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We are always developing our individuals, our team, and our company to deliver the best patient outcomes. Below are just a few of the wonderful people we’ve had the opportunity to work with.

From osteoarthritis, hip replacement and now neuropathy, Sally took me from a 10+ on my pain scale to a comfortable 2-3. I am and will always be grateful to her and her staff’s kindness and understanding to myself and wonderful to watch their other patients improvements as well. Our relationship means so much that it was easy to remember the… Read more “We made progress together!”

Theresa Wright

I was having an issue with my TMJ lockjaw that has bothered me for over 30 years. Mike not only help me with my issue, he also gave me pointers & exercises that I can do to prevent a reoccurrence. I would highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy for anyone that needs it. And for some reason when I signed up… Read more “Prevented reoccurrence of my TMJ”


Physical therapy really helped and my therapist was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend and would return!


Great people, quality care–if you have a choice, this is the place to go!

Mark Maxfield


Kelly Joyce

Results exceeded expectations.  Highly recommend!

Kevin Doyle

Six years ago my left knee was seriously injured. Two successful operations and eleven months of PT had restored full range of motion, but I still experienced soreness and pain. I saw distinguished BIDMC sports orthopedic surgeon Dr. Arun Ramappa and he found the quadriceps muscle in my knee to be atrophied. He ordered a course of expert physical therapy… Read more “Amazing professional equipped to guide his team in doing PT the “right way.””

James B Mumma Jr

I started out with Blake but worked with Michelle, Hector and Glen. All were phenomenal. They always took the time to help and understand each individual. I spent 6 months working to get better so I could continue to serve as a Firefighter. I was able to see progress after each session. I enjoyed the friendliness of the staff and… Read more “Spent 6 months working to get better so I could continue to serve as a Firefighter”

Allen Bell

This is my 3rd stint with PPT, for different issues. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back but thorough. They are also realistic. They operate safely through COVID restrictions.

Traci B

A) treated for knee replacement B) supportive, friendly, dedicated C) yes D) I recommend them! They all make you feel welcome and comfortable. Jane is supportive and makes you feel welcome, she is the best. Christina, Nate, Alphonso and Maddie were great and Joe Guarini is the best! He excels in all he did for me. I highly recommend them.… Read more “I highly recommend”

Patricia Butcher

The whole team is awesome! Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional! I’ve been coming in for my right knee and I can feel strength and mobility coming back 100% after a few weeks! I cannot speak highly enough of this practice. All the staff are very knowledgeable and provide genuine care for their patients. I am glad I found this… Read more “I can feel strength and mobility coming back”

Keisha Desir

About 6 weeks ago, I elected to have physical therapy for my right knee at Professional Physical Therapy at West 71st Street because I had had a good experience there in the past. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it is going. Ohi is a superb physical therapist, a true professional with an engaging personality. In fact, everyone I’ve… Read more “I couldn’t be more pleased”

Lorna Doran

I started my rehab last week. I had a total knee replacement done by Dr. Bansal on March 7. I started going to rehab on Williams Bridge Road but I was not happy with it. I began doing this rehab with Jack Chang and I am very happy that I made the decision to go to 1250 Watersports. Not only… Read more “I would definitely recommend”

I was treated for an IT band problem. I have been going for PT 2X weekly for about 2 months. I have been stretched, worked on, etc and have gained strength and am no longer in pain. I would definitely recommend Pro PT!

Francine Leinhardt

OMG! I don’t even know where to begin! So I have received therapy in two other types of places and this one by far has been the best. I am being treated for right hip pain. Katrina is not just a physical therapist, she and her team are like educators in their field, living healthy lifestyles and modeling them. This… Read more “A team that cares about their clients”

Nicole Forbes

I had a knee replacement and chose Professional PT because it is five minutes from home. It was the best healing experience I ever had! Joe is amazing, dedicated, and encouraging and made me want to do better with every treatment. Jane was always encouraging when I walked in the door. Every person there was encouraging and so friendly. I… Read more “The best Healing Experience”

Patricia Butcher

I am currently treating with Pro PT. I am very pleased with all of the therapist’s. Everyone including the front desk, and therapist’s are friendly, and knowledgeable. Gregory is incredibly knowledgeable, shows compassion. A very special thanks to : Gregory, Nicole, Ammar!

Claire Garcia

I was treated for a right bicep tendon tear and pleased with Kara‘s professionalism and compassion she took when treating my injury. At one point she went back to her old note’s from college to print me out a copy of what was actually going on so I can understand how the tendons attached and detached better. In my honest… Read more “Professionalism and Compassion”

Ray Bellerose

I needed physical therapy after brain surgery to build up strength, especially leg, lower torso and to improve balance. Today I can push 150 lbs with my legs, I can run up and down stairs and my balance is greatly improved. And it was a pleasure to come to the sessions because of the friendly and positive atmosphere at center.… Read more “My balance is greatly improved”

Inger Tallaksen

Very pleased! Everything that Danielle had me do was great. Absolutely I would recommend Pro PT!

