Rich is a healer both inside and out

Having had two lengthy stints at Professional PT for my back and two broken femurs I can truly testify to the compassion, care, expertise, and professionalism of the director, Rich, and his capable staff. With the opportunity of observing the interactions of the staff with each other and the clients, I continue to be amazed at the consistency of care and kindness each is shown. They are a mirror of what I hope we could all be for one another.

The attentiveness given for every need, the readiness to help and relationship-building that ensues combined with the actual physical therapy that occurs. They care about every person who is treated and each is considered special and unique. But Rich is responsible for creating this kind of consistent environment of care, service and therapy for the whole person. Rich is a healer both inside and out. His intuitive skill of seeing beyond the bones, muscles and joints to the heart causes this healing phenomenon. I live with an attitude of gratitude for him, his staff and for what a gift they are to me.