Excellent guidance, clear direction

I’d like to offer my personal commendation to you on behalf of the exceptional performance of the staff that I encountered and worked with at your facility during my six visits for physical therapy from July 19, 2013 to August 9, 2013.

The office staff was always professional, friendly, courteous and efficient.  They greeted me with a smile each time I came in and they were always eager to assist me and address any questions or requests that I had promptly and effectively.

The physical therapy team offered me excellent guidance, clear direction and hands on assistance during every visit.  Through their mutual demonstration of genuine interest in my well-being I was compelled to maintain my exercise routine from visit to visit and have noted some degree of improvement in my condition as a result.

Although I realize that I need to seek ongoing guidance and treatment, changes to my work schedule and location will only allow me to do so on weekends.  Fortunately I’ve been able to arrange that, otherwise I would have continued to receive care at your facility.

In the end, what matters most to me in seeking and receiving treatment and instruction in order to manage my physical symptoms, is to meet two objectives:  that the practitioners I’m dealing with inspire my confidence in their knowledge and skill, and that they offer me an appreciable degree of assurance that what I take away from our relationship is the ability to maintain a regimen I can follow on my own that will lead to further progress in alleviating my symptoms.  These two objectives were certainly achieved through your physical therapy team.

Please note that all of the above factors relevant to my visits provided me with an extremely useful and satisfying experience and I want to be sure that all staff involved in my care will be acknowledged for their exceptional professionalism and dedication to the important work that they are doing.

I will certainly refer others to your facility whenever the opportunity arises.