Professional’s Founding Partner Recognized as Top 10 Inspiring Leader in 2023

Professional’s Founding Partner Recognized as Top 10 Inspiring Leader in 2023

By Professional Physical Therapy

Professional is proud to announce George Papadopoulos, Founding Partner and Chief Development Officer was recognized as one of the top 10 inspiring leaders in 2023 by CLF’s C Level Focus Magazine. C Level Focus magazine is one of the premium business, entrepreneur, technology, leaders’ news publication reaching leaders in the United States and several European countries.

“Feeling better has never been more convenient with our state-of-the-art facilities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire at Professional Physical Therapy (Professional). We customize recovery plans for all of our patients and give them the flexibility to be treated in multiple locations during rehabilitation.” shares George Papadopoulos, Founding Partner, and Chief Development Officer.

Below is an excerpt from the article featured in the magazine and online 2023 issue.

Today, the company goals focus on three strategic priorities:

  • Patient Experience: They prioritize easy scheduling, a patient centered environment with knowledgeable staff, and the use of educational resources. They also emphasize high quality care through objective measures and the use of electronic exercise programs.
  • Superior Patient Care: They encourage their clinicians to be life-long learners through their Clinical Excellence program to ensure their patients get the best possible outcomes and the strongest evidence-based care experience. They ensure that clinicians have manageable patient schedules and provide a residency program for new graduates and offer mentorship.
  • Growth Opportunities for Employees: They offer career development for both clinicians and administrative staff, a program for clinicians interested in clinic ownership, and benefits such as student loan reimbursement and support for further education.

The company’s long-term goal is to create a supportive environment for their staff, allowing them to provide excellent patient care. They prioritize employee development and adapt to changes while also listening to their employees’ needs. The leadership team encourages individuals to take advantage of professional opportunities and fosters young talent to ensure the best patient experience and successful recovery.

They have a well-trained team that receives world-class clinical education from their Clinical Excellence department. The clinicians are constantly improving through residency, research, and certifications. Professional focuses on creating a positive work experience for their team, which ultimately benefits their patients. They also prioritize the personal and professional development of their employees, offering career paths, education, mentorship, and the opportunity to become part owners.

In a strong competitive landscape, Professional Physical Therapy distinguishes itself by prioritizing quality care and patient experience. Competitors constantly look for an edge, but ultimately, quality of care and patient experience rule. Through their successful FOTO scores, they can quantify their performance when compared to their competitors.

They bring in and develop top-talented physical therapists through their personal and professional growth opportunities. Maintain and expand on their delivery and exceptional patient experience. They are using technology to improve their clinical skills and patient treatments, and they are expanding their presence along the eastern seaboard to make healthcare more accessible for patients. Through the scaling of their exceptional care and patient experience model, they can service and affect their patients’ wellbeing.

George Papadopoulos’s story is not merely about corporate success; it’s about transforming challenges into opportunities, inspiring individuals to believe in their capabilities, and ultimately making a profound impact on the well-being of patients.

As a patient at Professional Physical Therapy, you can expect an individualized recovery plan no matter what your goals are, using the most state-of-the-art technology and practices to get you back to enjoying life. If you’re in need of physical therapy or wish to consult with our skilled physical therapists, visit Professional Physical therapy.

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