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Take a look at our testimonials and read what a few of our clients have had to say about Professional

We are always developing our individuals, our team, and our company to deliver the best patient outcomes. Below are just a few of the wonderful people we’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely friendly

I was treated by Katie for my right hand pinky finger. I had been diagnosed with a “trigger finger”. She was exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely friendly. She put me at ease immediately and explained what she was going to do with each different treatment. I was very pleased with her experience as a hand therapist. I happily recommend her to anyone I know that requires a physical therapist for the hand. Also the front desk staff was always cheerful and very cooperative as well.

Carol Rubenstein

Makes me stronger and encourages me to be the best

My ankles have always been an issue and Jack was always there to help. Jack always knows what he’s doing and helps me every time. He makes me stronger and encourages me to be the best I can be. Jack is an amazing guy and has a great personality while doing the job he loves the most. I would 100 percent recommend Pro PT to anyone that needs help and is looking for someone reliable and that would be Jack.

Sophia Cataldo

Great group of people at the Andover, Ma location

I would highly recommend anyone needing PT services to check out Professional PT. Great group of people at the Andover, Ma location. Thanks Rachel for all your help!

Greg Serpis

My pain is dramatically reduced

Dominique has achieved what no other therapist or even doctor has been able to do: figure out where my pain was actually coming from. And then how to treat/alleviate it. Thanks totally to her my pain is dramatically reduced and I am very appreciative.

Peter Kaufman

I enjoy coming to get my PT here

I had knee surgery where I got calcium deposits, plucked out, and my knee was scraped. My knee cap was reset and am having great results here with the team. Last year I broke my shoulder and came here in Coram and had an amazing experience and a great recovery. Rich, Jenny Kevin, Alexandra, and Meredith (last year) have all been amazing and work so well with me, I enjoy coming to get my PT here. Thanks

Brian Jermyn

They make me feel like family

I am being treated for a recent knee replacement and I couldn’t be happier with the results because of the talented physical therapists at this location. They are caring, kind, compassionate and very talented. I look forward to seeing them at my appointments because they are not only great therapists but they make me feel like family!

Mary Ann Silvaggio

Very Pleased With Results

I’m very pleased with results!  Everyone here are kind and thoughtful. I would recommend to family and friends.

Loretta Still

Pushed me to get better for my upcoming competition

I love Professional PT and have been to multiple locations in Manhattan. This time was for flare up of a chronic hip injury. Erika had treated me before and remembered my whole story. She is thorough and really pushed me to get better for my upcoming competition. I feel ready thanks to Erika and the team at Professional PT. I highly recommend!

Colleen Lee

I’ve come away with a better understanding of my knee

Treated for knee pain to determine if a knee replacement would be necessary. Nick & all the support staff were incredibly helpful in explaining and acting on the program set for me.. I’ve come away with a better understanding of my knee and how to work with it.

Edward de La Torre

From a Foot Injury to the NYC Marathon

Professional PT got me from a foot injury to the NYC marathon. They worked with me on correcting my form and strengthening my gait. Highly recommend. I finished my marathon strong and pain free!


Very Pleased and Happy With the Results

My name is Jack Egan and I’ve been attending Professional PT because my ACL, which I tore at football. So far, I have been very pleased and happy with the results I’ve seen during this process. My favorite part of this therapy is the feeling I get when I my leg starts working like nothing has ever happened to it. I would 100% recommend Pro PT to anyone in need of quality physical therapy. (Photo is me leg pressing with BFR machine that makes your body work with less blood flow.)

Jack Egan

I Give it a 5 All Around!

I have never had a truly professional therapy experience as with this group. Haley Rudnicki is my therapist and she’s a 5! She has gotten me to a point of almost having full use of my right arm from having 4 Anchors put in for rotor cuff surgery. We have had only 5 or 6 appointments so far. She’s a miracle worker. I want no other therapist but her! Don’t get me wrong all the people who are there are all professional and have compassion and empathy for their patients. I give it a 5 all around!

Nancy Lucas

We made progress together!

From osteoarthritis, hip replacement and now neuropathy, Sally took me from a 10+ on my pain scale to a comfortable 2-3. I am and will always be grateful to her and her staff’s kindness and understanding to myself and wonderful to watch their other patients improvements as well. Our relationship means so much that it was easy to remember the exercise programs and rewarding when we made progress together!! I would strongly recommend Professional Physical Therapy to everyone!

Theresa Wright

Prevented reoccurrence of my TMJ

I was having an issue with my TMJ lockjaw that has bothered me for over 30 years. Mike not only help me with my issue, he also gave me pointers & exercises that I can do to prevent a reoccurrence. I would highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy for anyone that needs it. And for some reason when I signed up for an appointment online it didn’t go through to them.  However, Mike still found away to see me without me having to wait.


PT really helped me!

Physical therapy really helped and my therapist was very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend and would return!


This is the place to go!

Great people, quality care–if you have a choice, this is the place to go!

Mark Maxfield



Kelly Joyce

Highly recommend!

Results exceeded expectations.  Highly recommend!

Kevin Doyle

Amazing professional equipped to guide his team in doing PT the “right way.”

Six years ago my left knee was seriously injured. Two successful operations and eleven months of PT had restored full range of motion, but I still experienced soreness and pain. I saw distinguished BIDMC sports orthopedic surgeon Dr. Arun Ramappa and he found the quadriceps muscle in my knee to be atrophied. He ordered a course of expert physical therapy employing a newly-proven technique called BFRT. At my request, he mentioned Stephen Vitale of Professional PT, Boston Financial District Office as having the requisite credentials to help. And, help me he did.

15 weeks of PT, twice a week, using BFRT technology, gave me a giant leap forward in my quest. I am now following his instructions at home and a local gym with the help of an artful and superb personal trainer. As Steve set expectations early, 6 years of atrophy are not overcome in several months. I would highly recommend Steve Vitale, who also teaches his trade at Northeastern University, as an amazing professional equipped to guide his team in doing PT the “right way.’ A nice vibe in their office makes it fun. Thanks, too, to assistants Christina, Aaron and Anoll.

James B Mumma Jr

Spent 6 months working to get better so I could continue to serve as a Firefighter

I started out with Blake but worked with Michelle, Hector and Glen. All were phenomenal. They always took the time to help and understand each individual. I spent 6 months working to get better so I could continue to serve as a Firefighter. I was able to see progress after each session. I enjoyed the friendliness of the staff and enjoyed my time going there 3x a week. I will miss the deep conversations with many. Definitely would recommend people and if ever return myself! Mrs Hope at the front desk held it all together – she was amazing to deal with for scheduling.

Allen Bell

They operate safely through COVID restrictions

This is my 3rd stint with PPT, for different issues. The atmosphere is friendly and laid back but thorough. They are also realistic. They operate safely through COVID restrictions.

Traci B

I highly recommend

A) treated for knee replacement B) supportive, friendly, dedicated C) yes D) I recommend them! They all make you feel welcome and comfortable. Jane is supportive and makes you feel welcome, she is the best. Christina, Nate, Alphonso and Maddie were great and Joe Guarini is the best! He excels in all he did for me. I highly recommend them. Good job!

Patricia Butcher

I can feel strength and mobility coming back

The whole team is awesome! Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional! I’ve been coming in for my right knee and I can feel strength and mobility coming back 100% after a few weeks! I cannot speak highly enough of this practice. All the staff are very knowledgeable and provide genuine care for their patients. I am glad I found this place!

Keisha Desir

I couldn’t be more pleased

About 6 weeks ago, I elected to have physical therapy for my right knee at Professional Physical Therapy at West 71st Street because I had had a good experience there in the past. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it is going. Ohi is a superb physical therapist, a true professional with an engaging personality. In fact, everyone I’ve dealt with here has been super helpful and encouraging. I’ve made a lot of progress and am walking much better, for which I’m very grateful. Who knew you could actually look forward to going to physical therapy?

Lorna Doran

I would definitely recommend

I started my rehab last week. I had a total knee replacement done by Dr. Bansal on March 7. I started going to rehab on Williams Bridge Road but I was not happy with it. I began doing this rehab with Jack Chang and I am very happy that I made the decision to go to 1250 Watersports. Not only is he professional but he’s very patient and he knows his patients. I love that he knows what he’s doing. He does give me a good workout even though sometimes I leave in a lot of pain but I guess that’s part of getting better. I would definitely recommend anyone to go to this rehab facility because every day I see progress and that’s important to me.  I thank God that an angel like Jack Chan fell in my path.

I would definitely recommend Pro PT!

I was treated for an IT band problem. I have been going for PT 2X weekly for about 2 months. I have been stretched, worked on, etc and have gained strength and am no longer in pain. I would definitely recommend Pro PT!

Francine Leinhardt

A team that cares about their clients

OMG! I don’t even know where to begin! So I have received therapy in two other types of places and this one by far has been the best. I am being treated for right hip pain. Katrina is not just a physical therapist, she and her team are like educators in their field, living healthy lifestyles and modeling them. This right here is a model people need to follow. A team that cares about their clients, their co-workers and themselves. They put me to work and always make sure I am well before and after my sessions. I have access to Kat away from the clinic by way of text message. I would highly recommend this location and this lovely team of professional therapists and educators! Thank you for helping me along in my road to learning how to overcome and control my pain issues.

Nicole Forbes

The best Healing Experience

I had a knee replacement and chose Professional PT because it is five minutes from home. It was the best healing experience I ever had! Joe is amazing, dedicated, and encouraging and made me want to do better with every treatment. Jane was always encouraging when I walked in the door. Every person there was encouraging and so friendly. I will never regret going to them and highly recommend them. They are the very best!

Patricia Butcher

A Very Special Thanks!

I am currently treating with Pro PT. I am very pleased with all of the therapist’s. Everyone including the front desk, and therapist’s are friendly, and knowledgeable. Gregory is incredibly knowledgeable, shows compassion. A very special thanks to : Gregory, Nicole, Ammar!

Claire Garcia

Professionalism and Compassion

I was treated for a right bicep tendon tear and pleased with Kara‘s professionalism and compassion she took when treating my injury. At one point she went back to her old note’s from college to print me out a copy of what was actually going on so I can understand how the tendons attached and detached better. In my honest opinion, I think she went over and above, and I would recommend her or anyone at professional physical therapy to anyone that I know that would require physical therapy.

Ray Bellerose

My balance is greatly improved

I needed physical therapy after brain surgery to build up strength, especially leg, lower torso and to improve balance. Today I can push 150 lbs with my legs, I can run up and down stairs and my balance is greatly improved. And it was a pleasure to come to the sessions because of the friendly and positive atmosphere at center. Zach and the others working with him, are so nice, gave me encouragement and we had lots of laughs too. The only downside is that my treatments at PT have come to an end. I thank them all for their great work and I strongly recommend this PT center.

Inger Tallaksen

Very Pleased

Very pleased! Everything that Danielle had me do was great. Absolutely I would recommend Pro PT!

Catherine l Pepe

Within 6 visits my pain was dramatically reduced

I am a post op hip replacement patient who also has severe joint issues in the opposite hip. Because I had the hip done in Korea as well as the bone resurfacing of the other hip also in Korea, I didn’t really get adequate physical therapy. And of course the pandemic threw a huge monkey wrench into my PT plan of care. So when I arrived at the Tribeca location of Professional PT, I had bilateral hip pain, limited ROM in my ankles and knees and I was really debilitated when performing ADLs. Andrew listen to my concerns and goals, then proposed a plan of care to get me to that goal. Within 6 visits my pain was dramatically reduced, I was able to do more around the house and had more confidence in walking and climbing stairs. Within 10 visits I had more energy less pain and had reached my interim goal of doing squats and lunges. Andrew teaches each exercise very clearly, gives the rationale for each and explains how it will get me closer to my goal. I’ve had PT in 3 different countries now and I can definitely say that the knowledge, professionalism and empathy displayed by Andrew and his team are unparalleled. He has improved my quality of life dramatically and I’m confident that he will definitely help me reach my activity goals!

Yuri Anna Lee

I was able to continue my training for my first 50k without any injuries.

I was treated by Rebecca Konstandt. I was very happy with my results because I was able to continue my training for my first 50k without any injuries. She’s extremely knowledgeable and deeply in tune with which muscles to focus on for recovery. I would highly recommend Rebecca!

Grace Dipaolo

I couldn’t recommend Mandar more strongly.

I had the privilege of having Mandar work with me when I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and cervical arthrosis and stenosis. He was completely professional, thorough and highly organized in his method. Listened attentively to my concerns and in general was one of the reasons I was able to make excellent progress in my time at PPT. I couldn’t recommend him more strongly. I observed him working with others with the same respect and professionalism. Clearly he excels at his chosen profession and anyone working with him is lucky to have him.

Robert Maier

This is the only place I will go for any Physical Therapy needs

This is the only place I will go for any Physical Therapy needs. Rebecca has been my therapist here since I started and she is amazing. I have had 4 different injuries and she has helped me rehab every time. The whole staff is friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Michelle Masi

I am very pleased with the results.

I was treated for a broken ankle as well as a sprained ankle, I am very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend this service and my favorite part would probably be the staff.

Jonathan Bakker

Absolutely! 100%! Keith and the team are so dedicated to your progress as your body allows.

Keith and the entire team at the Beverly studio were so amazing. Each week it became clearer that the journey was timed precisely. They took time to explain what the exercise are intended for in my recovery. I sincerely believe I would not be where I am today without these amazing people.

Steve Johnson

From the front office to the therapists, there is genuine caring and terrific treatment.

The Fitchburg facility is very convenient for the residents from Fitchburg. All of your staff in Fitchburg, from the front office to the therapists, are great. My wife and I have used your services for many years. We request Jennifer Reid Curtis all the time because of her professionalism and result driven therapy. She gives us undivided attention and we know its about truly caring for her patients. I receive my care through the VA. I had to special request to get your site approved. It was very much worth it. Once again I requested Jen and am getting great results!



Ken Jones

My knee is so much stronger now…

My journey was an easy one to pursue because I watched my wife’s journey with Sam and was amazed by her recovery. My knee is so much stronger now having had treatment for the past 4 months, because PT has made me more consistent and accountable during my recovery.

I am a Veteran Royal Engineer (British Army), former Athlete and Rugby Player (Brooklyn Rugby Club). I moved here 8-9 years ago after a successful 22 year career to pursue my passion working with young people through sport and wellness. I am currently working with Wellness in the Schools, a National non profit who’s mission is to teach kids healthier habits to live and learn better. Now that I’ve reached the fifth floor, my goal is to remain as healthy as possible so that I can be a positive role model for my family and the school communities I serve.

Errol Jones

After taking a terrible fall off an electric scooter, I shattered my wrist

Sheena is truly an extraordinary Occupational Therapist. She is kind and compassionate, while motivating you to work through your pain. She is able to address any questions or concerns you may have about your recovery and treatment. Rest assured, if you are lucky enough to have Sheena as your therapist, you are in good hands. No pun intended.

After taking a terrible fall off an electric scooter, I shattered my wrist! No one wants to break a bone or have surgery, especially if it requires plates and screws to fix your shattered bones.

I had to find a hand-wrist occupational therapist in the height of the Covid pandemic. In walks Sheena, my saving grace. She encouraged and pushed me to work my hardest. Boy did I hate her at first…LOL, but when I started to see the progress I was making, I was thrilled. Sheena was incredible. She reassured me that I was doing great, pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and knew exactly what she was doing!

I am very fortunate to have found her, and know that I’ll be back in her capable hands after my plate and screws are removed. Thank you Sheena for making a difficult situation and horrible accident not so bad. You are truly amazing! Thank you!

You want to go somewhere where you’re cared about

I’ve been going to Professional PT since before they were Professional.  As a dancer, and performer, you want to go somewhere where you’re cared about, the staff is invested in your growth, and make you feel special.  Professional has that and more.  I will follow Kristin wherever she goes.  And I have.

Dana P. Hawkins

I am very happy with the Professional Physical Therapy

I have one leg shorter than the other due to a partial hip replacement. I fell around 8 weeks ago and broke my wrist and all healed in 6 weeks. I have also had a bout of spinal stenosis. I have had physical therapy in the pool which has helped me so much with balance. My progress is going well.

The PT Sally has been so helpful, teaching me the exercises in the pool. Toby, the PTA, has been great teaching me exercises in the treatment room as I experienced Sciatica during this time. This is better now.

I can’t forget our secretary, Dory, who has been very helpful scheduling.

I am very happy with the Professional Physical Therapy.

Maureen Hayston

Bellmore-Merrick CHSD

I am writing to commend the staff at Professional PT that serve the Bellmore-Merrick school community. Specifically, Angelo and Elissa for their leadership, as well as, our five AT’s John, Bridget, Taylor, Eliana and Alexa. My apologies for not having written to you sooner.

Under normal circumstances, our athletes have grown accustomed to relying on top quality care from our AT staff for all of their injuries and ailments. However, it should be noted that their work does not typically stop at “treatment”. I can tell you that our expectation in Bellmore-Merrick is that our AT’s are an extension of our staff. Not only do they provide high quality care to our school community by overseeing the general care of student-athletes, but they also ALWAYS go above and beyond in coordinating that care with parents, teachers, coaches, RN’s and other administrative staff. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, our AT’s are the driving force behind directing preventative care for a wide range of injuries for our student-athletes. I can tell you this does NOT go unnoticed.

More recently, as we deal with educating almost 5200 students in our district, our AT’s were able to assist with temperature taking and other tasks in their buildings during early morning hours to enable us to process students attending classes (we are one of the very few districts providing full in-person instruction) in a timely matter. As a result, the start of our school days were able to begin as scheduled and uninterrupted. Further, this enabled us to provide a sense of health and safety for our faculty, students and staff that eased a tremendous amount of anxiety for everyone involved in the school day, during the pandemic.

Make no mistake, this could not have occurred without the steady leadership of both Angelo Marsella and Elissa Linderman. To say working with them over the past six years has been a pleasure is an understatement. Even during the most stressful moments, they have always found a way to assist the Bellmore-Merrick community in the best way possible. Never have they said “NO”. Rather, they have always shown a willingness to work through the most difficult scenarios without hesitation. I could not ask for a better partnership. Because of their attention to detail and dedication to our school community, their impact has been immeasurable.

Mr. Eric Caballero

I competed in the World Dodgeball Championships in Mexico this past week and I’ve never played better

patient ashley g. competing in the word dodgeball championships

I just had my first major tournament since my knee injury and I just wanted to thank you for all that you did in order to get me back to dodgeball.

I competed in the World Dodgeball Championships in Mexico this past week and I’ve never played better. Luckily, there were no new injuries. In fact, I didn’t feel any pain or soreness in my knee! I played with more range of movement than I thought I had.

Thanks again to you and your team for helping rehabilitate my knee, but also giving me the confidence to play without worry again.

Ashley G.

She is back skating and is pain free

patient who returned to the ice after treatment at professional physical therapy

Olivia is a 15 year old freshman at Masconomet High School in Boxford, MA and has been a competitive figure skater for 10 years. In the past year she suffered some minor injuries and experienced intermittent knee, hip, and ankle pain. Upon recommendations from her own pediatrician and an orthopedic sports medicine specialist, she underwent physical therapy treatment with Keith Cooper at Professional Physical Therapy in Beverly. Following these sessions and a structured treatment program over a number of weeks, she is back skating and is pain free and performing all her jumps and moves on the ice. Keith and his team developed a personalized plan that was tailored to Olivia’s needs and helped her recover and get back to her usual self in a very short time. They also recommended a program for off-ice training that has been a tremendous benefit to Olivia as she continues to develop her skating skills. We can’t thank Keith and his team enough for all they did and highly recommend anyone who requires physical therapy treatments to visit Keith and the group at Professional.

Olivia V.

