Mollie eased my fears and gave me my independence back

When I first started seeing Mollie for Occupational Therapy after my wrist surgery, my hand and wrist were so painful, stiff and swollen. I was hesitant to even get therapy because I couldn’t imagine it would ever be the same again. I had such a hard time with daily activities like getting dressed, driving and cooking. I live alone so I was really worried. After a few sessions I saw some really dramatic changes. My pain decreased and my wrist became more flexible. I was able to turn a doorknob without help! I could cut vegetables for my salad and drive again! Now, when I go to take something out of the refrigerator I no longer hesitate because of my hand. I am able to cook with a lot more ease and less pain. Mollie eased my fears, addressed all of my concerns and gave me my independence back.