It was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life

I am happy to report that the race went great! I barely had any IT Band issues at all for the entire race, which was incredible. I owe a major debt of gratitude to you and the team for helping me get to where that was not a factor in the race.

I did face some other obstacles, as anybody would expect. For example, knowing that my friends and family were all waiting for me on First Avenue, I got a little excited going over the bridge and pushed a little too hard on the uphill part, as well as the uphill of First Ave. I ended up with some cramping in my quads and hammies. A few stops at the medical tent for a quick rub down and some biofreeze was able to remedy that for a few miles at a time. That made the last 6-8 miles tough, but they were going to be tough no matter what!

I didn’t run with my wife, but as luck would have it I spotted her around the mile 26 marker. We were able to cross the finish line hand in hand, and it was one of the most incredible and special moments of my life.

Again, can’t thank you guys enough for all the help over the last three months in getting me ready, not just with the IT band but with the overall strategy and the tips for training and for running the race. I look forward to thanking you guys in person next Tuesday!

– Doug B.