I was able to run the entire race without having to stop

I was dealing with chronic IT Band tightness and friction that caused intermittent knee pain for over a year. The pain was manageable for most of 2018 until I completed my 19-mile training run, five weeks prior to the NYC marathon. From that point on, the inflammation and associated pain sidelined me from continuing to run; I had only completed three taper runs in total in the last five weeks leading up to race day. I tried many various interventions in the past, but with a combined approach of dry needling therapy, rehab exercises, and other manual therapy techniques, Noah got me back on my feet and helped me cross the finish line at the 2018 NYC marathon with a 4:06 finish. I was just shy of my time goal, but happy to even finish considering the knee injury. I was able to run the entire race without having to stop at any medical tents along the way too. Thanks Noah and Professional PT!!

Rebecca L.

They are why I want to pursue a career in medicine

I have both a leader and an issue that has inspired me deeply as to why I want to get involved in the medical field. Two years ago, I was playing football for New Rochelle. It was the last play of the game and I was sent out for a pass play.  I ran to the end zone and jumped for the ball while one of the cornerbacks attempted to swipe the ball from me.  He ended up landing on top of me while I landed on my shoulder on the ground.  From there I got an MRI for the injury and the orthopedist didn’t find anything wrong when reading the disc.  I then transferred from New Rochelle High School to Mamaroneck High School where I continued my wrestling career.  I would experience very sharp pains occasionally while wrestling. I’m tough so I didn’t think much of it and thought it would just go away.  Till early January when I was wrestling at a tournament , I couldn’t continue wrestling in a match because of how much pain I was in.  My coaches, family, and I knew there was something very wrong.

I got another MRI and my orthopedist found out that I had torn my labrum.  I had gotten surgery a couple weeks later and was sent to Professional Physical Therapy in Equinox in Mamaroneck.  My Physical Therapist’s name is Melanie.  She was very sweet and kind when she would tell me what to do and she was very gentle when she would massage my shoulder.  Watching her work and help others while I was doing my therapy was amazing.  Watching the elderly become so content because of the amazing work she would do with them, helping them get their strength back to where they lacked. I love to help. I’m very respectful, kind, patient and genuine. I love to make others happy and joyful and watching her make others feel that made me want to become a physical therapist.  Two years later after the surgery and physical therapy I’ve become one of the most successful wrestlers in Mamaroneck wrestling history.  I’m the third person ever to be a section champion for Mamaroneck.  I accomplished that a couple weeks ago and last year I was the first All-Section sophomore. I wouldn’t be able to have done these accomplishments if it weren’t for Dr. Delamora, my orthopedist or my physical therapist, Melanie.  They are one of the inspirations as to why I want to pursue a career in medicine.

Joey R.

I’m so glad I chose to go to Nick and Professional Physical Therapy

When I first found out I tore my ACL, my mind was racing.  How could this happen?  What will surgery be like?  How will the rehab be?  And the most concerning thing of all was of course the expected long rehab process.  I spoke to some of my buddies who had ACL surgery and went through the rehab before, and they told me horror stories of the physical therapist bending their knee right after surgery to the point where they were yelling in pain.  I was not looking forward to anything to do with the entire process.

3 days after surgery, I had my first rehab appointment with Nick Licameli and Professional Physical Therapy in Nutley.  I was dreading it, and was thinking to myself that I just had surgery 3 days ago, and this is going to be painful.  However, when I met Nick, he put my mind at ease by taking the time to explain the injury and what the rehab process would be like.  After the first day, I felt like the goal and path to recovery was clear and I felt comfortable that Nick and the rest of the Professional Physical Therapy staff would be guiding me along the way.  As I got into my physical therapy for the first few weeks, I quickly learned that the process was going to be challenging, but I also learned that it was not going to be like the horror stories that my buddies told me about.  Nick constantly worked with me with great patience to show me all of the exercises I would be doing each day, but he never pressured me into any pain or any bad experience at all (unlike what I’ve heard from my friends about other PT practices).  Actually, I started to even enjoy and look forward to going to my physical therapy sessions 3 days per week.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming at Professional Physical Therapy at Nutley, always joking around and having great relationships with all of their patients really gave it a feel of more of like a “hang-out” then a therapy building.  And at the same time, I was making great progress.  Only 6 weeks from my surgery, my doctor told me that I was doing so well that I could start walking without the brace, which was much earlier than expected.  That was all thanks to the great work from Nick and the staff at Professional Physical Therapy.

Then at about two months out from my surgery, the COVID pandemic hit New Jersey, and I was very concerned about what would happen to my therapy sessions and all of the progress that I made on my knee.  However, Nick was very quick to reach out and offer telehealth services available by Professional Physical Therapy.  These services have been a great experience and have not slowed down my progress at all.  Nick came up with a number of great ideas over the telehealth sessions for my exercises at home.  Through video conferencing, Nick showed me how I could use water jugs or a case of Gatorade as weight for my exercises.  Nick also helped me be very resourceful by using simple things like my chairs to hold on to for lunges, stairs for my step ups and calf raises, and even using a pillow for my step downs.  The progress on my knee over the last two months of using telehealth three times per week has been tremendous.  I was worried that my progress would slow down not being able to going into the therapy building, but each week I have felt like I’ve been getting stronger.  Now I’m even up to the point where I can run on my own for two miles.

To summarize, I can’t say enough good things about Nick and Professional Physical Therapy.  Throughout the process of my first 4 months of rehab, Nick has been very patient in answering all of my questions and concerns.  He has always been flexible and available at any time, whether in the office, through telehealth, or even over text message, to guide me along the way.  He could be working on over 5 patients at once, but he always made me feel like I was the only one.  Not only that, but his knowledge and expertise has helped me show continued growth and progress every step of the way with my knee injury.  From experience, the rehab process from a torn ACL is not easy and work has to be put in to make it successful, but I’m so glad I chose to go to Nick and Professional Physical Therapy.  I know that I could never have done it without Nick, and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of physical therapy in the future!

Steve S.

Always left my sessions feeling better both physically and mentally

Kyle is an exceptional therapist. I have been in and out of physical therapy for years for a variety of issues and can honestly say that Kyle is one of my favorite therapists. Kyle is very knowledgeable and is always willing to spend the time to explain concepts or exercises in a way that is easily understandable. Additionally, Kyle is very patient and has a comforting bedside manner.  Kyle tirelessly works at helping his patients and really goes above and beyond to ensure his patients are on the road to success. I am truly grateful to have had the chance to work with him and always left my sessions feeling better both physically and mentally. Professional Physical Therapy is lucky to have Kyle as a therapist.

Teresa M.

I am impressed with the atmosphere Mike has created

I have just completed rehabilitation of my calves at your Summer Street, Stamford office. You are very fortunate to have Mike Nugent in charge there. Mike listened to my concerns and set about to resolve whatever issues I had. Mike clearly paid attention to my progress, and kept his team – Volsey, Gus and the other Mike – abreast of how I was doing. I have been to other places, and am impressed with the atmosphere Mike has created – positive but not clubby – all the employees clearly like each other, but do not succumb to unproductive distracting chit chat which I assume is a problem in your business. That focus on the therapeutic comes from the top down – Mike Nugent.

Though my treatment is over, if I ever need PT, Mike will be my first thought, and I will be happy to recommend him to others.

You need to keep good men like Mike. He cares about the work, and he cares about the people.

John R.

I’ve incorporated many of the things learned to my daily life

I would like to thank Professional Physical Therapy for the professional and courteous service you gave me over the last 3 months. Special thanks to Mansi for her dedication, encouragement, supervision, and healing hands, also to her staff (especially Sabrina). My knee is feeling great now, and I’ve incorporated many of the things learned from our physical therapy sessions to my daily life.

Bendy H.

I wish I had gone to Professional Physical Therapy years ago

You have an incredible team of individuals working at the Somersworth Professional Physical Therapy facility!  Each person played a part in making my experience positive.  

After experiencing jaw pain, my dentist recommended me for PT with Mike but I waited until my bite changed and pain increased. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 25 years with various trips to physical therapy and I was not thrilled at the thought of going to PT for my jaw. However, I am so glad that I did!

My initial visit with Mike consisted of a lot of conversation and questions. He also evaluated my physical strengths and weaknesses to develop an appropriate plan moving forward.  As Mike worked on my jaw, I was also given exercises to improve neck strength.  Little did I know that the jaw and neck were so closely related. Prior to seeing Mike, I was regularly wearing a neck brace for support.  Since seeing Mike, I haven’t had to wear my brace.  Yes, I still experience mild pain and discomfort, but with RA any joint on any given day can be painful.  

Mike showed me how to position my jaw so that I don’t clench my teeth.  This has been valuable in relieving jaw pain. He also gave me exercises to do at home but when I was unable to hold the band that he provided due to hand pain, he showed me Bodylastics, a product with handles, that could be purchased online.  The fact that he listened to my struggles and problem solved a solution was much appreciated.  In fact, when needed, Mike would adjust or explain how to do exercises if they were effecting other joints. 

After completing the jaw therapy and getting such good results,  I called my rheumatologist to see if I could get a referral for lower back pain.  Once again, the therapy was helpful.  After doing exercises in the gym, Mike emailed me an exercise program , discussed proper posture techniques and like before, listened to me and always answered questions. I asked a lot of questions as to why he was doing certain things or positioning me in certain ways.  He had  a knack of explaining exactly what and why he was doing and it made sense. I continue the home therapy program he provided and feel that my back and core have become stronger. I still experience some pain but not to the degree I had been.  I’m sure it’s the effects of RA.  I wish I had gone to Professional Physical Therapy years ago. 

At the beginning, my insurance company was giving me different messages as to whether your Professional Physical Therapy facility was part of my plan.  Finally, I just popped in to see if the Somersworth facility knew.  Sarah pleasantly greeted me, listened and said that she would look into it.  Within two hours, I had a voicemail from Sarah stating that I would be covered.  She did not have to take the time to do that, but she did.  

I also spent a lot of time with Sarah as she prepared the equipment, weights, and settings when completing my exercises in the gym.  Not only was she doing that for me but on many occasions, there were multiple people working in the gym area.  Sarah would also provide clarification of exercises, demonstrate the proper technique and give support on those “killer” exercises. When she wasn’t working with patients, she was cleaning stations or doing laundry.  I don’t think I ever saw her sitting down! 

I had the pleasure of having a physical therapy session with Terry when Mike was out one day.  Obviously, there is a true team connection between Mike and Terry.  Terry provided a session that mirrored what I had been doing with Mike. It was as if I had been working with her from the beginning. It was easy to talk with her and Terry always made a point of saying hi to every patient that entered the facility, whether you were her patient or not.  

Brianna was always welcoming and helpful.  I would be doing an exercise and tell her that I needed to schedule another appointment.  She would ask my time and day preference and within minutes she would have an appointment scheduled.  On a day when Sarah was out, Brianna helped in the gym with ease. She always brightened up my visits with her laughter. 

Again, your Somersworth Professional Physical Therapy Team is caring, hardworking, and compassionate about their patients.  They go above and beyond to welcome, assist and provide quality care. Each and everyone of them should be commended for their contributions in making your Somersworth facility top notch! I won’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needs PT! 

Cheryl L.

You got a sense that everyone working were part of a team

My name is Chris and this note is meant to tell the “home office” just how great the team in your Amesbury office is.  Unfortunately I have had many many orthopedic surgeries that have brought me to a number of PT services, including yours some time back.  My point being that I am well qualified to evaluate PT services.

From the reception/scheduling desk to the professionals who treated me they all were just fabulous.  The atmosphere in the facility was just a comfortable one where you got a sense that everyone working on a particular day were part of a team. Not just a collection of employees.

I would be remiss not singling out Zach who worked with me.  I had my right hip replaced for the 5th time and the second time since last December in a 5 hour operation.  When I started I was barely able to walk from my car to my appointment.  Today I am working out everyday, walking a golf course (up until last week) and have regained my confidence in my body.

Zach knows his stuff but more importantly he has a great sense of people.  His training told him what exercises to utilize but it was his talent/skill in connecting with me that made this all work.

That is a good team in Amesbury.

Chris G.

The staff at Professional Physical Therapy has changed our lives

I came to Professional Physical Therapy, a bit skeptical and a little hesitant. Having endured years of seeing my child in pain and having underwent the physical therapy route without success, it was a hard to commit again. My experience started with a phone fishing expedition, culminating with a thorough conversation that ended my search. I had made the decision to entrust my daughter to the expertise of Alex and his team.

My daughter’s first session came and I had bombarded Jennifer with questions, while making my presence known to Alex; I involved both therapists in my scrutiny. With patience I was addressed and I was reassured with a plan. Although anxious, I walked away knowing that my daughter would be in good hands.

In a couple visits, Jennifer and Alex proved to be miracle workers. After two years of constant leg numbness, PT made a difference! Within a month, my daughter is almost at 100%. I finally saw PT to be a cure. The therapists at PPT listened and analyzed my daughter’s story, they deciphered a plan to make recovery a reality.

I cannot thank Jennifer and Alex enough for their dedication and expertise. The staff at Professional Physical Therapy has changed our lives.

Serafina S.

Watching her made me want to become a physical therapist

I have both a leader and an issue that has inspired me deeply as to why I want to get involved in the medical field. Two years ago, I was playing football for New Rochelle. It was the last play of the game and I was sent out for a pass play.  I ran to the end zone and jumped for the ball while one of the cornerbacks attempted to swipe the ball from me.  He ended up landing on top of me while I landed on my shoulder on the ground.  From there I got an MRI for the injury and the orthopedist didn’t find anything wrong when reading the disc.  I then transferred from New Rochelle High School to Mamaroneck High School where I continued my wrestling career.  I would experience very sharp pains occasionally while wrestling. I’m tough so I didn’t think much of it and thought it would just go away.  Till early January when I was wrestling at a tournament , I couldn’t continue wrestling in a match because of how much pain I was in.  My coaches, family, and I knew there was something very wrong.  I got another MRI and my orthopedist found out that I had torn my labrum.  I had gotten surgery a couple weeks later and was sent to Professional Physical Therapy in Equinox in Mamaroneck.  My Physical Therapist’s name is Melanie.  She was very sweet and kind when she would tell me what to do and she was very gentle when she would massage my shoulder.  Watching her work and help others while I was doing my therapy was amazing.  Watching the elderly become so content because of the amazing work she would do with them, helping them get their strength back to where they lacked. I love to help. I’m very respectful, kind, patient and genuine. I love to make others happy and joyful and watching her make others feel that made me want to become a physical therapist.  Two years later after the surgery and physical therapy I’ve become one of the most successful wrestlers in Mamaroneck wrestling history.  I’m the third person ever to be a section champion for Mamaroneck.  I accomplished that a couple weeks ago and last year I was the first All-Section sophomore. I wouldn’t be able to have done these accomplishments if it weren’t for Dr. Delamora, my orthopedist or my physical therapist, Melanie.  They are one of the inspirations as to why I want to pursue a career in medicine.

Joseph R.

I am very fortunate that I have such strong support with my recovery

I have had the pleasure to work closely with LJ and Hedel after Shoulder surgery and Hip surgery.

They are so professional, kind, caring and compassionate. They are the dynamic duo 🙂

I enjoy going to PT. They always greet me with a smile and put me to work.  If I am in pain during the day I can stop in and grab ice any time.

I know people never have any problems writing emails when it is a complaint.I believe it is important to acknowledging people who go above and beyond at all times; that’s why I wanted to take some time and write this email.

LJ is amazing, he is patient and filled with knowledge. I am very fortunate that I have such strong support with my recovery.

Sandra J.

It was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life

I am happy to report that the race went great! I barely had any IT Band issues at all for the entire race, which was incredible. I owe a major debt of gratitude to you and the team for helping me get to where that was not a factor in the race.

I did face some other obstacles, as anybody would expect. For example, knowing that my friends and family were all waiting for me on First Avenue, I got a little excited going over the bridge and pushed a little too hard on the uphill part, as well as the uphill of First Ave. I ended up with some cramping in my quads and hammies. A few stops at the medical tent for a quick rub down and some biofreeze was able to remedy that for a few miles at a time. That made the last 6-8 miles tough, but they were going to be tough no matter what!

I didn’t run with my wife, but as luck would have it I spotted her around the mile 26 marker. We were able to cross the finish line hand in hand, and it was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life.

Again, can’t thank you guys enough for all the help over the last three months in getting me ready, not just with the IT band but with the overall strategy and the tips for training and for running the race. I look forward to thanking you guys in person next Tuesday!

– Doug B.


Doug B

Wonders do happen

I had a very extensive knee revision and replacement on my injured knee. My first knee replacement, I was up and in a few days. This surgery was a nightmare of recovery from August to October. Non-weight bearing, wheelchair and locked knee in a brace. October 1st, I got the ok for Physical Therapy. Professional Physical Therapy was recommended by my Doctor. I choose the East 84 Street location. I was taken there by wheelchair. I was greeted by the front desk, I felt relief. I had an evaluation with the clinical director, Audrey. A program was created for me, and I had three sessions per week. I also committed to the home program. This was all very intense for me, after being so idle. The therapists follow in Audrey’s steps. Empathy and positive encouragement were the greatest. Alyssa became one of the key therapists in my recovery. Whenever I visited, Audrey promised me she would get me out of the wheelchair. They helped me and by Thanksgiving Day, I was walking with a cane. I never gave up only because of their confidence in my recovery. I am also in PT for a torn rotator cuff. I know I am seeing a huge improvement. I wanted to and I do walk about two miles almost everyday. The TLC and empathy to all the patients is remarkable. Doctors are great and lay the foundation. The physical therapy is the main part of recovery. I am so very grateful to the team at the East 84 Street location. I must add that Audrey speaks to the staff in such a professional manner. The atmosphere is positive.  I wish anyone who chooses Professional Physical Therapy a speedy recovery!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Carol F.

I couldn’t have picked a better place

After fracturing my patella, I needed some local PT and I chose Professional (formerly ProEx). I couldn’t have had a better experience. Tina worked out a treatment plan for me, explaining everything – showing clear knowledge of the bones, muscles, tendons, etc. She and Roger and the others were wonderful to me, even the receptionists. They made me feel comfortable and very confident in their ability to help me, which they did, and quickly. They were all right on top of my injury and what it took to get me back up and running very quickly. I guess there’s no better testimonial than the shock of my surgeon when he saw me and saw how well I was doing. To everything he asked if I was able to do yet, I replied “yes” and really he was so pleasantly surprised he asked for some business cards so he could refer others to Professional (formerly ProEx). I will miss the friendly and professional staff… they made it fun.. they worked together.. there was camaraderie.. If I had to go to PT, I couldn’t have picked a better place. Thanks to all of you.

No surgery needed!

I can only say great things about my rehab at this location. My doctor told me to try PT for a few months and if that does not work then I was looking at surgery. I worked with the amazing Jonathan and his wonderful team for about 12 weeks and went from not being able to use my right arm and being in major pain to now being pain free and my right arm is now back to 100 percent. No surgery needed…even my Doctor was impressed! Jonathan and his team really work with you and explain everything to you, I was never rushed and always had someone watching and helping me do my exercises. Everyone is very patient, caring and highly educated in their field. If you are serious about getting the best PT this is the place to come.

Donna M.

Delightful, helpful, and very encouraging

Rachel, Terri, Ken, Justin are delightful, helpful, and very encouraging each time I visited at Professional Physical Therapy. The environment here is friendly. Lastly, Sasha is wonderful, knowledgeable, and outstanding. Praise be to God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To the entire staff, thank you so very much!

James L.

What a life altering experience

It’s unreal to think that today was the last day of my first clinical rotation at Professional PT in my pursuit of attaining my Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). What a life altering experience. To the amazing physical therapists and athletic trainers I worked with up in Mamaroneck – thank you all SO much for being such fantastic role models. I’m proud to have worked and learned alongside you. And to the many patients I was able to work with – thank you for being so sincere and hard working. Blessed is an understatement for being offered this amazing opportunity.

Paul S.

