I’ve told 20-30 people about Professional

I graduated PT today at Wall Street. This is my second PT experience with your company; I was successfully and quickly rehabbed for a serious calf tear at Murray Street a few years ago.

My PT not only diagnosed my hip/back pain within minutes of my initial visit (QL and Glut Med on both sides!) but had me nearly pain-free by the end of my second visit. It’s not just the results that mattered to me – her delightful demeanor and enthusiasm made each visit (about 12) fun. I’m a Ph.D. in Exercise Science/Pharmacology and have extensive and decades-long experience with rehab, PT, training, and such. Among other things I was Research Coordinator for Nautilus in its heyday, authored six fitness and back books that sold over 200,000 copies, and lectured nationally and internationally on training and conditioning.

I include this all because it should underscore my praise of your team – I’m not just a happily-rehabbed cyclist, I’m a knowledgeable consumer (I road cycle 5-6,000 miles a year at age 58).

I was back on my bike 7 weeks after a bad tear that had me in HJD for 2 days. I have told 20-30 people about Professional PT and will continue to sing your praises.

Thank you for building and managing such great teams.