I leave every session feeling great

Professional Physical Therapy has the most knowledgeable and attentive staff of any therapist’s office I’ve visited in NJ, hands down.  I’m a professional firefighter and for a time it seemed I LIVED at the PT office rehabilitating injuries sustained at work. From fractures to torn tendons and ligaments to actual surgery, the doctors and athletic trainers there knew EXACTLY what needed to be done in order to ensure I’m fully fuctional on “the line”.  I mean, they actually care! I never need motivation to go, just knowing I’ll see the staff is motivation enough.  I leave every session feeling great, knowing that I worked as hard as I could while also feeling like I’ve just been talking to a friend for a couple of hours. They listen when you’re explaining your symptoms and ALWAYS seem to have an exercise, stretch or remedy for your issue.  I can’t thank them enough.  Even front desk personnel are spot on, always working around my crazy schedule to accommodate me! The “Professional” in the name is true to heart because they ARE that and much more., but I come back because those “professionals” became friends by treating me like family.