I have never experienced such rewarding sentiments before and I want to thank you all

Too often people, organizations, businesses, etc. receive negative or disapproving letters about their services and unfortunately too few share positive experiences, results and satisfaction for services rendered. The purpose of this letter is to do the latter because the ways I have come to feel about my experiences to date at your facility are of the highest level in all areas.

After my shoulder surgery, I had no idea what the physical therapy I knew I had to undertake would encompass. Physical therapy itself is not new to my life as I have experienced both after a hip and knee replacement in the past. In both cases PT sites were recommended by the hospital for Special Surgery so finding one was not a problem. Here, I had to search from a list given to me by my present surgeon or to act on advice of friends. I also wanted to get started as soon as possible.

The first three inquires were unproductive in terms of start dates. Then I came upon a listing for your organization. I called and the start date given was the most ideal from the previous ones and the location very accessible for me as well. Still, I had no idea of what this experience was going to be like and I entered it with natural reservations, curiosity and hesitation. Yet, from the moment I entered the office, the attentive reception that started with the office staff enforced all thoughts that this was going to be one of the best experiences I had yet to encounter. The paper work went smoothly and every inquiry I had was answered to complete satisfaction, no matter how stupid or obvious it might have been. This now allowed me to observe the activities before me that I would soon be part of.

What I observed was a bee hive of activities and people moving about and totally engaged with the activity and persons in their charge. In a relatively small area nothing seemed rushed, everything appeared coordinated, and therapists and clients completed their tasks to the satisfaction of each other. From the first moment I became part of this experience I felt only satisfaction in the ability of each member of the staff to put me at complete ease, to make every and each task appear obtainable, not to feel rushed or judged. They each seemed to know and/or remember your name or your agenda from one session to the next and they worked with coordinated unison so that you only felt a flow of unison from one person to the next. They are a multi age group and some obviously at different levels, but this never became a deterrent in terms of fulfilling a client’s needs. As a client I never feel that I am being neglected when more than one therapist works with me because all transitions are done so smoothly. They themselves are so multi-talented that I never tire of watching how well and effortlessly they demonstrate specific tasks their clients are to do. Watching them you feel you are watching a well coordinated movie in which you are lucky enough to be a player as well.

With the encouragement of each of the therapists who have worked with me and because of the expertise of their healing hands, advice and openness to questions and ways and means to advance my situation, I feel empowered and encouraged that I will have complete healing in as near a future as possible. I do my the exercises crafted for me at home on a daily basis when I am not in session there with enthusiasm and vigor and look forward to whatever validation I receive that my efforts are not in vain. I cannot wait to get to the next session at the close of each. I have never experienced such rewarding sentiments before and I want to thank you all, from your office staff to each individual therapist or person who has worked with me to date for the care, encouragement and expertise you bring to each of my sessions.

Not only will I gladly give you the highest recommendations as the place to go for physical therapeutic renewal, but I look forward as well that yours will be the place to come after the next knee replacement I feel may be in my near future.