I can’t thank this clinic enough

I am a 72 year old woman, full of life, energy and joy. Then it happened, I experienced horrible back pain and was forced to walk with pain, not able to sleep and spend my days in a chair. Not good! I panicked. Was this the way I would spend my retirement days? My doctor referred me to Professional Physical Therapy. My first appointment left me more terrified. I wasn’t better right away! But because of the care & encouragement from the entire team (the girls at the front desk, the interns the athletic trainers, Cindy), I kept coming back.  Like “Cheers” everyone knows my name. My fellow patients became my cheerleaders and I hope I did the same for them! I am on my way back to better and I can’t thank this clinic enough for the truly outstanding way they got my life back on track. Retirement is back on. Thank you all especially my Joe and the other therapists.