Personal and tailor made approach

I first arrived at Professional Physical Therapy over 5 years ago with a major injury to my foot and ankle. Being a triathlete for over 20 years and being sidelined by injury was physically and mentally a tough hurdle to contend with. The staff at Professional not only provided me with the hands-on care needed to start healing, rebuilding, and competing again but a personal and tailor made approach that suited my needs and helped me to physically and mentally become strong again. After spending time with the physical therapists at Professional I noticed that each therapist really took ownership of each individual patient.

Every day people, weekend athletes, NCAA Division I athletes and professional athletes went through the paces of their therapy side by side with custom made programs designed just for them. Each patient was pushed to their individual limits to bring their recovery along at a pace suitable for their comfort levels and individual goals. The care at Professional is highly attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. After my injury began to heal, Professional sought to make me stronger, faster and confident by building a program for me where I could maintain and manage my injury on my own so as not to injure myself again. After spending months rehabilitating my injury and becoming as strong (or maybe even stronger!) than I was before I injured myself, I needed to get back to competition.

I returned to multi-sport competition and have stood on the podium over 15 times since my injury and was named the #1 ranked, USAT All American in the Aqua Bike division two years in a row. Since then, I continue to rely on Professional for any therapy or advice that I need to stay in top form and to stay injury and pain free. They have become my dear friends and are a indispensable resource. I recommend them highly as the most ‘Professional’ sports therapy outfit I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


USAT All American

ASCA Level 1 Swim Coach

Open H2O – Open water Swim Clinics: Founder and President