These people are truly PHENOMENAL

I had 3 ankle surgeries. I was in PT for 2 Years before discovering Professional Physical Therapy @ 1250 Waters Pl. 12th Floor (Bronx Hutchinson Metro Center).

I will always remember the first day, July 12, 2017. Vivek calls me to come in and begin his evaluation on me. As I became more and more familiar with the other staff – Louis, Nick, Africa –  they were always professional, encouraging, helpful in whatever manner they could be. These people are truly PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend them. They’re also striving with you to see the results. It is Oct 2017…the progress that I have made is simply phenomenal. The staff honestly cares about their clients and it shows in their dedication and compassion and commitment. Vivek…you’re absolutely the BEST. Louis…thank you for all the times I said I couldn’t and you insisted that I could. ANETA…you’re an angel and you know your stuff. Love you guys. God Bless all of the Staff @ 1250 Waters Pl. 12th floor staff.. You’re a phenomenal team.