Strong at work

Joel and Ian at Tyngsboro Ma. gave me the tools to Succeed at work. I believe that continuing my PT while I was back at work made me so much stronger and they were able to give me exercise that help me thru the areas that I was weak. These guys gave me quality of work life thanks for everything.

Joe G.

Nothing but praise for her ability and knowledge

I have been seeing Nicole for three different reasons in the last 2 years, I have nothing but praise for her ability and knowledge, she is conscientious and informative. She not only Treats but she cares. What else could you ask for in a physical therapist?

Jim M.

My entire experience has been nothing but positive

I had had my rotator cuff repaired last November and was ready to start PT a month later. My initial plan was to start the therapy at Equinox and then transition into the city where I work. However, after starting the therapy with Melanie, I didn’t want to go anywhere else. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, and nice. I was confident immediately that she was providing excellent care of my shoulder, and my surgeon has been extremely satisfied with my results. My entire experience these last 3 months has been nothing but positive – even when Melanie was away, the other therapists (Katie, Rebecca, JulieAnn) knew me and were able to step in and provide the same high level of care and professionalism in a friendly environment. I recommend this group without hesitation.

Ted M.

It was one of the best decisions I made

I decided to go to Professional Physical Therapy for convenience because it was across the street from my office and knew it would be easy to go during my lunch break. Little did I know, it was one of the best decisions I made. Sarah was my physical therapist and Peter was my athletic trainer. I went in with a rotator cuff tear and bursitis in my right shoulder, which caused severe pain from certain movements, and especially after working out, and after 8 weeks of working with Sarah and Peter, I am happy to say I do not have any pain. Sarah did a great job working on my shoulder and was very gentle and openly communicated everything she was doing. Pete gave me great exercises and stretches to help me get the strength back in my shoulder to get back to fully functioning in the gym. I would recommend them to anyone, everyone was always so friendly and willing to help with anything. It was a great environment and I would definitely go back for another injury, but hopefully I don’t have to. 🙂

Nicole R.

I was able to challenge myself

I could not see myself where I am today when I 1st entered Professional PT. The Hartsdale team is strong and supportive everyone from the front desk to the therapist and aides. Mansi is awesome knows when to push you and when you need nurturing to get thru your session. With her dedication and knowledge I was able to challenge myself and push thru the harder days. Returning to the field seemed like a long shot, but though it may take time I know there are more snaps in my future…. Thanks PPT!

Ramon W.

This is PT at its best!

I came to PT 3 weeks post op. My therapists Ellen and Ildiko have helped me to regain my my strength and maintain a positive attitude even when I felt down with a wonderful therapy plan that continues to be updated based upon my progress. This is PT at its best! Words of encouragement, smiles and positive affirmations helped my progress even faster than I had hoped for. Everyone there is wonderful, Margaret, Timothy, Charles always lending a helping hand as well as the wonderful gals who great you upon entering with a big smile. Totally recommend this place. They have helped me so on my road to recovery!

Carol Lee S.

These people are truly PHENOMENAL

I had 3 ankle surgeries. I was in PT for 2 Years before discovering Professional Physical Therapy @ 1250 Waters Pl. 12th Floor (Bronx Hutchinson Metro Center).

I will always remember the first day, July 12, 2017. Vivek calls me to come in and begin his evaluation on me. As I became more and more familiar with the other staff – Louis, Nick, Africa –  they were always professional, encouraging, helpful in whatever manner they could be. These people are truly PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend them. They’re also striving with you to see the results. It is Oct 2017…the progress that I have made is simply phenomenal. The staff honestly cares about their clients and it shows in their dedication and compassion and commitment. Vivek…you’re absolutely the BEST. Louis…thank you for all the times I said I couldn’t and you insisted that I could. ANETA…you’re an angel and you know your stuff. Love you guys. God Bless all of the Staff @ 1250 Waters Pl. 12th floor staff.. You’re a phenomenal team.

Jacqueline C.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

The staff at the Whitestone facility always make me feel like I stepped into an episode of Cheers……where everybody knows your name. And always smiling. An absolute pleasure every visit (L. knee meniscus tears and L. knee replacement which means ALOT of visits).

The help I received from my PT Samantha and all the others that chipped in and aided in my recovery….I am so very thankful….beyond words. They pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and reined me in when needed also. All questions and fears answered promptly and professionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Samantha and all the staff at Professional Whitestone…..I’ll be back for sure ?

James M.

She is a true healer!

I’ve been to physical therapy companies over the years, but this is the best! My physical therapist, Mansi, shows her skill, caring and professionalism. I have great confidence in her ability.

She took a good amount of time listening to my situation and when there were questions, spoke directly to the prescribing physician. SHE IS A TRUE HEALER!  All who work at Hartsdale, therapists, assistants, and appointment staff, are top notch and very encouraging. They give their patients hope. They want nothing more than to make their patients feel good again. I would definitely recommend your company as the one to go to for excellence in treatment and care.

E. Ann C.

The facility is first class

I would like to thank Han and his associates, C and Nick, for the care and attention that I was given during my recent PT. Their focus and attention to the exercises was excellent and it was a much different experience than I have had at other practices. The facility is first class and all the staff are friendly and accommodating.

Michael M.

Very pleasant and professional

The entire staff in East Hanover, NJ were very pleasant and professional. Lisa greeted me (by name) at each visit. Dan, my physical therapist, was excellent using different techniques to help my knees. Both he and his assistants educated me on the use of the equipment, and made me feel comfortable. Thank you all!

Linda K.

Incredibly knowledgeable, easy-going and systematic

The entire staff at Professional Physical Therapy worked both attentively and conscientiously to facilitate significant recovery for my surgically repaired shoulder.

I felt very comfortable with the pace and approach of the staff, and especially appreciated the 1-1 attention they provided. Throughout the weekly sessions, I gained a greater appreciation for the repetitive routines provided as well as the remarkable patience and encouragement my team consistently provided. A special word of thanks to two individuals in particular, Mansi & Ashley. Collectively, they worked with me from initial consultation through full range of movement. Moreover, they were incredibly knowledgeable, easy-going and systematic in their approach. I would highly recommend utilizing Professional Physical Therapy for any recovery efforts.

R. A.

She is caring and competent

Suet Lim is my therapist and she is caring, competent, and continues to help me get better. I feel lucky to have her! I know it will take more therapy to reach my goal of using my fingers, but with her help I will get there.

Susan M.

My daughter loved going to PT

My daughter was treated by Mansi at the Hartsdale location. She broke her left elbow and after the cast came off she needed PT for several weeks. Mansi was absolutely wonderful, extremely patient and very quick to answer any questions. My daughter loved going to PT. It was a great experience!

Patricia R.

I am now pain free

I had a total knee replacement on July 13th, 2017 and thanks to Evan my therapist I am now discharged from therapy as I am feeling great.

I am now pain free, taking long walks, climbing stairs and doing activities that I have not been able to do in years. Evan and the whole staff at Hazlet are the most kind and caring people. The minute you walk in the door they treat you like family, especially Jane. With Evan’s guidance and therapy I was so happy with the outcome. He truly cares about his clients. I will definitely recommend the Hazlet location and I do tell everyone how great they are. Thank you to everyone at Professional Physical Therapy.

-Jean Beacham

Jean B.

He provided the light at the end of the tunnel

The Professional Physical Therapy facility is one of the best facilities that I have been to.  The staff is always friendly and up to date on appointments.  I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere; from the moment I walk in,  I’m greeted by a pleasant receptionist.  I love how patient and warm the staff is.

Due to the great work and care here, I strongly believe that it is the very reason that I was able to regain use of both of my arms.

I recently completed a 6 month rehabilitation for a shattered right elbow and a badly broken left elbow.  I was told that I probably shouldn’t expect to regain 100% range and flexibility.

When I first arrived at Professional Physical Therapy early March 2017, I had no use of both of my arms.  It was a frightening and emotional time for me.  The pain was incomprehensible.  I cried most days in the beginning.  Ohi was comforting and supportive yet firm.  He pushed me a little bit more every week or so to challenge myself, to go to the next level and push through the discomfort.  Ohi is a kind, caring and gifted professional.

The group of patients at Professional became like a surrogate family, everyone cheering each other on to the road of recovery.

I had a superb surgeon and I had the determination to get as close to 100% flexibility and range back in both of my arms/elbows.  I wholeheartedly believe that I would have never reached the level of recovery that I have were it not for Ohi.  He provided the light at the end of the tunnel.  I still have to work on regaining some strength especially with my right elbow.  Ohi gave me 3 at home stretches to do for the next 6 months or so.

Ohi is a superstar, just a wonderful asset to the Professional team.

Due to Ohi’s care, I have recommended a few people to Ohi and Professional.  I know that at least one of the people that I made the recommendation to started to go to weekly sessions with him.

Thank you.

Debra A.

Most of all I appreciated their practical approach

Mike and his team were excellent. They are committed, knowledgeable and professional and got me back on my feet after knee surgery quicker than my surgeon thought was possible. Most of all I appreciated their practical approach – they customized my treatment week to week based on my own progress and level of fitness. They were thought partners in how to achieve my priorities of getting back running and playing squash as soon as possible.

James L.

Helps me keep my spirits up

Every time I visit Professional (2-3 times weekly), my PT, Mansi, treats me with professionalism, warmth, and a wealth of knowledge. I have been going to physical therapy for a couple of months, and have seen tremendous improvements thanks to Mansi.

I would have given up and just lived with my lack of mobility, but Mansi helps me keep my spirits up while also helping me work hard towards my goals. Mansi’s advice and knowledge in the field constantly steer me in the right direction, and I am very grateful that I found her!!!

Leslie T.

I am lucky to have her on my team

I have been a patient here for 3 years. I started treatment after a Laminectomy in 2014. I have a severe case of Spinal Stenosis and a Spinal Fusion was not far off for me. In May of 2016 we determined I needed to have more surgery, so we elected to do the Spinal fusion. After the surgery I experienced nerve damage that compromised my left leg. I had little to no strength and could barely lift it off the table. Sustained lifting exercises were not an option since I could barely control my leg movement.

After my first few sessions with Ewa, I began to have more control and felt it getting stronger. Soon I was able to lift and control my leg from the table. My core was also very weak and building muscle strength was in order. Continued therapy that includes massaging my back, kneading muscles that spasm, and leg strengthening put me on the right path to healing. My core has regained its strength and exercising has become pleasant again. Increasing my exercise routine at the precise intervals made the experience pleasant and reduced the pain I’ve endured for quite some time. I passed the one year mark in May of 2017 and feel great. My surgeon was overwhelmed with how well I’m progressing, stating that he’s thrilled with the results of my PT experience. He gives Ewa and me full credit for doing all the work.

As an avid golfer and overall sports nut, I was determined to get back on to the course. Ewa and I worked on some additional exercises that help to improve my flexibility and my ability to swing a golf club. In early July 2017 I teed off for the very first time in 4 seasons!!! I am thrilled to be able to play, playing well is another story, lol. Let’s get real, without the surgery and a well designed exercise regimen tailored to my specific needs, I couldn’t have achieved this goal. Yes, I did (and still do) the work but I’m not alone, she’s with me every step of the way, she is the true hero here, I’m forever grateful for her ability to turn a bad day into a good one, eliminate pain and bring comfort, her professionalism and most of all, she cares! I am lucky to have her on my team. Thank you Ewa…

Robin C.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a Neurological movement disorder

In 2013 I was diagnosed with a Neurological movement disorder. After consulting with specialists and spending many months and a lot of money for out-patient PT at a well known hospital. I moved on to my sixth Neurologist and was able to begin recovery which included being recommended to Professional. There I met and began to work with a very impressive and knowledgeable young man – Joe. Within a short time, a lot of work on my part and encouragement from Joe, I am walking straighter and getting stronger. I still have a more work to do, but, I believe with Joe’s guidance I will regain my independence. Thank You, Joe, and Professional!

Bernadette M.

Rich is a healer both inside and out

Having had two lengthy stints at Professional PT for my back and two broken femurs I can truly testify to the compassion, care, expertise, and professionalism of the director, Rich, and his capable staff. With the opportunity of observing the interactions of the staff with each other and the clients, I continue to be amazed at the consistency of care and kindness each is shown. They are a mirror of what I hope we could all be for one another.

The attentiveness given for every need, the readiness to help and relationship-building that ensues combined with the actual physical therapy that occurs. They care about every person who is treated and each is considered special and unique. But Rich is responsible for creating this kind of consistent environment of care, service and therapy for the whole person. Rich is a healer both inside and out. His intuitive skill of seeing beyond the bones, muscles and joints to the heart causes this healing phenomenon. I live with an attitude of gratitude for him, his staff and for what a gift they are to me.

Suzanne D.


AWESOME! Very professional

Constance K.

He taught me so much

My physical therapist was Gary, he was the best physical therapist I’ve ever had. I have multiple myeloma and then I broke my ankle. Gary was so patient and caring with me. He taught me so much. Even though I have to walk with a cane he did so well with me. He gave me breaks in between, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. He’s so compassionate and caring. Thank you Gary for all you do.

Susan D.

Wonderful support & treatment

Wonderful support & treatment. Rich and his team at the Mamaroneck location were caring, supportive and provided quality care in a great environment. I can’t thank them enough….

Nan B.

I had a very good experience

I had a very good experience at Professional Physical Therapy. Catherine was knowledgeable and friendly. She did a good deep tissue massage, prescribed effective exercises, and answered my numerous questions. She also put me on a path of home exercises to do that will hopefully prevent (or at least significantly postpone) knee replacement or shoulder replacement surgery. I liked that the exercises were printed out in color. I appreciated that she gave me the correct color rubber bands for the exercises around my knees. The vibe was clean, friendly, and professional. Thank you, Catherine!

Margie F.

I feel much better

Since I started coming here I feel much better and the staff are very nice and professional.

Maria A.

They knew when to push me

I’ve always been skeptical of physical therapy in the past. Partly because places I’ve gone to in the past I felt rushed and that very little attention was given to me by the therapists. Other places are about how many people they can see and push out the door as quickly as possible. Nothing could be farther from the truth about Professional in Hartsdale, NY.

At my first appointment, I was not able to put any weight on my right knee. My pain level was a 10. I met with Mansi and we talked for a good 15 minutes and Mansi listened to what I hoped to accomplish and from there came up with a game plan to help me reach my goals. My goals were to be able to put weight on my right leg pain free, walk without pain and do a flight of stairs without pain. With Mansi’s guidance and Ashley making sure I did every exercise correctly, I’m happy to say I’ve met most of my goals. I can stand on my right leg with no pain and I can walk without pain. I can do a flight of stairs for the most part pain free. I still have little ways to go but when I look back to where I started to where I am now, I never could have done it without Mansi and Ashley’s guidance and persistence. They knew when to push me and when to step back. I would highly recommend Professional to anyone who wants to see results and feel good again.

Kristina G.

I will always be grateful

I’ve been to many PTs in the past few years and Mansi is the best. Her concern, her knowledge, professionalism exceeded my expectations. Her sense of humor also helped me in my progress and healing during those moments I didn’t want to be there because of the pain. However she was empathetic, listened and at each appointment provided the treatment I needed. I will always be grateful and remember the care I received at Professional Physical Therapy at the Hartsdale location. Thank you! (Melanie and Vicky were the best support team…thank you!)

Deborah M.

I have complete mobility of my arm

I have been a patient at Professional Therapy in West Orange NJ for the past few months for pain and discomfort in my right arm and shoulder due to a torn rotator cuff. I am so improved that I really believe I will be avoiding surgery. I have complete mobility of my arm with no or very little discomfort. My team was wonderful, very professional and I knew they wanted me to succeed. The staff was also so good and so helpful. Everyone was always in good spirits which reflects on the patients. It was really a good experience and I would recommend Professional to everyone who needs PT.

Adrienne T.

I can run for the first time in 44 years

I want to thank everyone at Professional for making my recovery better than I could have ever imagined. Leaving the hospital after getting a knee replacement I thought I’d never walk again but four months later I can run for the first time in 44 years. Jane, Marissa and Barbie at the front desk are so welcoming and helped me with all the paperwork in the beginning. Evan and Ori are my main guys, making my recovery a breeze for me. They challenge me and make sure I’m always trying my hardest. Best people and place there is.

Robert Y.

Great, professional, and caring

Physical therapy has shown me how to take care of my back problems better and to know my limits. The staff were great, professional, and caring.

Evelyn B.

I am so thankful that I found them

I would like to thank everybody at Professional in Mamaroneck for their outstanding care, concern, and encouragement throughout my recent 11 month PT journey. The entire Mamaroneck staff is friendly, warm, happy, kind, and more than competent in their various jobs! I love going to PT and always feel so well taken care of whenever I am at a session. I am so thankful that I found them and highly recommend this practice to everyone I know who needs PT. Keep up the great work!

Kathryn H.

Wow! I am very pleased

Wow! I am very pleased with my experience at Professional PT in Spring Lake, NJ. The staff was courteous and helpful. For the past two months my therapist, designed and implemented my personal program that increased my arm motion and reduced my shoulder pain. She is a true professional –knowledgeable, honest and caring. I’m excited to be on my way to recovery.

Bonnie M.

Professional Physical Therapy is the best

If it wasn’t for Melanie at PPT in Mamaroneck my life literally would be hell. She not only fixed me perfectly but she did it the right way allowing me to get back on track when I was ready and able to workout at 100% efficiency and at the rate I wanted. Professional Physical Therapy is the best and I hope I never need them again! But if I do, I know I’ll always be in great hands…literally!

Brad L. G.

Greatly relieved the tension in my neck

I was treated by Jessica in the Port Jefferson office. I had 4 bulging discs in my neck and frequent numbness in my fingers which had lasted ~6 months. Jessica directed and orchestrated a therapy treatment with me which greatly relieved the tension in my neck and the numbness in my fingers. She is very good. I recommend her most highly.

Jaymie M.

This is the dream team!

I found Professional inadvertently. I was looking for a different facility. Best mistake ever. A huge THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING STAFF:

1) Melanie at the front desk who always greets you warmly, books the appointment and takes care of your medical insurance. (Which we all know is a very difficult job! Mel, your competence is rare and very reassuring!). It’s great having you at the helm!

2) Ashley (a/k/a the sheriff) who always makes sure you are doing your exercises correctly and that you do not cheat! (But always does it with a smile!). She will demonstrate just how it is done and is very patient! Ashley you are a success story waiting to happen!

3) Zach who is extremely competent, works you to the core, but makes sure the exercises work for you. Explains what the pain actually means so you don’t feel as if you’re spinning your wheels.

4) Mansi, who has the knowledge, is more than just competent. Her expertise is second to none. She is incredible! A true professional with the drive to make your healing fun and successful. She will work you to the core, but always with her eye on the prize and a sense of humor.

This is the dream team! The expertise demonstrated and practiced by this team is truly phenomenal.

Susan M. G.

She couldn’t thank me enough for recommending Professional

When I first went to Professional, I could not do anything with my shoulder. I broke it a few weeks before. Since my doctor thought I was ready for physical therapy, he gave me a list of places to go. I am so happy I chose Professional at 22 E. 49th Street. Peter and his team were wonderful. They had all the patience in the world with me and much compassion. I am so much better. It is because of the program and great care that I received. I even recommended Peter to a co-worker who raved to me about them. She couldn’t thank me enough for recommending Professional. I hope I never need physical therapy again, but if I ever do, I know exactly where to go to get better. Because of my experience, I will continue to highly recommend Professional. Thank you for a really great experience.

Robin H.

Maria was very helpful

Maria was very helpful. Cured my shoulder pain and also was able to diagnose a problem that three other professionals couldn’t figure out!

Mark R.

I want to thank Professional

I want to thank Professional Physical Therapy and my PT Maria for the excellent work they did in helping me recover from my shoulder surgery. After working with Maria, my shoulder has felt better than ever. I felt motivated and challenged for each physical therapy session. She and the team also gave me the tools to continue exercises on my own. I’ve been able to go back to playing the sports I love feeling better than I have in a long time. I don’t hope to get injured again, but if I do, I know I’m coming back to Maria!!!

