I had an excellent experience.

I had an excellent experience. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, even people that were not my therapists. The appointment times were extremely accommodating and flexible. I would like to specifically mention 2 people who are superb. Tawna is one of the best therapists I ever saw. She is caring, warm, and very knowledgeable. She is a perfectionist and she always told me if my exercise was being done less than perfect and if I can get better efficiency. How she managed to notice me every time when she might be helping other people at the same time is an still a puzzle to me. If I ever need physical therapy again, I would only ask for her. Ash was a real pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and very laid back. He also managed to check in on me a lot and makes sure the form and the amount are correct. He encouraged me not to overwork myself and to do them 100% right. I was very much at ease with him and was always comfortable talking to him and asking him for anything. I would love to work with him again as well. Thank you Professional for your help. My shoulder is doing a lot better. Thanks again.