I am lucky to have her on my team

I have been a patient here for 3 years. I started treatment after a Laminectomy in 2014. I have a severe case of Spinal Stenosis and a Spinal Fusion was not far off for me. In May of 2016 we determined I needed to have more surgery, so we elected to do the Spinal fusion. After the surgery I experienced nerve damage that compromised my left leg. I had little to no strength and could barely lift it off the table. Sustained lifting exercises were not an option since I could barely control my leg movement.

After my first few sessions with Ewa, I began to have more control and felt it getting stronger. Soon I was able to lift and control my leg from the table. My core was also very weak and building muscle strength was in order. Continued therapy that includes massaging my back, kneading muscles that spasm, and leg strengthening put me on the right path to healing. My core has regained its strength and exercising has become pleasant again. Increasing my exercise routine at the precise intervals made the experience pleasant and reduced the pain I’ve endured for quite some time. I passed the one year mark in May of 2017 and feel great. My surgeon was overwhelmed with how well I’m progressing, stating that he’s thrilled with the results of my PT experience. He gives Ewa and me full credit for doing all the work.

As an avid golfer and overall sports nut, I was determined to get back on to the course. Ewa and I worked on some additional exercises that help to improve my flexibility and my ability to swing a golf club. In early July 2017 I teed off for the very first time in 4 seasons!!! I am thrilled to be able to play, playing well is another story, lol. Let’s get real, without the surgery and a well designed exercise regimen tailored to my specific needs, I couldn’t have achieved this goal. Yes, I did (and still do) the work but I’m not alone, she’s with me every step of the way, she is the true hero here, I’m forever grateful for her ability to turn a bad day into a good one, eliminate pain and bring comfort, her professionalism and most of all, she cares! I am lucky to have her on my team. Thank you Ewa…