Neal S.

I wouldn’t have made it without the help I received from Professional

My name is Charlie and I had level 3, 4 and 5 spinal fusion surgery on May 15, 2015. It was a long road to recovery, and I wouldn’t have made it without the help I received from Professional Physical Therapy in Copiague. Lori and the rest of the team knew my goal was to ride long distance bike tours again. They kept me focused and gave me back a positive attitude which helped me achieve my goal. During the week of June 18th I went on the Great Ohio Bike Adventure and rode over 200 miles. I would like to thank everyone at the Copiague Professional Physical Therapy office. The entire staff was friendly and helpful including the therapists, aides and front desk. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Charlie G.

Maria and her Team

Maria and her team at Professional got this runner back on the treadmill 4 months after ankle surgery, using a combination of therapies and –most importantly– encouragement. She embraced my commitment to get back on my feet providing additional resources to continue my rehab in between sessions with her. Now back to running outdoors and continuing to build mileage and strength. Would recommend any time! Thank you!

Patricia S.

It is a rare thing for me to be impressed by another organization or business model

My name is Dan, and while I have seen you on several occasions working with patients and other therapists over the past two months, we have never been formally introduced.

I first learned of ProEx from my Chiropractor (Dr. James Ellis of Evolved Health Chiropractic & Sports Medicine) after he strongly endorsed the ProEx “brand” and urged me to call your Woburn location regarding a referral I had received following a recent total hip replacement. Since I have learned to value Dr. Ellis’ recommendations and opinions, I fully expected to encounter only the most professional, high quality of therapeutic services with ProEx. I am writing this email now because after nearly eight weeks of physical therapy my unrealistically high expectations have not only been consistently met through ProEx, but often exceeded in many important ways.

It is a rare thing for me to be impressed by another organization or business model. Yet from my very first introduction with ProEx, sitting in your lively but comfortable waiting room, sipping my complementary coffee and reading your mission and values so plainly and proudly posted throughout, I have been consistently fascinated. I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you now as I will not be back for therapy again until I have recovered enough from my 2nd hip replacement scheduled for 6/27. Once able, I have every intention of scheduling my evaluation with Wally at your Woburn location and continuing with regular therapy to promote my recovery.

Because I know the value of customer feedback and that far too often we are bombarded with only the complaints and areas requiring improvement, I wanted to take a moment to summarize the many positive outcomes I have witnessed consistently across a number of key performance measures:

  • Front Desk
    • From my first phone call and positive impression with Patty, to my last conversation with Emily Wednesday evening, I have experienced only the most professional caliber of customer service and administrative support from these gatekeepers.
    • When I ran into a conflict with work and could not make my scheduled appointment, I always found a compassionate and understanding person on the other end of the phone.
    • Over the weeks I had several occasions to talk with them both and marvel in the level of connection they seem to enjoy with the ProEx brand. Also, the text reminders of upcoming appointments are a nice touch!
  • Nawal “Wally”
    • I doubt you need my resounding endorsement of this young clinician to know what a powerful asset she is to your organization. From my first formal evaluation with Wally to my last PT visit, I knew I could count upon her to provide exemplary PT services for my hip as well as encouragement for my soul.
    • Wally has a special knack for making each person feel they are her only client, and she seems to engage strategically with other staff and resources in order to naturally maximize her influence (i.e., supervising several clients simultaneously by using paraprofessionals or non-therapist aides).
    • In my experience I have found that good clinicians rarely make successful administers, yet Wally seems to have a keen mind and understanding of certain administrative demands. For example, Wally routinely encouraged me to schedule additional appointments in advance to support my progress.
    • Additionally, I became aware through my casual “interviews” with Wally that she highly valued the training opportunities she has received/is receiving from ProEx, further confirming the ProEx stated vision to access continued, specialized training for its employees.
    • Over the course of my therapy I also had occasion to witness Wally’s interactions with other patients and colleagues and routinely observed evidence of her leadership capacity. She is widely respected among her peers and enjoys a position of positive influence throughout her “community” in a natural, non-threatening (and I’m guessing) effective manner.
    • There is no doubt in my mind that this young professional enjoys a promising future (within or outside ProEx), and as a millennial Wally is likely to seek additional opportunities to remain engaged, challenged and fulfilled. If she were my employee, I would ensure at all costs that she find herself on an upwardly mobile professional development career track, that she understood her value within the larger organization, and that she receive evidence of her continued growth. Hold on to her tightly!
  • The ProEx promise and Mission:
    • I believe I can understand a great deal about the senior leadership and values of an organization by simply observing employees on the front lines. Organizations are notorious for over-promising high ideals then under-delivering in practice. Throughout my experience with ProEx I observed consistent evidence of an authentic, shared understanding and commitment to stated goals. For example, I DO believe that you value my time. You DO communicate clearly and effectively. ProEx DID want to know me and I very much appreciated the comfortable atmosphere you promised and delivered.
    • From observing and listening to the therapists talk I DO believe that ProEx’s goal of professional development and education is one fully integrated (and appreciated) throughout all layers of the organization, and that there is a sense of shared pride and accountability in the stated desire to be “leaders in Clinical Care, Education, and Research, ultimately having a positive impact on the Physical Therapy profession.” Pretty great stuff!

There’s more I could say, but I’ve already rambled far beyond what the average attention span has the capacity to bear. You guys are doing some pretty amazing things and I could not be more satisfied with my treatment thus far. Plus – I love that I’m receiving services from such a progressive and well run professional team.

As an aside, I did a little research and am copying this email to a couple of names that I hope will care to read my positive remarks and perhaps even use the affirmation with your team as proof that something is working very well (and that it recognized by customers/clients). It really does make a profound difference to people in need, and I am confident that you are improving thousands of lives across your sphere of influence!

Keep up the great work, and I will see you in a few short weeks!

Dan H.

She has gone the extra mile in ALL of our therapy sessions

The staff and therapists at Professional Physical Therapy in Katonah have been incredibly patient, kind, and helpful. Everyone has been instrumental in my recovery from Achilles surgery. I am particularly grateful to Shikha. She has gone the extra mile in ALL of our therapy sessions. Shikha is extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most of all positive. Without Shikha’s insights, motivation, and patience I would have been light years behind. She got me back on my feet and walking well before I thought it was possible. THANK YOU for everything Shikha and the entire team in Katonah! You are all the best!

Rob B.

I can’t say thanks enough!

I can’t say thanks enough! After a car accident the hospital ER cleared me with no signs of a concussion, but Stephanie and Adam strongly urged me to get checked out again based on my symptoms and their observations. They even reached out to the doctor and set the appointment up for me SAME DAY. They were right, I have a concussion. The doctor said it was so bad he didn’t have to complete the full exam to know and had no idea how the ER missed it.

Marni T.

I would return to Professional

Hopefully I will not need another knee replacement, but if I do, I would return to Professional. I had a very good outcome: increased strength and range of motion, endurance, decreased pain and swelling, thanks to the excellent care provided by Christopher, Kostas, and the assistance of Andy who always helped me with the exercise equipment. Chris and Kostas would always try to help me figure out causes of unexpected pain and muscle aches and then recommend what to do about it. Treatment tables always cleaned between patients. I was always seen on time. Thank you Chris and Kostas!

Barbara M.

I had no trouble entering the water


Thanks for everything, my leg was fine in Belize. I had no trouble entering the water, climbing up the ladder or even walking on the beach. I want to thank everyone at Professional PT, you were great!


Rick G.

I look forward to the 2017 season, in large part because of the Professional team


I want to thank Rich and the Professional staff, not only for helping me get back on the field, but for actually working with me on the field. Not too often can you find a physical therapist that can throw a 15 yard out on a dime. I look forward to the 2017 season, in large part because of the Professional team.

– Ifeanyi Momah #80

Arizona Cardinals

Ifeanyi M.

Nothing short of amazing

Bob and his staff are nothing short of amazing. They are all very knowledgeable and confident in what they do. They had me back to work lifting 50lb panels repeatedly over head. Thanks guys. You’re the best.

Tom V.

Her training program has given me back my strength

I have been looking for a personal trainer, who would keep a balance in my workout that would strengthen me, but just as important keep me injury free. Personal Trainer Cindy in the Copiague, NY facility has done just that. Her training program has given me back my strength, and my endurance. I would highly recommend her.


I get stopped by strangers all the time

Frank from Professional Physical Therapy has been working on my left shoulder. He has been instrumental in helping me to strengthen it. I just completed my first bikini competition. I am a mom of two boys age 3 and 5 years old, so needless to say I have been super busy during the competition. I could not have done it without Frank’s help and support.

When I came to see Frank I had little range in my left shoulder. He taught me how to stretch and strengthen my shoulder. My Deltoids look amazing (all three sections Anterior, Medial, and Posterior). I get stopped by strangers all the time saying they love my shoulders. I am very grateful to have worked with Frank. I highly recommend him if you need a caring professional physical therapist.



Karen L.

Working with these guys weekly is simply amazing

Maybe a bit odd text to get, and I know I mentioned this before, but one more time: thank you so much for the recommendation of Michael at Professional. The way he and his team have worked with me, and the progress I see day by day is making me really happy. I was really bummed to deal with the surgery and lose so my much use of my arm, but working with these guys weekly is simply amazing. Big big hug to you and thanks again.

Theo F.

I feel stronger and have more energy

I just finished 6 pleasant weeks of PT with the team of Samantha and Tawna. Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, sensitive, and attentive. The facility was clean and everything was in working order. All of the staff were cheerful while assisting the clients – including the receptionists. It was such a pleasant experience being in the company of such caring and competent professionals. I feel stronger and have more energy. And no pain. Thank you so much!

Joan S.

I’ve made great progress in the past few months

I’ve been through this surgery on the other hand so I knew how the recovery process would be and had total faith in my surgeon. With that being said, I was unable to use my left hand for almost a month and relied on my wife and children to help me with certain things such as dressing, cutting food (I was unable to stabilize my fork), driving, cooking, cleaning, and other various tasks. My hands are my lifeline since I’m a chef and owner of two restaurants in the Hamptons. During the busy season I can cut fish for up to 5 hours a day! Since one of my restaurants is closed I picked the slow time of the year for surgery and rehab. I was also concerned about returning my favorite hobby, golf. Therapy has been painful since my left pinky had been contracted for so long, I needed nodules removed, and two skin grafts (one to my pinky and one to my thumb). Karen had already pre-warned me not to kick her under the table and both her and Rob really pushed me to get my pinky moving again. They explained the importance of the pinky for grip strength and although it was a painful process I would not be disappointed with the results. Their positivity eased my concerns and I vowed to do anything they told me to get better.  I’ve made great progress in the past few months and I am able to hold items in my hand but not for long periods of time and I cannot lift anything heavy at the moment. My golf swing has gotten better as well! I’m almost completely independent and in perfect timing for both golf and the summer season in the Hamptons!

Sam M.

Thank you for your caring spirit

When I was told that I had to receive Occupational Therapy by my doctor, I did not know what to expect. I was a bit uneasy about this at first. I was told that I had an extensive sprain in my left hand, which was extremely painful! My hand was stiff and swollen and I could hardly move my fingers without it hurting.

I did not know what to expect, because I never experienced this kind of injury before. I knew I was having difficulties with my everyday routine. See, I ride a bicycle everywhere, and even that was causing me a lot of pain. It was hard getting dressed, putting on or taking off my coat, washing dishes, opening jars, and lifting and carrying things. So, I really needed help, so my hand could function normally and properly heal. I was really very worried that my hand would never be the same again.

After meeting my therapist my mind was put at ease. She assured me that they would do all they could to make sure my hand would function normally once more. I felt good.

After the first few sessions, I could see that she was a woman of her word. she worked my hand hard and we saw results. I was on my way to recovery. I was very impressed by her professionalism, integrity, and the genuine concern for me that she displayed while taking care of me as her patient. She was always concerned about me and what my doctor as saying about my hand. She answered all my questions to the best of her ability and never once did not listen to be when I voiced a concern or worry that I had. She made me feel very comfortable and made me believe I would recover. She was attentive and a good listening, she was always polite and always had a smile on her face and a cheerful word to share, which I always appreciated. She gave me lots of insight and kept me informed of what was going on with my hand so I was never in the dark. I received a lot of positive reinforcement from her, which I truly needed! I found my therapist to be a positive and caring therapist who truly looks after the well being of her patients, and she has a sense of humor too! She is a friendly person with a nice personality that will take her very far in her career. She made me feel good and the exercises were a breeze because of it. I had a very positive experience working with Professional, and even looked forward to the sessions, and wanted to arrive on time.

In conclusion, I’ve never had a more pleasant experience with medical therapy than I have here. Everyone here at this place is friendly and dedicated to helping others to regain their strength. I thank them all. Michelle is someone who cares, is committed to what she does, and left me with the impression that she really cares (which is important in this field of work). She is a very nice person and I am truly happy to have been in her care. Because of all of this I will recommend your services to others that I know, and thank you for your caring spirit that helped me heal in my time of need! You are truly heaven sent. You exude professionalism to the MAX!

Michael C.

I felt comfortable and reassured I would get all of my function back

I was terrified and shocked when my wrist was sliced with a glass bottle. I cut all my right finger tendons, one of my thumb tendons, and an artery and nerve in my wrist. My injury happened so quickly and it was so overwhelming. I was worried that I wouldn’t regain full use of my right dominant hand again. After meeting Rob, I felt comfortable and reassured I would get all of my function back. Therapy was really painful at first and sometimes frustrating but Rob, Karen, and Liz were all so encouraging and constantly found ways to show my improvement so I didn’t give up hope. It was amazing the first time I could open and close my hand! I was so excited I sent a video to my parents in California. Although I’ve been attending therapy for almost a year, I went from being totally dependent on my boyfriend to help me with showering, getting dressing, eating, and taking care of our dog, to being almost completely independent! I still look forward to therapy and can’t thank the staff in Southampton enough for all of their help to get me to this point and to continue to address the skills and impairments I need to become completely independent.

Lauren F.

I feel very comfortable working out under her supervision

After having a valve replacement and a triple bypass a year and half ago, Cindy , my personal trainer at Professional Fitness Center, has and still works with me twice a week on building my strength and cardio. She has a full schedule she works on with me and makes adjustments as she sees fit. She monitors my blood pressure from start to finish to be sure my heart rate is where it needs to be. She is kind and extremely caring and I feel very comfortable working out under her supervision. I will continue to workout here as the facility is clean, bright and extremely comfortable to work out in and Cindy is a major asset!!!

Rosetta S.

Professional is the most quality focused, organized, and knowledgeable

Having been to a few different physical therapy providers over the years, I can without a doubt say that Professional is the most quality focused, organized, and knowledgeable as well as professionally managed of them all, and by quite a long ways. I probably will be complete with my treatment 2-3 weeks from now, and will miss going – what other healthcare company can you say that about?

Todd R.

I rebuilt my strength, eliminated the pain, and was back on the road

I came to Professional Grand Central after developing tendonitis in my knee. With Mike and the team’s help, I rebuilt my strength, eliminated the pain, and was back on the road running in a couple months. Even better…in my first race after injury I hit a PR! Thank you very much!!

Seth L.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this PT team

I have just finished PT for my frozen shoulder. When I started in January, my range of motion was extremely limited, and it was very painful to move my arm certain ways. I had actually been going to another PT before arriving at Professional, but wasn’t making any progress at all. My doctor suggested switching to another PT, and I am so glad that I did. My experience at Professional was night and day from the other practice, much more hands on. I started making progress almost immediately. Peter is a GREAT therapist, and I could actually feel my shoulder loosening as he worked on it. The front desk was always helpful fitting me in for my sessions, even when I would call last minute. I would wholeheartedly recommend this PT team – they got my shoulder moving again, and I actually enjoyed my visits. They are really a pleasure to work with!

Nessa M.

Mollie eased my fears and gave me my independence back

When I first started seeing Mollie for Occupational Therapy after my wrist surgery, my hand and wrist were so painful, stiff and swollen. I was hesitant to even get therapy because I couldn’t imagine it would ever be the same again. I had such a hard time with daily activities like getting dressed, driving and cooking. I live alone so I was really worried. After a few sessions I saw some really dramatic changes. My pain decreased and my wrist became more flexible. I was able to turn a doorknob without help! I could cut vegetables for my salad and drive again! Now, when I go to take something out of the refrigerator I no longer hesitate because of my hand. I am able to cook with a lot more ease and less pain. Mollie eased my fears, addressed all of my concerns and gave me my independence back.

Phyllis S.

An all around great staff

A big THANK YOU to Professional Therapy in Darien for their truly gratifying success in helping me with my lower back pain. I had lower back pain that radiated to both hips and couldn’t sit or lay down for any long period of time. You always think “it will go away”, but this time it didn’t. I went to the Darien center the early part of January not knowing what was going to happen; then I met my therapist! He has the cheeriest all around attitude and always smiles. He worked with me and did everything in his power to get me back to where I was. Any kind of pain is annoying and can get you down; the entire staff go above and beyond to make sure your recovery is up to your standards as well as the standards that they strive upon. A great facility and an all around great staff. Thanks again!

Kathy A.

My tendonitis is just about gone and I can’t thank you enough

I want to thank you for your spot-on referrals for the diagnosis & treatment of my tendonitis.

I want to tell you about my experience with my therapist. To begin with, her manner is very warm, caring and professional, with a genuine interest in her patients. Her years of experience are quite evident as she explains exactly what she is doing and how the exercise will aid in healing. Sheis never rushed and treats each patient as if they were her only one. She is devoted to her profession and thrives in her work, and is dedicated to doing her utmost for each individual. I have witnessed the remarkable progress of two of her patients. We call her a saint—a miracle worker, and that she is! She is a keeper! My tendonitis is just about gone and I can’t thank you enough for recommending her. Also, the staff at Professional P.T. is tops. Everyone is pleasant and friendly. Tony always flashes a smile and makes people feel welcome while keeping an eye on patients. Darius is very professional and a key player for greeting & registering new patients. He is helpful with answering questions and contributes to the smooth operation of the facility.

Eileen D.

I couldn’t be happier with my progress

I started PT same day as my stitches came out from total shoulder replacement. The arduous rehab in front of me looked painful and difficult. Thanks to the good people at Professional I’ve made great strides in my rehabilitation. In less than 4 months since surgery my pain level and range of motion far exceeded my expectations. My therapist worked hard on getting me in condition to return to work in 2 weeks and my golf swing is progressing under his tutelage. I couldn’t be happier with my progress.

Steven H.

I call Bob “The Miracle Worker”

I call Bob “The Miracle Worker.” I went to him with excruciating upper back pain caused by muscular tightness. I seriously thought I would have to live the rest of my life like that. Within ONE week my pain was almost gone. I have a complex form of dysautonomia known as POTS syndrome. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a comorbid condition. Bob worked with me even though I have many physical limitations. He is dedicated to helping me get my life back. I went to Professional Physical Therapy for upper back pain and I never expected to be met with such compassion and understanding for my other health concerns. Bob is truly a pleasure to see every session. He’s funny and makes me laugh like no one else can. His stories give me hope and even make me forget I’m in pain–emotionally and physically. He doesn’t push me farther than I’m willing to go and really listens. I’m very grateful for him and all of the hard work he does. And it doesn’t stop there! The staff is incredible and very friendly. I would highly recommend Professional and especially Bob! The Miracle Worker. 🙂

Tina C.

Got me back to normal activities

I cannot say enough about how great Sasha and her staff here are. Their knowledge and skill made short work of my back pain and got me back to normal activities.

Jerry T.

I would surely recommend

My experience with Professional Physical Therapy has been very successful and enjoyable. The utmost importance of rehab is to relieve the agonizing pain that one can encounter. As with my case, dealing with severe lower back pain and sciatica, prevented me from living a normal life. I entered the center with severe pain, both back and sciatica. After my therapy treatments, my pain has subsided substantially. I credit satisfactory results in a manner in which Justin took control to achieve rewarding results. The entire staff at your Sicklerville, NJ location I consider very professional and well managed by the clinical director Sasha. I would surely recommend anyone seeking professional rehabilitation to your organization. Well done!

