration of normal range of motion and strengthening prior to your surgery are vital. Patients typically lose one or both of these post surgery, so if you can begin with a fully functional joint, your recovery time may also improve.


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 Anthony D’Angelo, MS PT, ATC, CSCS
 Partner and Vice President of Clinical Operations – NYC

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