Professional Physical Therapy Introduces Hyperice!

Professional Physical Therapy Introduces Hyperice!


It’s here! Professional Physical Therapy is excited to announce our new partnership with Hyperice.

Cut down on your rehabilitation time with these cutting-edge technology devices that use vibration, percussive, and thermal rehabilitation to work hand-in-hand with physical therapy to help you meet your goals in a shorter period of time. The combination of these products and consistent appointments with your therapist will help you to move better and get you back to your everyday life.

Hyperice’s innovative, state-of-the-art technology changes the way to provide enhanced care. The use of ice, heat, and vibration in the recovery process helps to target muscles on a deeper level and optimize performance at a faster rate. Designed by world-class engineers, Hyperice offers a products designed to help an array of injuries, working to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and much more.

Target each issue with the most appropriate type of care. Check out each of the different tools available to help you reach your goals:



Hypervolt – Features a high-torque motor featuring Quiet Glide™ technology that can be used to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve your range of motion, promotes circulation and accelerate warm-up and recovery.





Ice Compression – With a non-restrictive, machine washable compression sleeve featuring an ultra-thin antimicrobial ice cell with a water tight seal, the patented air-release valve helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain more efficiently than traditional approaches.



Hypersphere – Used to improve grip strength, range of motion, flexibility, and to increase circulation using a textured rubber exterior for grip and balance. Bring this device with you on-the-go with its’ cordless, compact design that is TSA-approved. Also available in mini.





Hypersoothe – Cool, soothe, and calm the body utilizing this lightweight topical cream helps to relax the body’s muscles and joints using essential oils and natural plant extract. Apply throughout the day or before/after physical activity.




Vyper 2.0 – A high-intensity vibration foam roller that enables you to both warm up, and recover faster, giving you a new level of power, performance, and durability that will get you moving better in no time.




Venom – This high-tech, wearable device helps to warm up, loosen, and relax sore and stiff muscles using variable heat levels, vibration patterns, and time sequences in order to personalize each treatment to the user.



The combination of physical therapy and these game-changing devices helps our patients to decrease injury as well as experience an enhanced recovery, introducing them to a higher quality of patient care. This change in approach from traditional methods allows for an optimization of results and performance. This doesn’t have to happen in the office, Hyperice products are available for purchase to continue your progress at-home!

Unsure which device would be best for you and your needs? Schedule an appointment with your physical therapist to find the right fit and receive a walk-through of how to properly get the most out of the devices. If you can’t make it into the office, reach out to your local clinic to discuss our telehealth services to continue your treatment at-home.

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