Michael T.

Great place to have physical therapy

Great place to have physical therapy. Professional care – educated on the best ways to move for the least amount of pain.

Valerie E.

My therapy here was a tremendous help

I can truly say that my therapy here was a tremendous help. When I first came, I was in extreme pain in my left arm. I had very, very limited ROM. Today I can lift the arm without pain and I can now do my ADLs, like showering, dressing, and some house chores. Great staff. Especially my PT person Justin. He was professional, caring, very knowledgeable. With his guidance I can now do my PT exercises at home with comfort. Sasha, the head of the facility, was very professional and caring and she runs this much needed facility in an exceptional manner. Ken was extremely helpful as well very knowledgeable and caring. The clerical staff was professional as well. My experience at this PT center was great!! I recommended others to come here. Thank you.

Victoria F.

I felt they had become part of my family

When I started my therapy for my surgically repaired quadriceps tendon I was upset that given my age (71) I would never be able to walk properly and play the sports that I love. Thankfully due to the professional care and treatment I received from Professional I am close to a 100% recovery. I felt they had become part of my family. It was almost fun going to therapy. I have no noticeable deficits and achieved this in about 4 months which was so amazing to me! I have returned to spin cycling and can’t wait to get on the golf course – just have to watch out for those t-markers! In this time of some suspect medical care it was a pleasure to have been treated and cared for by such caring and expert pros.

James L. F.

Always right on top of my program

Audrey, Alyssa and Vanessa were a terrific team. They were always right on top of my program and were thorough in answering questions and making sure I was doing the exercises properly. They were a pleasure to work with and I recommend all of them. The facilities were clean, bright, and easy to access. It was overall a great experience.

Jerilyn P.

I leave every session feeling great

Professional Physical Therapy has the most knowledgeable and attentive staff of any therapist’s office I’ve visited in NJ, hands down.  I’m a professional firefighter and for a time it seemed I LIVED at the PT office rehabilitating injuries sustained at work. From fractures to torn tendons and ligaments to actual surgery, the doctors and athletic trainers there knew EXACTLY what needed to be done in order to ensure I’m fully fuctional on “the line”.  I mean, they actually care! I never need motivation to go, just knowing I’ll see the staff is motivation enough.  I leave every session feeling great, knowing that I worked as hard as I could while also feeling like I’ve just been talking to a friend for a couple of hours. They listen when you’re explaining your symptoms and ALWAYS seem to have an exercise, stretch or remedy for your issue.  I can’t thank them enough.  Even front desk personnel are spot on, always working around my crazy schedule to accommodate me! The “Professional” in the name is true to heart because they ARE that and much more., but I come back because those “professionals” became friends by treating me like family.

Ibn C.

I can’t thank this clinic enough

I am a 72 year old woman, full of life, energy and joy. Then it happened, I experienced horrible back pain and was forced to walk with pain, not able to sleep and spend my days in a chair. Not good! I panicked. Was this the way I would spend my retirement days? My doctor referred me to Professional Physical Therapy. My first appointment left me more terrified. I wasn’t better right away! But because of the care & encouragement from the entire team (the girls at the front desk, the interns the athletic trainers, Cindy), I kept coming back.  Like “Cheers” everyone knows my name. My fellow patients became my cheerleaders and I hope I did the same for them! I am on my way back to better and I can’t thank this clinic enough for the truly outstanding way they got my life back on track. Retirement is back on. Thank you all especially my Joe and the other therapists.

Jane M.

What a group of professionals!

I am writing you this letter to say thank you.  My name is Brian and I recently became a patient of your company.  I was extremely pleased with the level of service I received and was very happy you were recommended by a colleague of mine.  From the very first day with the attentive assessment obtained by Mike, through my very last day and the concern by all to say goodbye and good luck, to all the days in between, the service was impeccable.  You have truly hired a team of professionals that will keep fostering your business through their inherent kind and supportive qualities.

The atmosphere seen by everyone is one all companies should aspire toward.  If you are not aware, it is one of upbeat hellos, concerned questioning, kind-hearted conversation and simply an enjoyable experience.  It was such a pleasure to actually work and make my knee get better.  Your Greenlawn office truly has a recipe for healing its patients through knowledge, and more importantly, genuine concern for others.  It is one thing to hire individuals that have the knowledge and expertise to do a job.  It is on a whole other level when you are lucky enough to acquire individuals with the intangible personality traits of Mike, Phil, Pam, Eric, Lisa, Steve, Christina, Pat, Tricia and Bianca.  If I missed anyone I apologize.  It is not for lack of expertise on their part, but an increase in age on mine.  This is a good thing, since I’m sure I will see this lovely group again.

I thank you for the bottom of my heart, and knee of course, for all your Greenlawn office has provided me.  Please express my extreme and sincere appreciation to all your staff at 90 Broadway!  You have selected a great name for your company, Professional Physical Therapy.  What a group of professionals!

Brian H.

Best staff and crew

Best staff and crew – always on top of you ensuring exercises are done correctly. Best PT company I’ve ever been to.

Ely J.

I am so grateful for Joe & the entire staff

Finding a physical therapist in the city who is not only great at their job but truly cares about the patient and their well being is harder than it should be. I am so grateful for Joe & the entire staff at Professional Physical Therapy. They worked with me and encouraged me along my healing journey. I truly wouldn’t be where I am and wouldn’t be running again if it weren’t for this team!

Danielle G.

Just wanted to say “Thank You”

Just wanted to say “Thank You!” to the staff at the Bayside location, especially my therapists Chris and Andy . Throughout the three months of my knee rehab they were always extremely professional, cooperative, helpful and encouraging. This was my second knee replacement and going back to this location was an even better experience than the first. I’d also like to say that Neil does a great job of managing his staff and keeps things running professionally and smoothly. Whenever my therapists were busy elsewhere, the other assistants were also eager and willing to help. I highly recommend this location!

Frances S.

Thanks Broad Street PT!!

I would like to thank Sunny, PT Specialist and his wonderful staff for the wonderful specialized care I have received during my physical therapy there! I had a total knee replacement in July 2016. Until I went to their office I was not doing too well. But when they got a hold of me, I received hard and rigorous therapy and now I am walking straight and without a cane. This is a wonderful group and I would like to recommend anyone who needs physical therapy to look them up and make an appointment. THANKS BROAD STREET PT!

Carmen C.

Each session was a pleasure

After two surgeries to correct a fractured ankle, John Gallagher took me from hobbling in pain to walking, biking, jogging, and climbing stairs again. His extensive knowledge of physiology and thoughtful, professional demeanor made each session a pleasure. Thank you, John!

Judith G.

Thank you for a job well done

Thank you for a job well done. I just finished a series of Physical Therapy treatment planned and executed by Christopher  assisted by Andy at the facility on Utopia Parkway at Bayside. I wish to express my gratitude and satisfaction for recovering my physical strength and balance in a short period of time. Thanks also to Danielle and all the clerical staff.

Francois l., MD.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend

Today marked the completion of my LSVT-BIG Parkinson’s therapy. It consisted of twelve very specific and exaggerated movements. I found once learned, this program is easily incorporated as a daily routine. At several points during my treatment, testing of my progress revealed steady improvement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this therapy to other Parkinson’s patients.

Helen T.

I wouldn’t be pursuing Kilimanjaro without you!

I wouldn’t be pursuing Kili without you!  Thanks!


Read more about Rebecca’s climb from The Old Westbury Times

Rebecca A.

Tailored my exercises to my particular needs

After having surgery on my wrist in August, I found Professional Physical Therapy in the Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY. I was warmly greeted at my first appointment and every appointment thereafter. Steve was my Therapist and tailored my exercises to my particular needs. I understand that is a primary expectation, but it felt very concerned, personal and genuine. The people I worked with most often were happy friendly people and I went to my sessions as much to see them as to receive therapy! They provided the same consistent level of professionalism to each patient as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I did not want to go to therapy and was apprehensive going inside. That feeling never returned; I was too comfortable with the people there to be nervous. I feel very fortunate to have met and been cared for by such excellent people. And last and not least, my wrist has the mobility and strength I didn’t think would very come back. You should take great pride in having these three on your team. It speaks well of your company that you have such people in your organization.

Regina M.

Soon I will be able to get rid of my cane!

Thank God for Professional Physical Therapy. After suffering a stroke, I was left with left side hemiparesis. I’ve been to other outpatient therapy sites but after two weeks of going to Professional I could see results. Special thank you to Zach for pushing me and having more faith in me than I do myself. Soon I will be able to get rid of my cane!

Michelle B.

The race medal that you made it possible for me to earn

This summer Jane treated me for an angry popliteal muscle in my right knee. All along, my goal was to continue training for the NYC Marathon and to be able to race it in the fall. You were awesome and fixed my injury and I was able to train the way I wanted to.

This past Sunday, I finished the NYC Marathon! Although my time wasn’t what I wanted or trained for (calf cramps in the second half of the race took me down), the fact that I was able to get to the start line and finish the race after being in so much pain from my injury is amazing, and it is all because of you. So a huge THANK YOU for everything that you did in helping me achieve my goal! 🙂


I could never have imagined how much progress I would make

When I sprained my ankle and broke some bones in my foot, I could never have imagined how much progress I would make. I am so grateful. My wife had positive experiences working with Cameron and I am so glad that I followed her lead. Everyone at Professional was a pleasure to be around – from the front desk folks to the aides. I would strongly advise anyone with any kind of pain to go to Professional Physical Therapy of Darien. I can’t thank you guys enough!

Sean O.

They were aware of my goals and helped me to meet them.

My physical therapist Catherine and her assistant Sunny at the West 71st street location were wonderful. They were exceedingly patient teaching me the exercises I needed to improve my strength in order to combat my back pain. I’m forever grateful. They were aware of my goals and helped me to meet them. Thanks to the whole staff of Professional Physical Therapy West 71st street!

Bari G.

I can honestly say all of them are perfect at what they do!

I went to a PT before coming here and I was still messed up.! This place works you out! I love the atmosphere and the people here makes you feel so comfortable. Gavin is AMAZING (No matter what jokes about him getting on my nerves I made) I can honestly say all of them are perfect at what they do! They want to make sure you are getting better. I worked up a sweat being there for about 3 months and I feel better! I got worked on more here than I did at this other PT that I’ve been too for 4 months. After my car accident I was afraid I wouldn’t get back to normal but thanks to EVERYONE here I am back to normal. I am so grateful for this place and these people. They changed my life and my back! SO I HAD TO DO A REVIEW AND SAY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Thank you for pushing me to my limit and beyond. You guys are AMAZING 🙂

Angel A.

I’m not only back on my feet, but I’m back at nearly the exact level I left off at!

As an acrobat, tearing my right Lisfranc ligament could have spelled the end of everything I do; while it was not my first major injury, it is a relatively unusual, and often devastating injury for an athlete. Thanks to a good surgeon and Professional, I’m not only back on my feet, but I’m back at nearly the exact level I left off at! I worked with Sam at the Whitestone location for approximately four months, and couldn’t be more appreciative! It was not my first encounter with physical therapy, or my second….but it was the best I’ve experienced. Thank you, Sam! And thank you Professional!

Lazer A.

It gave us hope and confidence and opened a new world

Four weeks ago, we never thought that therapy would improve my condition. It has been quite an experience and i would recommend this (LSVT) treatment for all Parkinson patients. It gave us hope and confidence and opened a new world. We had the best therapist to help me to achieve the exercises that were required for the “Big” treatment. Thank you Dr. Sasha!!

Edward F.

Mike and the team at Professional PT are “top notch”

I tore my left hamstring (BAD) on June 28th then had to leave for a vacation on July 4th! Got an MRI when I returned and started with Mike on July 27th. Just finished my last session yesterday (10-19). All I can say is that my recovery has been great! Mike and the team at Professional PT are “top notch”. I would gladly recommend to anyone I know who is in need of PT. Sincerely, Rick O’Boyle

Rick O.

Thanks to the talents and guidance

To walk without pain or a limp seems a farfetched dream when you have an arthritic knee. Thanks to the talents and guidance of Chris, Andy, and other assistants, the dream came true. At Professional Physical Therapy in Whitestone the therapists’ regimen of exercise after a full knee replacement has allowed me to walk, to exercise, to climb stairs and to get back to teaching. Thanks one and all.

Mary Ann N.

Mohit was a perfect professional in evaluating my complicated neck injury

Mohit was a perfect professional in evaluating my complicated neck injury. He and Carlos instructed and coached me through a range of excellent targeted exercises that contributed to a very real improvement in range of motion, pain management and posture improvement. At front of house Debbie and Betsy were welcoming and efficient. Thank you all.


This was a crucial operation I feel that without their help, I wouldn’t be able to be mobile today

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the Physical Therapists at Professional Physical Therapy at Bayside, Queens. Their exceptional care and approach is to be admired. Not only did they strengthen my body, but they also motivated me to continue and not give up. What impressed me the most was the time and patience they afforded to me. This was a crucial operation I feel that without their help, I wouldn’t be able to be mobile today. I would also like to thank the supporting staff that are in training the jokes and compassion kept me smiling. Thanks once again for lifting up my spirits at a time when I needed it the most.

Gisella C.

I always felt better after a therapy session

The White Plains team is outstanding. They are professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I came in with severe pain and within a few weeks felt restored to 95% of how I felt before my injury. I know each person is different, but the personal approach that my therapist and the others gave I believe contributed greatly to my rapid recovery. I always felt better after a therapy session. From the pleasant greetings, to the team approach assisting me, I was very pleased with the whole experience. Thank you White Plains Professional PT.

David R.

The therapists were constantly adjusting the sessions to the needs of the patient

I would like to take an opportunity to express how extremely pleased I was with physical therapy services received at your facility. The therapists I would like to acknowledge Chris, Jason and all the other assistants. The care that was given was excellent. I felt as if I was with family. The atmosphere is relaxed and focused. In addition the therapy sessions are tailored to the needs of the patient. The therapists were constantly adjusting the sessions to the needs of the patient.

Gosella C.

The team were highly capable, friendly, and genuinely seemed to care about my progress

I had both knees replaced in mid-June. I only chose Professional Physical Therapy for post-operative therapy because it was close to my apt., but it became apparent right away that Morgan, John and the rest of the team were highly capable, friendly, and genuinely seemed to care about my progress, which was quite substantial from beginning to end of my sessions. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a disciplined yet congenial atmosphere with experts to recover from surgery or injury.

James D.

Once again a great experience at Professional Physical Therapy

As I close out my second tour through Professional Physical Therapy at the Wall Street location, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the team for another spectacular job. I first came to Professional Physical Therapy in 2013 to successfully rehab my right ACL. This time around it was the left ACL replacement with a severe meniscus tear. From the beginning, Susie, Lindsay and the rest of the team were just great. Susie knew throughout the process when to push and more importantly when to slow me down. My knee has healed very well and I owe the team a debt of gratitude. Once again a great experience at Professional Physical Therapy Wall Street. Not that I want to go back and get hurt but there is only one place I recommend and would go. Thanks for everything.

Greg O.

Thank you for getting me back to the gym!

I came to Professional Physical Therapy to rehab my left arm due to an injury at the gym. Chris was my therapist. After his evaluation he asked me what my goal was. He tailored my exercises specifically to achieve my goal. I greatly appreciated the fact that he listened to my concerns and was very supportive in my efforts to get back to normal. Andy also helped greatly. I found both to be friendly, concerned, and professional. I felt comfortable talking to them and asking questions. I would highly recommend both this facility and Chris and Andy. Thank you for getting me back to the gym!!

Georgi D.

There’s no other physical therapist facility I would consider going to

This is my second time around at the Sixth Avenue facility. The first–after carpal tunnel surgery– having been as good as experience as the present. Rehab after extensive spinal surgery to alleviate sciatic/stenosis, however, is a more complicated process. And under the care of therapist Michael (Mr. Golden Hands) and his team of dedicated assistants the process has been an amazingly effective one. In just three months I’ve regained most of my legs’ strength (…and I do hate squats ), my back feels stronger than ever and I can bend and touch my toes; Not an earth-moving achievement, I know, but one you can relate to if like me you are over 70. Though I hope I never have reason to see Michael and his team again, if destiny signals otherwise, there’s no other physical therapist facility I would consider going to other than theirs and no therapist my transverse abdominal would consider listening to other than Michael.

Cal P.

The staff was warm and friendly

Much improvement after working with Dr. Sasha on the BIG Therapy. The staff was warm and friendly and Dr. Sasha pushed Ed to do his best. Thanks so much!

Edward P.

Whether you are experiencing pain

Whether you are experiencing pain and discomfort with motion, or recovering from a serious accident, I highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy of Sicklerville NJ. The director Sasha is a hands on Physical Therapist and the full and friendly staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to a new and different Physical therapy methods. Different patients require different types of serious PT. My falling accident caused a major pain and a severely broken right leg. After about two months of only minimal improvement, while staying at two different in-house Rehabilitation Centers in South Jersey. My husband and I decided to try outpatient PT. We found Professional Physical Therapy of Sicklerville and started to experience positive results in just the first couple visits. Thank you for a successful and enjoyable PT experience.

Linda C.

With Dr. Sasha’s help, I feel I have found the root of the problem

I am very pleased with my care at Professional Physical Therapy. I should have come a year earlier when I met Dr. Sasha after a 5K race. I have been having similar difficulties/injuries over the last 27 years . With Dr. Sasha’s help, I feel I have found the root of the problem and the tools to help me make changes to move my body correctly. I very much appreciate the help and the warm and friendly atmosphere the staff at Professional Physical Therapy of Sicklerville has provided.


They are the best!

They are the best! Great friendly atmosphere, professional but fun. I can’t say enough about them. They know their stuff. I highly recommend them.

Mark G.

I want to thank everyone at Professional Physical Therapy for their great care and knowledge

I want to thank everyone at Professional Physical Therapy for their great care and knowledge in helping me recover from painful plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendinitis. My primary therapist Melanie was extraordinarily professional, working with me early in the mornings at 6:30. Her knowledge of biomechanical injuries and rehabilitation is impressive. The entire office exhibited professional care, knowledge and patience. Thank you all. During the summer, my twin daughters recovered from injuries from playing D-1 Field Hockey at UPenn and Brown. They spent many hours during the summer working with everyone at Professional Physical Therapy, sharing hard work, sweat together with laughs and giggles. I am back playing golf, running in the gym, and practicing yoga. I want to thank everyone for all your help and getting me back to physical health.

Richard S.

This place makes you feel at home

I am extremely sad because my treatments will end this Friday. I started PT this third time very depressed because of how badly I pulled my hamstring (a double pull with big black and blue marks) trying to score from second. After the first session, I was encouraged as I saw improvements in days and all through the weeks to come. What also helped in parallel was how wonderfully the staff treated me. I will miss this world class staff who has treated me with perfection from the wonderful front desk staff, the PT assistants and of course, no doubt the most knowledgeable PT in existence, Adam. His assessment skills are unbelievable. I witnessed him diagnose a high school athlete’s problem asking every possible question, testing his movements in that area, and finally his football schedule so he could try and rehab him in time for the season opener. Being a former hockey player himself, he know how badly injured athletes want to continue playing their sport. BTW, he explained in detail what the problem was. The other PTs John and Louis are fabulous also – really great guys. This place makes you feel at home. I will also miss those who I did not mention.

Michael L.

Working with Maria, and having wonderful results

Working with Maria , and having wonderful results. Hoping to run the NYC Marathon on Nov. 6.

David O.

