They knew when to push me

I’ve always been skeptical of physical therapy in the past. Partly because places I’ve gone to in the past I felt rushed and that very little attention was given to me by the therapists. Other places are about how many people they can see and push out the door as quickly as possible. Nothing could be farther from the truth about Professional in Hartsdale, NY.

At my first appointment, I was not able to put any weight on my right knee. My pain level was a 10. I met with Mansi and we talked for a good 15 minutes and Mansi listened to what I hoped to accomplish and from there came up with a game plan to help me reach my goals. My goals were to be able to put weight on my right leg pain free, walk without pain and do a flight of stairs without pain. With Mansi’s guidance and Ashley making sure I did every exercise correctly, I’m happy to say I’ve met most of my goals. I can stand on my right leg with no pain and I can walk without pain. I can do a flight of stairs for the most part pain free. I still have little ways to go but when I look back to where I started to where I am now, I never could have done it without Mansi and Ashley’s guidance and persistence. They knew when to push me and when to step back. I would highly recommend Professional to anyone who wants to see results and feel good again.