Tailored my exercises to my particular needs

After having surgery on my wrist in August, I found Professional Physical Therapy in the Galleria Mall in White Plains, NY. I was warmly greeted at my first appointment and every appointment thereafter. Steve was my Therapist and tailored my exercises to my particular needs. I understand that is a primary expectation, but it felt very concerned, personal and genuine. The people I worked with most often were happy friendly people and I went to my sessions as much to see them as to receive therapy! They provided the same consistent level of professionalism to each patient as well as a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I did not want to go to therapy and was apprehensive going inside. That feeling never returned; I was too comfortable with the people there to be nervous. I feel very fortunate to have met and been cared for by such excellent people. And last and not least, my wrist has the mobility and strength I didn’t think would very come back. You should take great pride in having these three on your team. It speaks well of your company that you have such people in your organization.