I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I am for them

Gavin & Matt are very knowledgeable & caring. I tore my right ACL & they helped me get back to the sport I love, cheerleading, in 6 months. Well as if that wasn’t enough, an entire year later I was back with a torn left ACL. Gavin & Matt spent many hours with me (sometimes on their own time) & I am back to my cheerleading in only 5 months. They became like part of my family. They are very professional & very caring. I couldn’t have done it alone. I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I am for them.
Sincerely, Ashley Luna

Ashley L.

I was very fortunate to have a team who helped me

I would like to thank Christopher from the Bayside-Whitestone Center. I had a torn rotator cuff – left shoulder. I had the operation at the end of March. Christopher’s professionalism, personal attention, knowledge, interest and attitude made me want to do the therapy. I was very fortunate to have a team who helped me with the exercises, making sure I did them right. I took vacation twice for 5 weeks and was given different exercises to do on a daily basis. When I returned Chris and staff were thrilled that I did such a good job and I continued on my road to recovery. Chris and the staff at Professional Physical Therapy of Bayside-Whitestone made a difference in this difficult situation. Thank you guys!

Carol T.

Thank God for Professional Physical Therapy

This is my second time around coming for PT and it has been a true blessing and a gift from God! I have fibromyalgia and it causes me flares ups consisting of pain, pain, pain. I am not a person who takes meds on the first call or even the second ! I prefer a more natural way of healing; and PT does that for me! Because of PT and the great caring staff, I am pain free for most days and getting better each time! Professional Physical Therapy is the place for me, because Dr. Sasha and her caring, friendly staff makes it a true place for healing and restoring! Thank God for Professional Physical Therapy.

Maria M.

My surgeon was very impressed with my physical therapy results

I “Ran Back” to Sasha for my second hip replacement physical therapy treatment. I was so impressed with her professionalism, kindness, caring, and fun approach. Sasha “listens” to you as a person as well as applying her knowledge and expertise to your specific therapy. The atmosphere is so pleasant with her staff and other patients. My surgeon was very impressed with my physical therapy results. Thank you Sasha.

Rodney M.

I had a fantastic experience at Professional Physical Therapy

I had a fantastic experience at Professional Physical Therapy. Not only was my injury remedied, but all of my questions and concerns about my injury were addressed and explained. The staff is very friendly and enjoyable to be around during therapy sessions. I would highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy for any needs!

Ashley P.

The staff really took great care of me

Everyone at the Roslyn location is absolutely amazing. The staff really took great care of me, helped me do my exercises and get better. It’s excellent how well the whole team works together to run the facility and how I was helped by everyone, even those who were not my therapist. I would like to specifically thank Athena for going above and beyond both this time and two years ago when I came in for my knees. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met. Thank you all so much!!

Ben A.

I am very happy to find them.

The therapists in there are very professional they look forward to you get well really soon. Very patient and polite. I recommend 100/100 this place; I am very happy to find them.


Professional Physical Therapy gets an A Plus on skill, concern, and quality care

Robert and the Professional Physical Therapy Team gets an A Plus on skill, concern, and quality care. I believe my course of treatment will prove to be an alternative to shoulder surgery. Feel free to share this information, to encourage others to take advantage of Professional Physical Therapy’s excellent services.

Robert B.

It was always a positive challenge; a great mix of exercise without boredom.

I was treated at Mamaroneck and very grateful for the care rendered by this team, who were not only extremely professional and kind, but able to reduce my pain. Physical therapy is hard work and a collaboration. With the guidance of my team, it was always a positive challenge; a great mix of exercise without boredom.

Georgia B.

I had an excellent experience.

I had an excellent experience. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, even people that were not my therapists. The appointment times were extremely accommodating and flexible. I would like to specifically mention 2 people who are superb. Tawna is one of the best therapists I ever saw. She is caring, warm, and very knowledgeable. She is a perfectionist and she always told me if my exercise was being done less than perfect and if I can get better efficiency. How she managed to notice me every time when she might be helping other people at the same time is an still a puzzle to me. If I ever need physical therapy again, I would only ask for her. Ash was a real pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and very laid back. He also managed to check in on me a lot and makes sure the form and the amount are correct. He encouraged me not to overwork myself and to do them 100% right. I was very much at ease with him and was always comfortable talking to him and asking him for anything. I would love to work with him again as well. Thank you Professional for your help. My shoulder is doing a lot better. Thanks again.

Samuel S.

Experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to rehabbing the body

Gary at the Mahwah location is a man of his word. He told me what he could do for me and he did just that. And he is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to rehabbing the body. Plus when there was a mistake made with my billing, he made sure it was corrected immediately.

Tom O.

Their attention has put me in a great position to get back to playing sports

I can’t say enough nice things about Professional PT’s staff at the Union Square location. I spent the past 6.5 months there after I got ACL surgery and their attention has put me in a great position to get back to playing sports. They were able to give me the individual attention I needed so that no session ever felt like a waste, always an improvement. They were also always happy to walk me through motions, explain what was going on with my injury, and push me on the days I felt sluggish. Even the receptionists and assistants greeted me with smiles, knew me by name, and were always eager to help. I’m excited to be done now, but I’ll be leaving some great people and professionals behind at Professional PT @ Union Square – highly recommend!!

Nick C.

Professional, knowledgeable, courteous

Professional, knowledgeable, courteous… These are only few of the words I could use to describe the staff at Professional Physical Therapy, Whitestone, NY. Chris and Andy were awesome. Though my knee was the focus of the therapy, they addressed whatever physical concerns I had with equal thought and care. They were never dismissive. Not only were they knowledgeable and thorough in administering therapy, their determined demeanor and patience in showing me what to do motivated me to go the extra mile. Though the physical therapy was vigorous, it was a pleasure working with them. I would highly recommend Chris and Andy at Professional Physical Therapy, New York.

Leslie T.

I really appreciate the experience I had

Michael and the whole staff was fantastic. I really appreciate the experience I had with all of them. They taught me how to train on my own. I would recommend Professional Physical Therapy to anybody.

Bernard W.

I feel better and more active

I would like to thank Sasha and staff for all the help they gave me to get me into a workout program for spinal stenosis condition I have with my back. After 2 1/2 months of treatment I feel better and more active and feel I can keep my condition under control better with the program she has set up for me going forward. Highly recommend Professional PT for anyone who needs Therapy. Thanks

Tim N.

I had the best experience I possibly could have had at physical therapy

I came to Professional Physical therapy very injured, with a tear in my adductor muscle, a sports hernia, and hip impingement. My physical therapist, Ohi, was extremely successful in helping me get back to being healthy. He is extremely good at his job and I would recommend him to anyone who has a sports related injury. I went twice a week for 6 weeks and was on my way to being fully recovered by the end. Everyone at physical therapy was super nice and supportive, especially Aaron, my other PT. Aaron helped me get through all of my exercises and was also extremely good at his job. Overall, I had the best experience I possibly could have had at physical therapy. Thanks to everyone there I am almost able to run again! I would give them a 10 out of 10.

Daniel C.

I could not have been happier with my treatment

I could not have been happier with my treatment by the whole staff at the Professional PT Soho location. Ohi in particular really helped me through my recovery process, and with help from Kevin really brought me back to full strength more quickly than I had dared to hope for. As a baseball pitcher, I’m no stranger to injuries, and I had worked with Ohi and Kevin before at the 59th Street location. Both times they were extremely friendly, professional, and helpful. In fact, I was so impressed with Ohi’s treatment of my previous injury (an issue with my growth plate in my shoulder) that I requested him personally when I returned for this injury, and even made the extra effort to travel from the Upper West Side down to his new location in Soho to work with him and Kevin. Thanks to both of them and the rest of the Soho staff for my speedy recovery!

Owen R.

I got in and out after just a few sessions and am moving around great

Ohi was awesome. I got in and out after just a few sessions and am moving around great. It was a pleasure to work with the entire staff!

Kristen W.

The staff was genuinely motivated to getting you where you needed to be

A few weeks ago I wrote to you commending the Professional PT Orangeburg location. As I mentioned in my letter, I was very pleased with the care I received there. I have to admit that I was somewhat upset that it was closing. But I chose to continue my physical therapy at the Westwood, NJ location because of the great help I received at the Orangeburg location.

Well, I think Professional PT must make it a policy to employ only the best! I found the Westwood branch also had a wonderful and extremely competent staff.

Gregory has created an environment that is very conducive to getting his clients “back on their feet”. It’s a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. You not only felt welcomed, but you felt that the staff was genuinely motivated to getting you where you needed to be.

I found Greg to be professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. I appreciated his gentle encouragement and good humor that got me through the program he designed for me. I walked out of my final session without a cane and able to do what I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to do again. I don’t even realize I have a new hip!

I will recommend Professional PT because of the experiences I have had at both sites.

You can be very proud if all of your physical therapists are of the caliber of Greg. He is certainly an asset to your organization!

Angela D.

It seemed effortless the way they worked with not only me but other patients as well

My first experience with Professional PT was a few years back with Ohi @ Columbus Circle. Since I had such a great experience, I tracked Ohi down when I needed physical therapy on my arm. He is now working at the Soho location. When you’re an active person, an injury can really bring you down, no matter how severe. I had added stress going on in my life at this time. Ohi and team were just simply amazing. They are all very knowledgeable and approachable. Any concern I had was addressed and thoroughly explained. It seemed effortless the way they worked with not only me but other patients as well. They were all so friendly…and this was at 7am!! Odd thing to say, I will miss my morning appointments. My arm feels so much better and I couldn’t be happier with this 2nd experience. Thank you!

Liza M.

They worked with me steadily until I felt confident that my knee was ready

I started PT after a left knee replacement. Chris, PT was very kind, likeable and knowledgeable, my PTA was Andy. Andy was always making sure that I was doing OK, as well as making sure I was doing everything right. They worked with me steadily until I felt confident that my knee was ready. I had to stop PT because the Wound Specialist prescribed a Charcot shoe for my right foot which has a chronic ulcer, my right knee will have to be done as soon as the ulcer heals. I will certainly ask for Chris and Andy when I return after my next surgery. The office staff was always helpful with everything I needed.

Elaine G.

They were easy to talk to and understanding

Ohi and his team were great! They were easy to talk to and understanding. Appreciate how they were willing to stay late and give tips to help me in my everyday life.

Lucie Z.

If I ever get hurt again Professional PT will be my first choice

This was my first experience with physical therapy and it was good. I enjoyed the set up of the place its self and the people who worked there. I worked with both Chris and Jonathan and I thought it was great the way the place was run in an almost tag team set up. If I ever get hurt again Professional PT will be my first choice.

Madeline Z.

I felt that I was in excellent hands every moment I was in the office

I just wanted to convey my gratitude to the team at the Roslyn location. When I hobbled in to my first (ever) physical therapy appointment, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The team of physical therapists, athletic trainers, and PT aides were truly outstanding in helping me to get back to my normal level of function prior to my injury. The physical therapists, Jack and Athena, were extremely attentive to my needs, and took a lot of time to address any concerns or questions I had. The rest of the team always had a smile on their faces and I felt that I was in excellent hands every moment I was in the office….I looked forward to coming in to my sessions because of their caring, professional, and friendly demeanor. Thank you Roslyn Professional PT team!

My scar is barely visible and I have no pain!

This was my second treatment with Dr. Sasha Cyrelson! My first was for Sciatica. This time it was rehab for a right knee replacement! I can only recommend this facility to anyone in search of a PT facility! My scar is barely visible and I have no pain! You learn to work hard but you feel better fast! Dr. Sasha is extremely helpful and understanding! Thank you Dr. Sasha and students Amanda and Samantha.

Barbara M.

Pushed and pulled me to a better life

Huzzahs to Kevin and the staff at East 84th St. in New York. Kevin is one of a kind — an outstanding physical therapist who truly knows the therapy business and a very personable and kind man who know how to get you recovered. I had back-to-back knee replacements by Dr. Jose Rodriguez of Lenox Hill Hospital on Oct 14, 2015 and Jan. 18, 2016 and rehabbed with Kevin and his staff from Oct. 23 through March 18. Through my surgeon and Kevin’s rehab I returned pain free to play tennis 8 weeks after my 2nd operation. Kevin pushed and pulled me to a better life. Thanks so much. I have already recommended Kevin and Professional Physical Therapy to friends and recommend them to anyone needing great rehab.

Frank R.

I admire the profound professionalism and competence

I admire the profound professionalism and competence of Nick. I am his patient in Kew Gardens. As soon as I stepped into the unit, he made me feel at home. There is some kind of personal touch in the way he deals with all his patients, caring with kindness and concern. This is very important because whatever a person feels whether in pain or with physical disability there is a psychological impact on one self. If there is somebody with all these traits who is helping you out in every way he can to make you feel better half of the healing process has been accomplished. I would like to thank everyone who helps me and assist me in every way they can. I will definitely recommend Professional Physical Therapy in Kew Gardens. Keep up the good work guys!

I could not have asked for a better hand therapist!

I started O.T. with Rob after my hand was crushed in an industrial machine, and I can honestly say that my hand would be no where near as strong and recovered without his knowledge and expertise in this field. His happy and upbeat personality makes therapy a joy to come to every week, and his persistence in working towards getting my hand to where I was before my injury shows his dedication to his clients. I could not have asked for a better hand therapist!

Allissa G.

A lot of the credit for the fast recovery

Now I have both knees with implants and am walking without a cane and moving around just fine. Recovery from the second surgery has been very fast and not too painful. A lot of the credit for the fast recovery from TKR #2 goes to the staff at the Roslyn/Greenvale Professional Physical Therapy office. They are wonderful and I will be working with them into 2017 to get full mobility and increase my strength as I get into better shape and build a new body!

They helped me to build leg muscle so I could walk on my own again

I would like to commend the whole staff of Professional Physical Therapy (Whitestone location) who were very attentive to my needs. Chris and Andy were always there for me. I entered Professional with nerve damage to my legs from a virus and had to use a walker. They helped me to build leg muscle so I could walk on my own again. I would recommend Whitestone Professional Physical Therapy to friends and to have them ask for Chris & Andy.

Frank C.

They listened to my complaints when I had them and cheered me on when I had none

When I arrived at the Bayside office I was having a hard time walking, was in constant pain and was thinking that nothing was going to help me but perhaps surgery. As a special ed teacher who has to walk up 4-5 flights of stairs at least 6 times a day, the future did not look promising. I was met by PT Chris who told me things would get better with time and with work. He, as well as those that assist him pushed me every time I was there. They listened to my complaints when I had them and cheered me on when I had none. They pushed me even on the days I didn’t want to even try. I can tell you that today I have little to no pain and I am partaking in activities that several months ago were impossible to do. I continue to do my home exercises and follow the routine they gave me at the gym. I don’t know if I will continue to feel like this forever but I do know that right now my life is so much better and nearly pain free. If I had to go back for any PT at anytime I would be right back there asking for Chris. Thank you to him and all the wonderful staff.

Sabrina T.

They all made my therapy as pleasant and productive as possible

Thank you, thank you! A huge thanks to the staff at your Whitestone Queens location. Everyone was knowledgeable, compassionate and a pleasure to work with. Specifically, I want to mention Chris and the ladies at the front desk. They all made my therapy as pleasant and productive as possible. I’ll definitely be going back to this facility if I should need therapy again.

Gary G.

They helped me believe in myself

I wish to commend and thank Christopher, my Physical Therapist and his assistants Andy and Jonathan for their amazing support and professionalism through my long and tedious recovery from surgery of my left tibial plateau fracture. Just when I thought walking again would take months, these guys helped me through it so much sooner. Aside from the physical part, they helped me believe in myself even when I thought I couldn’t do it. I would like to thank everyone at Professional Physical Therapy for their help and assistance in making a difference in my recovery. Thank you all!!

Demetrios K.

I am back to playing golf!

I just wanted to let you know about the successful PT completed with Chris and Jonathan at the Whitestone, NY facility. I am back to playing golf!! Chris, Jonathan and the entire team/staff were very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and caring. They made the rehab enjoyable! I would highly recommend anyone to this facility.

Salvatore P., Jr

Caring, professional and very thorough

Chris and Andy were my therapists. When I first started I could barely walk. Chris put me on a regiment of exercises that greatly improved my plantar fascitis condition. Chris and Andy were caring, professional and very thorough. I was given a course of exercises to follow up with and have continued to be pain free.

Margaret O.

Professional Physical Therapy is the Best

Thanks to the entire staff at Professional for all your hard work with my son Cameron. My son Cam has Autism. He had broken his arm again last year & with all your help, he was able to compete in Empire Games for physically challenged. Last week he placed 3rd overall in long distance accuracy throw. These guys are great. Professional Physical Therapy is the best. Thank you.

Jeffrey L.

Efficient, very helpful and gracious

This was my second hip replacement treatment at this facility. My first replacement two years ago went so well that I returned with confidence for my treatment on the other hip. Chris Leona was my therapist and I highly praise his care, advice, concern and warm professional style.

I had a good thorough work-out at each visit and Chris listened carefully to any questions I had. He always remembered any concerns I mentioned and addressed them fully. I recommend him highly! All the support staff was efficient, and also very helpful and gracious. I was always greeted with a smile and addressed by name.

Dorothy N.

Very competent and caring treatment

Thanks to all the staff especially Chris and Andy! A very competent and caring treatment from two excellent therapists! I believe my recovery from a total left knee replacement was as best as could be because of the knowledge and care given by both Chris and Andy. I would highly recommend Professional Therapy to anyone in need of care. Your facility, staff, and therapists are all very excellent! Thank you very much!!

Stuart S.

The office staff is wonderful

I would personally like to thank Dr. Richard Scalise at the RVC office for making my time at OT a great experience. Not only was I healed 100% (broken elbow) by the therapy I received, but it was such a pleasure to be at this location – the office staff is wonderful and we literally had a blast and great conversation to make you forget your injury a bit. Dr. Scalise is such a joy and Maria and Kelly were absolutely wonderful I would definitely recommend going to this office in Rockville Centre if need be.

Patti A.

Made me feel very comfortable

I had a wonderful experience at your facility in Whitestone Queens. Christopher was my therapist. I was very happy with the treatment that I was given and I am feeling so much better. He was very friendly professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend your service.

Tina L.

I really felt like everyone genuinely cared about me

A big thank you to all the people at Professional Physical Therapy in Coram and Grand Central. You are ALL ROCK STARS. I really felt like everyone at Professional genuinely cared about me, my condition and my progress. Each session started with questions about how I felt, what was new, what was better or worse and my sessions were designed on that feedback. I really felt like I was getting personal attention from the team and they are all so nice! The treatments and facilities were great and they pushed me, but never too much. I was sad to have to leave but they did such a good job and were such a great team, that I got better. Congratulations to Professional Physical Therapy for putting together such winning teams of people that really have respect, consideration and a genuine interest in their clients. I’M A BELIEVER AND A FAN!

George B.

I can’t believe how thorough & attentive they are

I have been treated at many different physical therapy offices, however, since I came to this office I can’t believe how good, thorough & attentive these therapists are. First they show me how to do the various exercises & stay there until they see that I’m doing it the right way. They talk to me and make me feel more calm & comfortable, This is a lot more than any of the other places I’ve gone to. I don’t know what else to say, but thanks to all.

Harvey W.

Mike and his team

Mike and his team did a superb in treating my right shoulder for a frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff tear. At every visit during the more than seven months of treatment, Mike was the consummate professional in listening to my complaints, assessing the situation and formulating a superb treatment plan. I was fortunate that Mike and his colleagues were there to help me recover and feel so much better!!! Way to go Mike and the rest of the team!!!

Irv H.

Helped me get back to my active life again

I am so thankful for the help I received at Professional Physical Therapy in Bayside / Whitestone who worked with me for my injured knee. The professionalism of Chris and his staff helped me get back to my active life again. Thanks Chris for getting me back on the softball field. Peace ☮

Anthony C.

