This place makes you feel at home

I am extremely sad because my treatments will end this Friday. I started PT this third time very depressed because of how badly I pulled my hamstring (a double pull with big black and blue marks) trying to score from second. After the first session, I was encouraged as I saw improvements in days and all through the weeks to come. What also helped in parallel was how wonderfully the staff treated me. I will miss this world class staff who has treated me with perfection from the wonderful front desk staff, the PT assistants and of course, no doubt the most knowledgeable PT in existence, Adam. His assessment skills are unbelievable. I witnessed him diagnose a high school athlete’s problem asking every possible question, testing his movements in that area, and finally his football schedule so he could try and rehab him in time for the season opener. Being a former hockey player himself, he know how badly injured athletes want to continue playing their sport. BTW, he explained in detail what the problem was. The other PTs John and Louis are fabulous also – really great guys. This place makes you feel at home. I will also miss those who I did not mention.