I’ve made great progress in the past few months

I’ve been through this surgery on the other hand so I knew how the recovery process would be and had total faith in my surgeon. With that being said, I was unable to use my left hand for almost a month and relied on my wife and children to help me with certain things such as dressing, cutting food (I was unable to stabilize my fork), driving, cooking, cleaning, and other various tasks. My hands are my lifeline since I’m a chef and owner of two restaurants in the Hamptons. During the busy season I can cut fish for up to 5 hours a day! Since one of my restaurants is closed I picked the slow time of the year for surgery and rehab. I was also concerned about returning my favorite hobby, golf. Therapy has been painful since my left pinky had been contracted for so long, I needed nodules removed, and two skin grafts (one to my pinky and one to my thumb). Karen had already pre-warned me not to kick her under the table and both her and Rob really pushed me to get my pinky moving again. They explained the importance of the pinky for grip strength and although it was a painful process I would not be disappointed with the results. Their positivity eased my concerns and I vowed to do anything they told me to get better.  I’ve made great progress in the past few months and I am able to hold items in my hand but not for long periods of time and I cannot lift anything heavy at the moment. My golf swing has gotten better as well! I’m almost completely independent and in perfect timing for both golf and the summer season in the Hamptons!