So patient & always willing to listen

I had a great experience at Professional Physical Therapy. When I came to PT, I was in a lot of pain, suffering headaches and pain/tension in my neck and back. Vito listened carefully to my symptoms, conducted a thorough examination and developed a treatment plan based on current research and proven techniques. He was so patient, always willing to listen to me vent about my pain and responded with both compassion and practical steps that I could take to improve my situation. It is now a year later and I am feeling much better. I believe my treatment with Vito to be an integral part of my healing.

Jenna P.

I have never experienced such rewarding sentiments before and I want to thank you all

Too often people, organizations, businesses, etc. receive negative or disapproving letters about their services and unfortunately too few share positive experiences, results and satisfaction for services rendered. The purpose of this letter is to do the latter because the ways I have come to feel about my experiences to date at your facility are of the highest level in all areas.

After my shoulder surgery, I had no idea what the physical therapy I knew I had to undertake would encompass. Physical therapy itself is not new to my life as I have experienced both after a hip and knee replacement in the past. In both cases PT sites were recommended by the hospital for Special Surgery so finding one was not a problem. Here, I had to search from a list given to me by my present surgeon or to act on advice of friends. I also wanted to get started as soon as possible.

The first three inquires were unproductive in terms of start dates. Then I came upon a listing for your organization. I called and the start date given was the most ideal from the previous ones and the location very accessible for me as well. Still, I had no idea of what this experience was going to be like and I entered it with natural reservations, curiosity and hesitation. Yet, from the moment I entered the office, the attentive reception that started with the office staff enforced all thoughts that this was going to be one of the best experiences I had yet to encounter. The paper work went smoothly and every inquiry I had was answered to complete satisfaction, no matter how stupid or obvious it might have been. This now allowed me to observe the activities before me that I would soon be part of.

What I observed was a bee hive of activities and people moving about and totally engaged with the activity and persons in their charge. In a relatively small area nothing seemed rushed, everything appeared coordinated, and therapists and clients completed their tasks to the satisfaction of each other. From the first moment I became part of this experience I felt only satisfaction in the ability of each member of the staff to put me at complete ease, to make every and each task appear obtainable, not to feel rushed or judged. They each seemed to know and/or remember your name or your agenda from one session to the next and they worked with coordinated unison so that you only felt a flow of unison from one person to the next. They are a multi age group and some obviously at different levels, but this never became a deterrent in terms of fulfilling a client’s needs. As a client I never feel that I am being neglected when more than one therapist works with me because all transitions are done so smoothly. They themselves are so multi-talented that I never tire of watching how well and effortlessly they demonstrate specific tasks their clients are to do. Watching them you feel you are watching a well coordinated movie in which you are lucky enough to be a player as well.

With the encouragement of each of the therapists who have worked with me and because of the expertise of their healing hands, advice and openness to questions and ways and means to advance my situation, I feel empowered and encouraged that I will have complete healing in as near a future as possible. I do my the exercises crafted for me at home on a daily basis when I am not in session there with enthusiasm and vigor and look forward to whatever validation I receive that my efforts are not in vain. I cannot wait to get to the next session at the close of each. I have never experienced such rewarding sentiments before and I want to thank you all, from your office staff to each individual therapist or person who has worked with me to date for the care, encouragement and expertise you bring to each of my sessions.

Not only will I gladly give you the highest recommendations as the place to go for physical therapeutic renewal, but I look forward as well that yours will be the place to come after the next knee replacement I feel may be in my near future.

Charlotte H.

I am amazed at the quick results

I lead a very active lifestyle, playing tennis as much as 5 times a week, and working out in the gym. Due to overuse, and to a physical defect in my shoulder, I began to experience terrible pain and was unable to play tennis, or perform many of my usual daily activities. It also affected my sleep. I was fortunate enough to find out about Professional Physical Therapy from my Orthopedist. The therapists work together really well, and have proven invaluable to me. Due to their consistent work and concentrated attention to my needs, in just 2-3 months, I am now able to return to all my previous activities with little or no pain. They have given me very specific instructions on how to prepare for a game by stretching and icing before and after. But the way they detailed and reinforced their instructions is what motivated me, and I am amazed at the quick results. The quality of care, and the individual attention and reinforcement is second to none. I would highly recommend Professional Physical Therapy, and will not hesitate to return if needed. I have been to PT several times in the past, but this is the best experience I have ever had. FIVE STARS!

Sharon L.

Helped tremendously in my therapy

I had to send you an email in regards to Rachel. I wanted to convey to you how incredible she is at what she does. Although I have further issues to deal with, she has helped tremendously in my therapy. Her professionalism and intuitive ability at discerning physical issues is wonderful. I am so glad that she is my therapist. Rachel and Mike make a perfect team and I look forward to my sessions whereas I have been to other physical therapists and did not.

Jay G.

Could not have made it to South Africa without the expert treatment!

Last autumn I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. I was having pains from my lower back which radiated down both legs as well. My PCP prescribed Physical Therapy and through word-of-mouth, I heard positive feedback about Professional Physical Therapy which is literally several blocks from my home in Bayside.

I had quite a few treatments under the expert hands of Professional Physical Therapy who are always courteous and very friendly. I ceased my sessions at the beginning of March as my husband and I were going on Safari in South Africa and a week’s getaway to the Indian. I could not have sat in economy class on South African Airways for the fourteen hours going and fifteen and a half hours returning from Johannesburg to NY, plus the two six hour flights from Capetown to Mauritius and back to Capetown, let alone the four weeks in South Africa touring (which included several safaris in 4X4 vehicles, long motor coach rides between destinations and another flight within South Africa itself!) had I not had the expert hands and treatment afforded me by the team in Whitestone. Although my pain has decreased to a considerable degree, I am still regularly attending my PT sessions which I resumed shortly upon my return from South Africa. The staff are to be commended for their professionalism and their genuine interest in seeing that I receive the best treatments for my condition. Kudos to all of them!

Kenn A.

Could not have had a better experience

My therapist is awesome. He pushed me through 4 months of ACL rehab. I could not have had a better experience. Highly recommended.

Spencer G.

High level of professionalism & expertise

I am an active archery competitor and have a torn rotator cuff. I would like to commend Jason and Carrie for the vast improvement in my condition. The therapy which they’ve applied and the exercises recommended have been very effective. They have demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and expertise.

Lewis B.

My Physical Therapist is a miracle worker

My Physical therapist, Christina, is a miracle worker. Feeling back to normal again and she made it happen. She was right on on how to treat me and got rid of my spasms and pain in hip area. Christina, thank you!!!

Maria M.

I feel like I can finally use my shoulder again

After working with Professional Physical Therapy 77th Street, I feel like I can finally use my shoulder again. It’s been just shy of seven years since I was last able to lift my arm without pain or dislocation. After years of denial followed by two surgeries within 16 months for repeated tears in my labrum, both anterior and posterior, my surgeon considered me a “special case.” I was also told definitively that I would never play lacrosse again, a sport I have played for over fifteen years. My therapist knew how upsetting this news was for me, and designed a personalized exercise program to get me on the right track. It is now 19 weeks post-op and I have been cleared by my surgeon to play lacrosse again, words that I never imagined I would hear him say. I could not have gotten this far without Professional’s help. While I hope that I have no future injuries requiring such attention, I would absolutely go back and recommend this team to my family and friends.

Caroline L.

Professional, informative & genuine

I love the progress Shari Goodhart, my physical Therapist. Her team is excellent . I am and have recommended this site for physical therapy. I appreciate the professionalism of all staff and all about being informative and genuine.

Mrs. W.

One of the best facilities

One of the best facilities in Queens I have seen.

Davi S.

Always motivated & looking forward to my therapy!

Great staff and great location. Very lucky to be part of this wonderful team. I hope to see the union square office expand and get more equipment for training purposes. Always motivated and always looking forward to my therapy at Professional!

Hagji K.

My therapy at Professional was very different from all the others

I have been to numerous physical therapists in my area within the last three years week after week costing me an astronomical amount of money. I was in constant pain and lost almost all mobility. Thank God I ended up at Professional recommended by a Manhattan doctor. My therapy at Professional was very different from all the others I had been to. Within a few treatments I saw considerable improvement. My therapist was very knowledgeable, supportive, and always encouraging interested in my gaining mobility as quickly as possible more than my money. I hope Professional continues their good work, and ethics!


Helen V.

They help me with genuine concern for my full recovery

I’m about 8 weeks into my physical therapy with the PT team at Equinox in Grand Central Station, recovering from a bad subscapularis tear to my right shoulder. The team at Professional PT led by Joe Trani are phenomenal! They’re knowledgeable, professional, personable, and invested in my recovery. I’m fortunate to have a team helping me with genuine concern for my full recovery. Professional PT has made a huge difference in an otherwise painful and difficult ordeal. Thank you guys!

Bill C.

They taught me a great program that I still use today

A lot of people think you come back from Tommy John stronger because of the surgery, but its really from all the work you put in. Here at Professional Physical Therapy they taught me a great program that I still use for injury prevention today.

Steven Matz

Nothing short of life-changing

Running is something I do alone. It’s something I depend on for my sanity and my health and the purest and most powerful way I have to connect back to myself when I am drained or depleted or lost. My ability to run was something I had to really work for when I started in college, and has since carried me through all kinds of hell. It’s very hard for me to admit when there’s a reason I can’t run, especially to myself. So once I realized my knee wasn’t getting any better, it took me a while before I had the courage to make my appointment. I showed up full of dread and feeling hopeless that yet another running season would be forfeited to injury.

I should have called sooner because my time at Professional PT with Chris and Ivan has been nothing short of life-changing. Though the frequency and distance that I run is relatively low, Chris took me seriously as an athlete from the moment I walked in. In past PT settings, my question, “When can I start running again?” was either ignored or answered with guesses and trepidation. Chris and Ivan’s goal for me has ALWAYS been to start running again, and that has suffused my healing process with fun and optimism–just what I needed. Where other physical therapists have been focused on basic remediation, Chris has targeted prevention. Ivan analyzed my stride and gave me corrections, so that I can run injury free. The Professional staff have been the first to actually notice and figure out why I keep hurting things on the left side of my body. Ivan’s strength and balance training has been creative, consistent, and effective. He is patient with my at times comically poor coordination and has a way of helping me believe in myself that allows me really push through when things are challenging. Chris’s assessment, treatment planning, and constant guidance has been right on target and under his care I’m probably the healthiest athlete I’ve ever been in my life. Though I’ve worked with her less often, Natalie also deserves gratitude and praise. I don’t know how she keeps it all in her head but she has never skipped a beat with my routine and is always attuned to when I’m ready to increase the difficulty of an exercise. The front desk staff always greet me with a smile and have always helped me find ways to fit PT into my schedule. For a kid who used to need to walk the Presidential Fitness Test mile holding two inhalers in grade school, the feeling of being supported and challenged by real athletic trainers who actually care has been incredible.

From here on out, I may still go out to run by myself, but because of everything Chris and Ivan have taught me, I will never again be running alone. Guys, you’ve given me my life back. I know to you it’s all in a day’s work but please never forget what that day’s work has meant to me.

Kathleen M.

Kathleen M.

For Thanksgiving this year, I am giving my thanks to you!

Today I woke up sore and although this is something most people would complain about, I was ecstatic because it was the first time since my surgery that I felt soreness from working out (must have been the squats). It reminded me of how I use to feel after an intense boot camp class. Although I am still so far off from that, it is progress and I felt a sense of accomplishment. So for Thanksgiving this year, I am giving my thanks to you, for pushing me but also making sure I don’t beat myself up too much! Though going to physical therapy can seem like another thing to do after a long day, it makes it easier having you keeping me laughing and motivated. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day off.


I am so thankful

I am so thankful for the care and expertise of Professional PT. In only 9 months following a SLAP IV lesion and bicep tenodesis, I have been able to resume all of my normal activities (CrossFit, weightlifting, etc.) and have even participated in competition completely pain-free. Due to attending college in a rural area, I was unable to receive adequate rehab for the first 4 months following my surgery. The resulting scar tissue and severely limited range of motion left me with an estimated 12-18 month recovery time. Working with Frank has reduced that estimation by half, and I am fully confident that I will not only make a 100% recovery, but will be able to achieve a higher performance level than before my injury. I would (and have) absolutely recommend Frank and all of the staff at Professional PT in Williston Park.

Olivia R.

Matt tailored my therapy program to better meet my needs and I made great progress!

Matt went above and beyond during my treatment sessions at Professional Physical Therapy. He helped me by creating an effective treatment program to address my initial knee injury. Additionally, he helped me to identify a lower back disk herniation that was inhibiting my progress. He went out of his way to locate a back specialist that took my insurance and even made contact with that doctor to schedule my first appointment. After meeting with the back specialist, Matt tailored my therapy program to better meet my needs and I made great progress. He was extremely attentive and always listened to me, making modifications based on my needs. He was extremely compassionate and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Meghan K.

I was very satisfied

I was very satisfied with Sheena’s care and attention to specifically diagnosing and suggesting a treatment plan for my injury.

Janice M.

I can feel myself in my body again

I consider it to be a stroke of luck for me to arrive at 72nd street Professional Physical Therapy. I’ve been in therapy for many years. Pre-operation and then after a failed operation due to spinal stenosis. I am most appreciative of the high quality service I receive from Professional. I am also astonished by the extend of knowledge my PT displays in many areas as it pertains to my condition. I am delighted now, after a month, that I can say his hard work and devotion really helped me. As I said to my PT “I can feel myself in my body again.” I highly recommend 72nd Street Professional Physical Therapy.

Keele J.

Kilimanjaro wouldn’t have happened without you!

Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for all you have done, for being my miracle worker and going above an beyond. You are amazing. Kilimanjaro wouldn’t have happened without you!

Mona P.

You made my therapy & recovery almost painless.

Thank you all for taking such good care of me, making me laugh when I wanted to cry and kept my spirits up in general. You all made my therapy and recovery almost painless. Thank you!



Theresa S.

Restored ability to run

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of the Hewlett Lacrosse Association for taking the time to train our boys. They had a wonderful experience and I hope it will continue to produce on the field a winning season.

On a personal note, I must thank you for all you have done for Sam. It was not that long ago, December 6, 2011 to be exact, that Sam was sitting on our couch and wondering if he would ever be able to run again. He needed help to do even the most basic tasks. The day after his injury, he was informed that he was being passed over for an opportunity to play at a D1 school, which was going to be his ticket to college. And, he gave his best friend his spot to get noticed at Jake Reed.

I observed your sessions with a critical eye, and was very impressed with your program. Rob’s keen eye for kinesiology and body performance, Tim’s skills at rehab and fine tuning and your skills at maximizing the athlete to achieve his ultimate performance.Fast forward, Professional: Rob, Tim and You (Dean).

Sam had the best surgeon to perform his surgery and excellent physical therapists along the way to promote the recovery process. But I can tell you, as I tell others, that the post rehab training is critical to get the athlete back to the field.

You were Sam’s mentor and I hold you responsible for restoring not only Sam’s ability to run, but returning to him his gift of speed. I say this as a parent and as an educated professional. Sam’s 4:48 is your achievement and we thank you.

I hope you will be around this summer to train Sam and prepare him for the arduous task ahead at Michigan.

Very grateful.

Wendy S.

I’ve told 20-30 people about Professional

I graduated PT today at Wall Street. This is my second PT experience with your company; I was successfully and quickly rehabbed for a serious calf tear at Murray Street a few years ago.

My PT not only diagnosed my hip/back pain within minutes of my initial visit (QL and Glut Med on both sides!) but had me nearly pain-free by the end of my second visit. It’s not just the results that mattered to me – her delightful demeanor and enthusiasm made each visit (about 12) fun. I’m a Ph.D. in Exercise Science/Pharmacology and have extensive and decades-long experience with rehab, PT, training, and such. Among other things I was Research Coordinator for Nautilus in its heyday, authored six fitness and back books that sold over 200,000 copies, and lectured nationally and internationally on training and conditioning.

I include this all because it should underscore my praise of your team – I’m not just a happily-rehabbed cyclist, I’m a knowledgeable consumer (I road cycle 5-6,000 miles a year at age 58).

I was back on my bike 7 weeks after a bad tear that had me in HJD for 2 days. I have told 20-30 people about Professional PT and will continue to sing your praises.

Thank you for building and managing such great teams.

Michael W.

Would return to Professional again!

The hardest part of my rehab was wanting to move it along faster, being able to run sooner. The best part of my rehab was the first time performing a walk/jog progression on the treadmill.

I created a ‘bucket’ list for myself and accomplished one of the goals on my list, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. I plan on continuing travels abroad to Europe and Asia over the next year. I am so very grateful to my physical therapist and the staff. They created an atmosphere where I felt a lot of confidence in them. I would return to Professional again after having any kind of surgery or injury!

Matt A.

Excellent guidance, clear direction

I’d like to offer my personal commendation to you on behalf of the exceptional performance of the staff that I encountered and worked with at your facility during my six visits for physical therapy from July 19, 2013 to August 9, 2013.

The office staff was always professional, friendly, courteous and efficient.  They greeted me with a smile each time I came in and they were always eager to assist me and address any questions or requests that I had promptly and effectively.

The physical therapy team offered me excellent guidance, clear direction and hands on assistance during every visit.  Through their mutual demonstration of genuine interest in my well-being I was compelled to maintain my exercise routine from visit to visit and have noted some degree of improvement in my condition as a result.

Although I realize that I need to seek ongoing guidance and treatment, changes to my work schedule and location will only allow me to do so on weekends.  Fortunately I’ve been able to arrange that, otherwise I would have continued to receive care at your facility.

In the end, what matters most to me in seeking and receiving treatment and instruction in order to manage my physical symptoms, is to meet two objectives:  that the practitioners I’m dealing with inspire my confidence in their knowledge and skill, and that they offer me an appreciable degree of assurance that what I take away from our relationship is the ability to maintain a regimen I can follow on my own that will lead to further progress in alleviating my symptoms.  These two objectives were certainly achieved through your physical therapy team.

Please note that all of the above factors relevant to my visits provided me with an extremely useful and satisfying experience and I want to be sure that all staff involved in my care will be acknowledged for their exceptional professionalism and dedication to the important work that they are doing.

I will certainly refer others to your facility whenever the opportunity arises.

Vincent K.

No team I’d trust more

Thank you so much for your care, advice, and support as I tried to rehab my labral tear over the past several months. I decided not to have the surgery next week– it’s just too stressful with the professional transition I’m undergoing– but I will likely do it some time down the line when things settle down. Of course, there’s no team I’d trust more to help me post-surgery than yours!

Nicole C.

Kept me focused & motivated

I have known the staff at Professional since my days at Manhasset High School and Nassau Community College. I went through some tough injuries and they did their utmost in their area of expertise to help me get better. They always kept me focused and motivated. The staff is full of enthusiastic and devoted employees. Coming back after two years playing at The University of Akron, I now train at Professional Athletic Performance Center as I continue to pursue my goals.

Vinnie R.

Completely restored range of motion

I wanted to write and thank each of you and your respective team members in Wall Srteet and Roslyn for working with me since June of 2011 to help me in the recovery of my shoulder injury. I couldn’t have recovered without your help, guidance, advice, time and effort. As you know, when I started physical therapy, my shoulder was severely debilitated. As of today, I have completely restored range of motion and am virtually pain-free, and my doctor discharged me earlier this month.

Your professionalism, personal attention, positive attitude and strong interest in my condition throughout this process made my physical therapy as successful as it was. You should be proud of the many accomplishments you and your patients achieve.

Thank you again, and I wish you the best.

Jon F.

Excellent and very professional care

Si was a patient at your Utopia Parkway location for 9 months.  I was getting physical therapy to treat a broken shoulder which my doctor said would be problematic for the rest of my life. Thanks to the great service I received at your establishment, I am feeling great and my injured arm may be better than my other one!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the excellent and very professional care I received.  I was treated by Farrah and her incredible staff.

Tony M.

