Restored ability to run

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of the Hewlett Lacrosse Association for taking the time to train our boys. They had a wonderful experience and I hope it will continue to produce on the field a winning season.

On a personal note, I must thank you for all you have done for Sam. It was not that long ago, December 6, 2011 to be exact, that Sam was sitting on our couch and wondering if he would ever be able to run again. He needed help to do even the most basic tasks. The day after his injury, he was informed that he was being passed over for an opportunity to play at a D1 school, which was going to be his ticket to college. And, he gave his best friend his spot to get noticed at Jake Reed.

I observed your sessions with a critical eye, and was very impressed with your program. Rob’s keen eye for kinesiology and body performance, Tim’s skills at rehab and fine tuning and your skills at maximizing the athlete to achieve his ultimate performance.Fast forward, Professional: Rob, Tim and You (Dean).

Sam had the best surgeon to perform his surgery and excellent physical therapists along the way to promote the recovery process. But I can tell you, as I tell others, that the post rehab training is critical to get the athlete back to the field.

You were Sam’s mentor and I hold you responsible for restoring not only Sam’s ability to run, but returning to him his gift of speed. I say this as a parent and as an educated professional. Sam’s 4:48 is your achievement and we thank you.

I hope you will be around this summer to train Sam and prepare him for the arduous task ahead at Michigan.

Very grateful.