Catherine l Pepe

I am a post op hip replacement patient who also has severe joint issues in the opposite hip. Because I had the hip done in Korea as well as the bone resurfacing of the other hip also in Korea, I didn’t really get adequate physical therapy. And of course the pandemic threw a huge monkey wrench into my PT plan… Read more “Within 6 visits my pain was dramatically reduced”

Yuri Anna Lee

I was treated by Rebecca Konstandt. I was very happy with my results because I was able to continue my training for my first 50k without any injuries. She’s extremely knowledgeable and deeply in tune with which muscles to focus on for recovery. I would highly recommend Rebecca!

Grace Dipaolo

I had the privilege of having Mandar work with me when I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and cervical arthrosis and stenosis. He was completely professional, thorough and highly organized in his method. Listened attentively to my concerns and in general was one of the reasons I was able to make excellent progress in my time at PPT. I… Read more “I couldn’t recommend Mandar more strongly.”

Robert Maier

This is the only place I will go for any Physical Therapy needs. Rebecca has been my therapist here since I started and she is amazing. I have had 4 different injuries and she has helped me rehab every time. The whole staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Michelle Masi

I was treated for a broken ankle as well as a sprained ankle, I am very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend this service and my favorite part would probably be the staff.

Jonathan Bakker

Keith and the entire team at the Beverly studio were so amazing. Each week it became clearer that the journey was timed precisely. They took time to explain what the exercise are intended for in my recovery. I sincerely believe I would not be where I am today without these amazing people.

Steve Johnson

The Fitchburg facility is very convenient for the residents from Fitchburg. All of your staff in Fitchburg, from the front office to the therapists, are great. My wife and I have used your services for many years. We request Jennifer Reid Curtis all the time because of her professionalism and result driven therapy. She gives us undivided attention and we… Read more “From the front office to the therapists, there is genuine caring and terrific treatment.”

Ken Jones

My journey was an easy one to pursue because I watched my wife’s journey with Sam and was amazed by her recovery. My knee is so much stronger now having had treatment for the past 4 months, because PT has made me more consistent and accountable during my recovery. I am a Veteran Royal Engineer (British Army), former Athlete and… Read more “My knee is so much stronger now…”

Errol Jones

Sheena is truly an extraordinary Occupational Therapist. She is kind and compassionate, while motivating you to work through your pain. She is able to address any questions or concerns you may have about your recovery and treatment. Rest assured, if you are lucky enough to have Sheena as your therapist, you are in good hands. No pun intended. After taking… Read more “After taking a terrible fall off an electric scooter, I shattered my wrist”

I’ve been going to Professional PT since before they were Professional.  As a dancer, and performer, you want to go somewhere where you’re cared about, the staff is invested in your growth, and make you feel special.  Professional has that and more.  I will follow Kristin wherever she goes.  And I have.

Dana P. Hawkins

I have one leg shorter than the other due to a partial hip replacement. I fell around 8 weeks ago and broke my wrist and all healed in 6 weeks. I have also had a bout of spinal stenosis. I have had physical therapy in the pool which has helped me so much with balance. My progress is going well.… Read more “I am very happy with the Professional Physical Therapy”

Maureen Hayston

I am writing to commend the staff at Professional PT that serve the Bellmore-Merrick school community. Specifically, Angelo and Elissa for their leadership, as well as, our five AT’s John, Bridget, Taylor, Eliana and Alexa. My apologies for not having written to you sooner. Under normal circumstances, our athletes have grown accustomed to relying on top quality care from our… Read more “Bellmore-Merrick CHSD”

Mr. Eric Caballero
patient ashley g. competing in the word dodgeball championships

I just had my first major tournament since my knee injury and I just wanted to thank you for all that you did in order to get me back to dodgeball. I competed in the World Dodgeball Championships in Mexico this past week and I’ve never played better. Luckily, there were no new injuries. In fact, I didn’t feel any… Read more “I competed in the World Dodgeball Championships in Mexico this past week and I’ve never played better”

Ashley G.
patient who returned to the ice after treatment at professional physical therapy

Olivia is a 15 year old freshman at Masconomet High School in Boxford, MA and has been a competitive figure skater for 10 years. In the past year she suffered some minor injuries and experienced intermittent knee, hip, and ankle pain. Upon recommendations from her own pediatrician and an orthopedic sports medicine specialist, she underwent physical therapy treatment with Keith… Read more “She is back skating and is pain free”

Olivia V.

I was dealing with chronic IT Band tightness and friction that caused intermittent knee pain for over a year. The pain was manageable for most of 2018 until I completed my 19-mile training run, five weeks prior to the NYC marathon. From that point on, the inflammation and associated pain sidelined me from continuing to run; I had only completed… Read more “I was able to run the entire race without having to stop”

Rebecca L.