Attentive to the needs of the patients

I am a 67-year-old lawyer. In 2010 I had double knee replacement surgery and rehabbed at Professional PT 2-3 times a week doing strength and balance exercises. The physical therapists, PT assistants and athletic trainers are very caring and attentive to the needs of the patients. They integrated massage and stretching along with other exercises that were essential to my recovery. In the last two years I have been able to walk up big mountains in Western China and Sri Lanka; I’ve ridden camels, slept in the desert and have managed to resume an active and normal life.

Thank you Professional PT!


Daniel A.

Really made all the difference in my recovery

I am writing to offer highly positive feedback about my recently concluded rehabilitation at your TriBeCa facility. I underwent a bilateral total knee replacement procedure, at Lenox Hill Hospital on February 9, 2012. My orthopedist referred me to Professional Physical Therapy. Your TriBeCa location proved very convenient and their knowledge, professionalism, care, encouragement and generosity really made all the difference in my recovery.

I had 26 sessions over a 3-month period beginning in early March, 2012, which left me much more fit and well prepared to continue progressing on my own. I had long been an ardent tennis player, but due to ever increasing joint pain I had not been able to play at all for the past 8 years. Now at the 5-month post-operative point, I have begun playing again taking it very slowly at first, with no ill effects whatsoever. Count me as a very satisfied customer.

Also, I do not want to close without saying how very consistently kind and helpful the office and administrative staff was. They and all the clinical staff with whom I had contact with represented your organization well and effectively. I have already recommended Professional PT to two prospective clients and will continue to do so.

Frank K.

Fun & supportive environment in which to heal

Compassionate, professional, and accommodating. The folks at Professional Physical Therapy at Grand Central Station helped me recover from my second knee surgery (ACL reconstruction) with success. After having had a few bad experiences with physical therapists and a surgeon that treated me like just another number, I was really looking for a solid team to help me through my rehab. The staff at Professional PT paid close attention to my needs and helped me progress through recovery safely and effectively. They went above and beyond, helping me manage appointments around my busy work schedule and deal with any insurance issues that came up. Most of all, the staff were warm, friendly and funny. Instead of making PT a chore, they created a fun and supportive environment in which to heal.

Brittney S.

Better than I was before my injury

I was a patient at your Professional office from October to January, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the care I received. I came to physical therapy eight months after tearing my ACL, and although I was an avid runner before the injury, I didn’t realize how much my strength and flexibility had gone downhill in the time between my injury and beginning physical therapy.

From the start, Adam told me that he could get me running again. I loved the confidence! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Adam because he is obviously smart, and he knows his field. My orthopedist thought so too – he was completely impressed with my progress. One of the reasons why I think I progressed so well is because I did everything Adam told me to. I actually wanted to do my exercises at home. That’s because I completely trusted his professional judgment, which makes a big difference when pain is involved. Adam definitely brought the pain when he worked on my knee! He always pushed me, but I felt results after every session. I really don’t think I would have progressed as far as I did without him pushing me.

While Adam always held me to a high standard, Tawna was always encouraging and motivating me. She taught me the importance of form, and she explained why my knee was always turning in. I appreciated all of her specific knowledge about women and running – it really made me think differently about how I run. She was always there to correct my form, but better than that, she taught me how to see and feel when my form was bad. She’s also so warm and friendly, and she makes every patient feel like they’re her favorite (although I know it was really me).

I’m running up to 3.5 miles now, and I’m already planning on running a 10K in the fall. But I’m not writing just because my knee is better. I’m so much stronger than I was four months ago, or even a year ago. I’m definitely better than I was before my injury. When I started physical therapy, I had partly given up on running again, and I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. Allowing me to run again has made a huge difference in my life, and I’m just a stronger, happier person now. I owe that to Adam and Tawna’s professionalism and expertise, and I’m so grateful. You are lucky to have them!

Jenny O.

The staff was excellent!

I had been training for Tough Mudder, a 12 mile 32 obstacle mud run, when just weeks before the event I sustained an injury to my knee. My first request when I started my physical therapy at Professional was for them to help make it possible for me to still be able to participate. The staff was excellent! They kept my goal in mind and motivated me to push through the course of my treatment. With their help I was able to cross that finish line, and have an experience I will never forget.

Constance C.

Second to none

I am a current patient at Professional PT at the Wall Street location.  I would like to take this opportunity to commend the team there on a fantastic job.  I am recovering from ACL replacement and I have been a patient since early March.  From the first difficult moments starting out and continuing in my recovery until now, the team have been simply terrific.  The professionalism, structuring of programs to fit individual needs, and most importantly encouragement to get better have been second to none.  Not only have I been thoroughly pleased with my recovery thus far, but I have witnessed numerous patient interactions that have been just as good.  Not all patients have the same drive and recovery schedules and the team has shown excellent patience and professionalism throughout; even with those who can be difficult.

I have never had to go through a rigorous PT process before and I was worried about how I would react, motivate myself and put my recovery in someone else’s hands.  Never again will I have to think twice about that.  I hope that with this ACL recovery I will not be frequenting in the future, but if needed, I know where I will be making my provider choice.  I have already recommended the Wall Street location to four colleagues and I will not be shy about my opinions when others are in need.   I want to thank the team once again and look forward to finishing out my physical therapy over the next few weeks.  There is no way I would be where I am without the team.

So many times customers / patients only comment when things are wrong and I felt that it would be good to comment when everything was right.  Your dedicated team has gone above and beyond, showing that they care about each individual’s progress and recovery.

Greg O.

You saved my knee

I just wanted to let you know I am SO thankful to you and the staff at PPT. My leg/knee are doing great (knock on wood) and I ran the half marathon in Disney with NO issues! I did take a few walk breaks per your instructions but everything is feeling fine! Thanks again, you saved my knee and saved me from having to stop running.

I am more appreciative than I could ever express.

Allison A.

Personal and tailor made approach

I first arrived at Professional Physical Therapy over 5 years ago with a major injury to my foot and ankle. Being a triathlete for over 20 years and being sidelined by injury was physically and mentally a tough hurdle to contend with. The staff at Professional not only provided me with the hands-on care needed to start healing, rebuilding, and competing again but a personal and tailor made approach that suited my needs and helped me to physically and mentally become strong again. After spending time with the physical therapists at Professional I noticed that each therapist really took ownership of each individual patient.

Every day people, weekend athletes, NCAA Division I athletes and professional athletes went through the paces of their therapy side by side with custom made programs designed just for them. Each patient was pushed to their individual limits to bring their recovery along at a pace suitable for their comfort levels and individual goals. The care at Professional is highly attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. After my injury began to heal, Professional sought to make me stronger, faster and confident by building a program for me where I could maintain and manage my injury on my own so as not to injure myself again. After spending months rehabilitating my injury and becoming as strong (or maybe even stronger!) than I was before I injured myself, I needed to get back to competition.

I returned to multi-sport competition and have stood on the podium over 15 times since my injury and was named the #1 ranked, USAT All American in the Aqua Bike division two years in a row. Since then, I continue to rely on Professional for any therapy or advice that I need to stay in top form and to stay injury and pain free. They have become my dear friends and are a indispensable resource. I recommend them highly as the most ‘Professional’ sports therapy outfit I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


USAT All American

ASCA Level 1 Swim Coach

Open H2O – Open water Swim Clinics: Founder and President

Chris C.

Back to 100% speed!

My daughter Emily was a patient there for 6 sessions in October. She had small tear in her calf that was preventing her from running, pretty upsetting to her since she’s President of the Columbia University Road Runners and was scheduled to run the NY Marathon in November. Her therapist was skilled, understanding, and supportive. Emily abandoned her marathon plans but was relieved that her injury, with her therapist’s help, wouldn’t keep her out of the park for long. She’s back to 100% speed now, and I just hope I haven’t jinxed her.
Just as important, though, is the fact that your office staff was extremely professional and helpful with respect to all insurance matters, something I’ve come to realize is rare. Kudos to you for running such a great operation. We’ve recommended you to others.
Thanks again.

Judith R.

Pushed me everyday to work hard

At Professional the staff was always courteous and respectful. I could tell that their first priority was to get the patients back as quickly and safely as possible. They pushed me everyday to work hard through the ups and downs and I am thankful for that.

#21 New York Islanders 

Kyle Okposo

Best decision I’ve ever made

To have a successful NBA career, it takes not only talent, but years of hard work and the determination to succeed. At the Professional Athletic Performance Center, I have found coaches who are on the same page with me when it comes to all three of these things. The coaches are experienced in strength and conditioning, as well as techniques to help me prevent injuries, making me a more valuable player not only this season, but long-term as well. Doing my off-season training at the PAPC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I would recommend it to anyone.

#15, Charlotte Bobcats

Kemba Walker

Pushed me to work hard

I just recently completed 10 weeks of rehab in White Plains – recovering from knee surgery. My goal was to get back on the tennis court in early February which I was able to do. I can’t thank Matt (and Charlie who treated me several times as well) enough for the way he treated me throughout my rehab.  Matt along with his entire team pushed me to work hard throughout the 10 week period. Their professionalism is to be noted and commended. Their caring for every patient is evident from the minute one enters the facility.

Rob M.

Wonderful staff!

I would just like to let you know that you have a wonderful staff. Each and everyone at this place goes out of their way to help and make you feel very comfortable. They all work together and help each other.

My PT makes me work hard, but I know it’s all for my own good.  All the receptionists are wonderful – always helping me fix my schedule to fit my needs.

I feel it’s important that you know that you have a wonderful staff, and I do tell everyone if PT is needed, Professional Physical Therapy of Great Neck is the place to go.

Thanking you in advance for all the help I am getting from my therapy.

Laura P.

Welcoming experience every time

Thank you for all your help with my PT over the past couple of months. I saw my doctor and he said I’m all healed so will no longer be needing PT. Thank you the entire staff for their expertise and professionalism. Having done PT in the past, it has never been such a welcoming experience every time I walked through the doors to your facility. I will gladly send you referrals should I know of anyone in need of your services.

Samuel L.

Staff is top notch!

Professional Physical Therapy is the best Physical Therapy place in New York City.  I have been going to Professional’s Chelsea location on and off for a few years due to injuries and replacement surgeries.  I have recommended Professional to at least 6 different people and each and every one of them still thanks me to this day.  The staff is top notch when working you out and they keep you hopping.  They are no nonsense and that is what makes them the best.  So many places will put you in a room and basically keep you there adding more whistles and bells and really not getting you moving.  Professional keeps you on your toes with workouts that really work. They are true Professionals and I highly recommend them to anyone who really wants to get back in shape in a timely manner, I can and will attest to that.

Eileen M.

Feeling incredibly improved

I am thrilled to report that I finished my last PT session today and am feeling incredibly improved. As a health care provider over the past several decades, I am keenly aware of what it takes to contribute to another’s healing process. The folks working at the Columbus Circle branch were very professional in their demeanor and most attentive. I am most grateful to those with whom I had contact on a regular basis. While I hope not to have to see you all again, I have shared your contact information with my Nurse Practitioner colleagues in the event that they need PT services for their patients.  I only do that when I have the utmost confidence in a provider and I certainly do with your services.

Norma H.

You knocked the ball out of the park!

So great that Back in the Game is still going on.  Colby is going to ice hockey camp this summer for 4 weeks!  He is doing amazing!  Scores tons of goals.  We have you guys to thank for getting him back in shape and for having the youth and professional hockey players at BITG to inspire the kids.  You knocked the ball out of the park with Colby!

Forever indebted


Lynda F.

On my way to a full recovery

In my experience at Professional Physical Therapy….They are the most dynamic and resourceful group of Professional Physical Therapists that I have ever encountered. The dedication, knowledge ability and friendly atmosphere is not only welcome, but is an inspiration to anyone who has suffered a debilitating injury or surgery and would like to get on the road to recovery as surely as possible.

I personally have benefited from this outstanding group, and I am on my way to a full recovery both mentally and physically as they go hand in hand. I would recommend this organization to anyone. The step-by-step programs are concise, elevating and unmatched. They clearly are the leading experts in their field.

Mitchel A.

They don’t ever give up

Professional PT has stuck with me through the last two surgeries on my hip, hamstring and sciatic nerve. They don’t ever give up. The entire Melville team is compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive. The caliber of their therapists is first rate, and they all offer a high-level of quality care and understanding of my injuries. I have found their multi-faceted approach to physical therapy has helped me feel better as I’ve attempted to recover and regain strength. Their flexible hours and scheduling make it easy to get convenient appointment times, too. I have found that the team’s energy and enthusiasm, combined with their commitment to safety, helps drive success for their patients.

Stacey U.

I have Professional to thank

Jose Reyes

MLB,  NY Mets

“When I hurt my ankle, it was an easy decision to return to Professional and do my treatment and training with Rob Panariello. For a professional baseball player, it’s important to get back on the field quickly, but it’s even more important to get back on the field safely. It was great to get back on the field feeling healthy and confident, and I have Professional to thank for that.”

Jose Reyes

Really lives up to their name

I nuked my knee and required surgery. When I asked the MRI specialist if the injury was considered ‘serious,’ she laughed and replied that is closer to ‘mildly catastrophic.’ Ah.

Professional PT came after a successful operation and without them, I would not be back to 100% today. Less than one year after the injury, and only several months out of surgery I am back to a few 5Ks a week, swimming, hiking, and most anything else I want to do.

As it is with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. But at Professional PT, they calmly guide you to the path of maximum benefit. Amazingly, by the second month, I was actually looking forward to PT with the same enthusiasm as I would/do going to the gym or playing sports. That is testimonial to the genuine, honest, and good-natured staff who fill every role in the business. From reception to therapist to billing, Professional PT really lives up to their name.

Addison O.

I make progress every day

A million thanks for the kindness and caring of your staff at Professional Physical Therapy! Each person is skilled, sensitive, and successful in helping me recover from a fractured clavicle. They call me by name and stay with me, encouraging me as I deal with the challenges. I make progress every day and am grateful to all of you. You are what the practice of physical therapy is all about. Bravo!

Alma K.

Physical therapists and PT assistants are excellent

Professional’s physical therapists and PT assistants are excellent.

A friend of mine recommended Professional for its convenient location near my office after I injured my knee when I was skiing this past winter. They accepted my insurance and were able to accommodate my request to see me in the morning on my way to work or early evening on my way home.

I underwent 10 sessions of treatment, and my knee improved during that time. I was encouraged to do the exercises at home so that I did not have to go as often to PT. I give credit to my PT for getting my knee back to almost-normal condition so that I was able to get back to my normal routine of walking to work, using the stairs, driving, etc.

Anita R.

Outstanding service

In September, I had several PT sessions at your Equinox – 43 Street location.

As a new member of the Flex Spending program, I find their receipt request to be somewhat onerous. While majority of reception staff would hand me a statement, Andy Andrews knew exactly what was needed to comply. He remembered me each time and took care of all my billing needs.

In addition to being proficient and thorough, he is extremely personable, attentive and professional. If he could not get to my request immediately, he would politely ask if end of day would work for me. More important, he actually did the work and would hand the forms to me during my next session.

Recently, I misplaced the information for the last sessions and he kindly emailed the information to me. When I questioned the form, as now less inclusive than my original forms, he assured me that this would pass. I am happy to say it did.

I am taking the time to bring this to your attention as Andy truly deserves to be recognized for his outstanding service.



Leslie K.

Professional, highly competent, & very friendly

I have just completed about 7 months of twice a week physical therapy at the Soho location.

I have successful “graduated,” in the sense that my problem has been resolved. The services I received through that entire time were professional, highly competent, and very friendly. This is true of the entire staff. In all my time there I never experienced, nor witnessed, an unprofessional situation.

Tom G.

Cared about my recovery

I wanted to let you know that Antonios Kambouris did a great job with my 5 month shoulder Physical Therapy. He was very professional, extremely, knowledgeable, and very caring. He cared about my recovery and that I didn’t overdo it. Tony lead a great team, who also did a great job with me as back up. I wish I could remember the names of the other people who helped me, but all were really good.

Frank F.

Made my visits fun

I have recently completed my sessions at Professional PT. I just wanted to relay my appreciation and satisfaction with the experience at the Fifth Avenue facility. My therapist was excellent. She was always on top of my case and always made me feel like she cared. She took the time to explain my current situation and the medical reasons for why something might be weak or in pain. I always appreciated that. More importantly, she made my visits, which because of routine could feel boring, fun. I was able to enjoy my weekly visits because of her enthusiastic, warm, and friendly personality. The rest of the staff, whether they were working at the desk or assisting me with my exercises, were great as well. Always welcoming me with a warm smile and a hello, they made me feel at home. My time there was a true pleasure.

Thank you again for such a positive experience at Professional PT.

Sara S.

Whole team was fantastic

I went to Professional Therapy in SoHo (552 Broadway, NYC) and was very happy with my ten sessions. Not only did they turn out to be very helpful to improve my tendinitis condition, but the whole team was fantastic. The space was beautiful, full of good energy, and everybody (therapists, assistants and patients) was working very seriously in a nice atmosphere. I also enjoyed the massage part of it and was looking forward to my two-hour sessions each time.

-Isabelle D, Ph.D

Isabelle D.

Definitely been amazing

Awesome staff from the receptionist to the aids to the physical therapist. They spend adequate time with everyone and I can’t complain about time as they try to get you in and out if you are short on it. My time has definitely been amazing while going here. Thank you!

Martha D.

Couldn’t have been kinder or more professional!

Dear Staff at Professional:

I want to thank everyone for the excellent quality of care that I was given during my recuperation. The entire staff couldn’t have been kinder or more professional!

With sincere appreciation,



By far one of my best experiences

I used to work in a hospital and have had my own different experiences with Physical Therapy personally. By far this was one of my best experiences. After a year living with a frozen shoulder, I needed very aggressive therapy which I was not getting at a previous physical therapy practice.

From day one, the therapists said if you want aggressive we’ll give you aggressive and well, the results speak for themselves. After two very aggressive months of PT today I “graduated”. After a year of living with a frozen shoulder, I am once again having full range of motion, no pain and doing everything without even thinking “can I do this?” I can’t say enough good things about Professional. They are the best! The whole place is run very professionally and even the office staff, secretarial, etc were always professional as well as friendly. I’m going to miss you guys!


Merle W.

Such warm, supporting people

Such warm, supporting people – every time I go, I enjoy the session because of them – and best of all, I definitely notice a difference. My knees were stiff and achy and now, well now, I want to dance!

Linda O.

Thank you very much

My husband and I finished the Louisiana marathon together in 5:21. We both came down with the flu the Friday before, so we were pretty miserable running (which accounts for our bad time), but we finished and my knee actually did pretty well, so thank you! It’s sore, but not miserable and I can walk. Thank you very much for all the work on it – I definitely would not have been able to do this without all the work you and your team put in to strengthening my leg and fixing my knee. Thank you!

Elisabeth M.

Excellent therapy environment

I would like to commend management and everyone from reception to the therapists for giving me an excellent therapy environment. The facility is very clean and bright and all the therapists that have helped me are knowledgeable and willing to do whatever is necessary in order to help me recover from Sciatica. Any questions or concerns I have are addressed promptly. Anyone who works on me makes me feel very comfortable and I know that I am getting the best possible treatment.

Mark M.

Got me back into fighting shape!

These awesome therapists and interns made rehab enjoyable and they got me back into fighting shape! I am truly grateful!

Stephen R.

Feeling confident & strong

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished up my P/T in your Bayside/Whitestone location. I give a lot of credit to the entire team for my recovery from total hip replacement surgery. They were supportive and informative for my needs. I completed my rehab in three months. At that time Dominick sent me home with rehab instructions to continue on my own. I am happy to say that I am back on the golf course, feeling confident and strong. Of course my golf swing is a bit rusty. Again, I would like to give credit to your physical therapist and his assistants. A recommendation to your facility I will give whenever the opportunity arises. The front desk was also very accommodating.

Paul C.

A BIG Thank you!

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to the dedicated staff of Professional Physical Therapy at Time Warner Building for helping us, consoling us, pushing us and most of all being our partners as we recovered from our tough medical procedures.

Lorraine & Avi A.