Second to none

I am a current patient at Professional PT at the Wall Street location.  I would like to take this opportunity to commend the team there on a fantastic job.  I am recovering from ACL replacement and I have been a patient since early March.  From the first difficult moments starting out and continuing in my recovery until now, the team have been simply terrific.  The professionalism, structuring of programs to fit individual needs, and most importantly encouragement to get better have been second to none.  Not only have I been thoroughly pleased with my recovery thus far, but I have witnessed numerous patient interactions that have been just as good.  Not all patients have the same drive and recovery schedules and the team has shown excellent patience and professionalism throughout; even with those who can be difficult.

I have never had to go through a rigorous PT process before and I was worried about how I would react, motivate myself and put my recovery in someone else’s hands.  Never again will I have to think twice about that.  I hope that with this ACL recovery I will not be frequenting in the future, but if needed, I know where I will be making my provider choice.  I have already recommended the Wall Street location to four colleagues and I will not be shy about my opinions when others are in need.   I want to thank the team once again and look forward to finishing out my physical therapy over the next few weeks.  There is no way I would be where I am without the team.

So many times customers / patients only comment when things are wrong and I felt that it would be good to comment when everything was right.  Your dedicated team has gone above and beyond, showing that they care about each individual’s progress and recovery.