I have both a leader and an issue that has inspired me deeply as to why I want to get involved in the medical field. Two years ago, I was playing football for New Rochelle. It was the last play of the game and I was sent out for a pass play.  I ran to the end zone and jumped… Read more “They are why I want to pursue a career in medicine”

Joey R.

When I first found out I tore my ACL, my mind was racing.  How could this happen?  What will surgery be like?  How will the rehab be?  And the most concerning thing of all was of course the expected long rehab process.  I spoke to some of my buddies who had ACL surgery and went through the rehab before, and… Read more “I’m so glad I chose to go to Nick and Professional Physical Therapy”

Steve S.

Kyle is an exceptional therapist. I have been in and out of physical therapy for years for a variety of issues and can honestly say that Kyle is one of my favorite therapists. Kyle is very knowledgeable and is always willing to spend the time to explain concepts or exercises in a way that is easily understandable. Additionally, Kyle is… Read more “Always left my sessions feeling better both physically and mentally”

Teresa M.

I have just completed rehabilitation of my calves at your Summer Street, Stamford office. You are very fortunate to have Mike Nugent in charge there. Mike listened to my concerns and set about to resolve whatever issues I had. Mike clearly paid attention to my progress, and kept his team – Volsey, Gus and the other Mike – abreast of… Read more “I am impressed with the atmosphere Mike has created”

John R.

I would like to thank Professional Physical Therapy for the professional and courteous service you gave me over the last 3 months. Special thanks to Mansi for her dedication, encouragement, supervision, and healing hands, also to her staff (especially Sabrina). My knee is feeling great now, and I’ve incorporated many of the things learned from our physical therapy sessions to… Read more “I’ve incorporated many of the things learned to my daily life”

Bendy H.

You have an incredible team of individuals working at the Somersworth Professional Physical Therapy facility!  Each person played a part in making my experience positive.   After experiencing jaw pain, my dentist recommended me for PT with Mike but I waited until my bite changed and pain increased. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 25 years with various trips to… Read more “I wish I had gone to Professional Physical Therapy years ago”

Cheryl L.

My name is Chris and this note is meant to tell the “home office” just how great the team in your Amesbury office is.  Unfortunately I have had many many orthopedic surgeries that have brought me to a number of PT services, including yours some time back.  My point being that I am well qualified to evaluate PT services. From… Read more “You got a sense that everyone working were part of a team”

Chris G.

I came to Professional Physical Therapy, a bit skeptical and a little hesitant. Having endured years of seeing my child in pain and having underwent the physical therapy route without success, it was a hard to commit again. My experience started with a phone fishing expedition, culminating with a thorough conversation that ended my search. I had made the decision… Read more “The staff at Professional Physical Therapy has changed our lives”

Serafina S.

I have both a leader and an issue that has inspired me deeply as to why I want to get involved in the medical field. Two years ago, I was playing football for New Rochelle. It was the last play of the game and I was sent out for a pass play.  I ran to the end zone and jumped… Read more “Watching her made me want to become a physical therapist”

Joseph R.

I have had the pleasure to work closely with LJ and Hedel after Shoulder surgery and Hip surgery. They are so professional, kind, caring and compassionate. They are the dynamic duo 🙂 I enjoy going to PT. They always greet me with a smile and put me to work.  If I am in pain during the day I can stop… Read more “I am very fortunate that I have such strong support with my recovery”

Sandra J.

I am happy to report that the race went great! I barely had any IT Band issues at all for the entire race, which was incredible. I owe a major debt of gratitude to you and the team for helping me get to where that was not a factor in the race. I did face some other obstacles, as anybody… Read more “It was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life”

Doug B

I had a very extensive knee revision and replacement on my injured knee. My first knee replacement, I was up and in a few days. This surgery was a nightmare of recovery from August to October. Non-weight bearing, wheelchair and locked knee in a brace. October 1st, I got the ok for Physical Therapy. Professional Physical Therapy was recommended by… Read more “Wonders do happen”

Carol F.

After fracturing my patella, I needed some local PT and I chose Professional (formerly ProEx). I couldn’t have had a better experience. Tina worked out a treatment plan for me, explaining everything – showing clear knowledge of the bones, muscles, tendons, etc. She and Roger and the others were wonderful to me, even the receptionists. They made me feel comfortable… Read more “I couldn’t have picked a better place”

I can only say great things about my rehab at this location. My doctor told me to try PT for a few months and if that does not work then I was looking at surgery. I worked with the amazing Jonathan and his wonderful team for about 12 weeks and went from not being able to use my right arm… Read more “No surgery needed!”

Donna M.

Rachel, Terri, Ken, Justin are delightful, helpful, and very encouraging each time I visited at Professional Physical Therapy. The environment here is friendly. Lastly, Sasha is wonderful, knowledgeable, and outstanding. Praise be to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To the entire staff, thank you so very much!

James L.