Really lives up to their name

I nuked my knee and required surgery. When I asked the MRI specialist if the injury was considered ‘serious,’ she laughed and replied that is closer to ‘mildly catastrophic.’ Ah.

Professional PT came after a successful operation and without them, I would not be back to 100% today. Less than one year after the injury, and only several months out of surgery I am back to a few 5Ks a week, swimming, hiking, and most anything else I want to do.

As it is with anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. But at Professional PT, they calmly guide you to the path of maximum benefit. Amazingly, by the second month, I was actually looking forward to PT with the same enthusiasm as I would/do going to the gym or playing sports. That is testimonial to the genuine, honest, and good-natured staff who fill every role in the business. From reception to therapist to billing, Professional PT really lives up to their name.