Relieve Soreness After Shoveling

As a Buffalo, NY native, Clinical Director of our Parsippany, NJ office, James Collins knows a thing or two about snow. Get some relief from the soreness & aches caused by snow shoveling with the tips below:

  1. Keep Moving: Contrary to what many may think, performing light exercise may help relieve the pain one experiences from delayed onset muscle soreness(DOMS). Simply going for a walk  increases blood flow and will potentially increase the speed of removal of any metabolic waste associated with muscular aches.
  2. Stretch Gently: In addition to being sore, muscles will often tighten up after physical exercise like shoveling. Lightly stretching those muscles will help alleviate that feeling of tightness and reduce the pain. Stretching cold muscles will likely not produce the best results and it is rather recommended to gently stretch the affected muscles following a proper warm up.
  3. Massage the Muscles: We are all aware that a massage can feel good but it can also help by reducing muscular tightness and inflammation.
  4. Sleep More: Getting a good night sleep is often overlooked as a way to reduce soreness related to exercise. Sleeping helps facilitate a cascade of events in our bodies that leads to tissue healing and repair. The more sleep one gets, the quicker the recovery.

Jim Collins, PT, OCS, CSCSJim Collins

(Physical Therapist, Orthopaedic CertifiedSpecialist
and Strength and Conditioning Specialist)