I feel like I can finally use my shoulder again

After working with Professional Physical Therapy 77th Street, I feel like I can finally use my shoulder again. It’s been just shy of seven years since I was last able to lift my arm without pain or dislocation. After years of denial followed by two surgeries within 16 months for repeated tears in my labrum, both anterior and posterior, my surgeon considered me a “special case.” I was also told definitively that I would never play lacrosse again, a sport I have played for over fifteen years. My therapist knew how upsetting this news was for me, and designed a personalized exercise program to get me on the right track. It is now 19 weeks post-op and I have been cleared by my surgeon to play lacrosse again, words that I never imagined I would hear him say. I could not have gotten this far without Professional’s help. While I hope that I have no future injuries requiring such attention, I would absolutely go back and recommend this team to my family and friends.