It is a rare thing for me to be impressed by another organization or business model

My name is Dan, and while I have seen you on several occasions working with patients and other therapists over the past two months, we have never been formally introduced.

I first learned of ProEx from my Chiropractor (Dr. James Ellis of Evolved Health Chiropractic & Sports Medicine) after he strongly endorsed the ProEx “brand” and urged me to call your Woburn location regarding a referral I had received following a recent total hip replacement. Since I have learned to value Dr. Ellis’ recommendations and opinions, I fully expected to encounter only the most professional, high quality of therapeutic services with ProEx. I am writing this email now because after nearly eight weeks of physical therapy my unrealistically high expectations have not only been consistently met through ProEx, but often exceeded in many important ways.

It is a rare thing for me to be impressed by another organization or business model. Yet from my very first introduction with ProEx, sitting in your lively but comfortable waiting room, sipping my complementary coffee and reading your mission and values so plainly and proudly posted throughout, I have been consistently fascinated. I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you now as I will not be back for therapy again until I have recovered enough from my 2nd hip replacement scheduled for 6/27. Once able, I have every intention of scheduling my evaluation with Wally at your Woburn location and continuing with regular therapy to promote my recovery.

Because I know the value of customer feedback and that far too often we are bombarded with only the complaints and areas requiring improvement, I wanted to take a moment to summarize the many positive outcomes I have witnessed consistently across a number of key performance measures:

  • Front Desk
    • From my first phone call and positive impression with Patty, to my last conversation with Emily Wednesday evening, I have experienced only the most professional caliber of customer service and administrative support from these gatekeepers.
    • When I ran into a conflict with work and could not make my scheduled appointment, I always found a compassionate and understanding person on the other end of the phone.
    • Over the weeks I had several occasions to talk with them both and marvel in the level of connection they seem to enjoy with the ProEx brand. Also, the text reminders of upcoming appointments are a nice touch!
  • Nawal “Wally”
    • I doubt you need my resounding endorsement of this young clinician to know what a powerful asset she is to your organization. From my first formal evaluation with Wally to my last PT visit, I knew I could count upon her to provide exemplary PT services for my hip as well as encouragement for my soul.
    • Wally has a special knack for making each person feel they are her only client, and she seems to engage strategically with other staff and resources in order to naturally maximize her influence (i.e., supervising several clients simultaneously by using paraprofessionals or non-therapist aides).
    • In my experience I have found that good clinicians rarely make successful administers, yet Wally seems to have a keen mind and understanding of certain administrative demands. For example, Wally routinely encouraged me to schedule additional appointments in advance to support my progress.
    • Additionally, I became aware through my casual “interviews” with Wally that she highly valued the training opportunities she has received/is receiving from ProEx, further confirming the ProEx stated vision to access continued, specialized training for its employees.
    • Over the course of my therapy I also had occasion to witness Wally’s interactions with other patients and colleagues and routinely observed evidence of her leadership capacity. She is widely respected among her peers and enjoys a position of positive influence throughout her “community” in a natural, non-threatening (and I’m guessing) effective manner.
    • There is no doubt in my mind that this young professional enjoys a promising future (within or outside ProEx), and as a millennial Wally is likely to seek additional opportunities to remain engaged, challenged and fulfilled. If she were my employee, I would ensure at all costs that she find herself on an upwardly mobile professional development career track, that she understood her value within the larger organization, and that she receive evidence of her continued growth. Hold on to her tightly!
  • The ProEx promise and Mission:
    • I believe I can understand a great deal about the senior leadership and values of an organization by simply observing employees on the front lines. Organizations are notorious for over-promising high ideals then under-delivering in practice. Throughout my experience with ProEx I observed consistent evidence of an authentic, shared understanding and commitment to stated goals. For example, I DO believe that you value my time. You DO communicate clearly and effectively. ProEx DID want to know me and I very much appreciated the comfortable atmosphere you promised and delivered.
    • From observing and listening to the therapists talk I DO believe that ProEx’s goal of professional development and education is one fully integrated (and appreciated) throughout all layers of the organization, and that there is a sense of shared pride and accountability in the stated desire to be “leaders in Clinical Care, Education, and Research, ultimately having a positive impact on the Physical Therapy profession.” Pretty great stuff!

There’s more I could say, but I’ve already rambled far beyond what the average attention span has the capacity to bear. You guys are doing some pretty amazing things and I could not be more satisfied with my treatment thus far. Plus – I love that I’m receiving services from such a progressive and well run professional team.

As an aside, I did a little research and am copying this email to a couple of names that I hope will care to read my positive remarks and perhaps even use the affirmation with your team as proof that something is working very well (and that it recognized by customers/clients). It really does make a profound difference to people in need, and I am confident that you are improving thousands of lives across your sphere of influence!

Keep up the great work, and I will see you in a few short weeks!