Thank you for your caring spirit

When I was told that I had to receive Occupational Therapy by my doctor, I did not know what to expect. I was a bit uneasy about this at first. I was told that I had an extensive sprain in my left hand, which was extremely painful! My hand was stiff and swollen and I could hardly move my fingers without it hurting.

I did not know what to expect, because I never experienced this kind of injury before. I knew I was having difficulties with my everyday routine. See, I ride a bicycle everywhere, and even that was causing me a lot of pain. It was hard getting dressed, putting on or taking off my coat, washing dishes, opening jars, and lifting and carrying things. So, I really needed help, so my hand could function normally and properly heal. I was really very worried that my hand would never be the same again.

After meeting my therapist my mind was put at ease. She assured me that they would do all they could to make sure my hand would function normally once more. I felt good.

After the first few sessions, I could see that she was a woman of her word. she worked my hand hard and we saw results. I was on my way to recovery. I was very impressed by her professionalism, integrity, and the genuine concern for me that she displayed while taking care of me as her patient. She was always concerned about me and what my doctor as saying about my hand. She answered all my questions to the best of her ability and never once did not listen to be when I voiced a concern or worry that I had. She made me feel very comfortable and made me believe I would recover. She was attentive and a good listening, she was always polite and always had a smile on her face and a cheerful word to share, which I always appreciated. She gave me lots of insight and kept me informed of what was going on with my hand so I was never in the dark. I received a lot of positive reinforcement from her, which I truly needed! I found my therapist to be a positive and caring therapist who truly looks after the well being of her patients, and she has a sense of humor too! She is a friendly person with a nice personality that will take her very far in her career. She made me feel good and the exercises were a breeze because of it. I had a very positive experience working with Professional, and even looked forward to the sessions, and wanted to arrive on time.

In conclusion, I’ve never had a more pleasant experience with medical therapy than I have here. Everyone here at this place is friendly and dedicated to helping others to regain their strength. I thank them all. Michelle is someone who cares, is committed to what she does, and left me with the impression that she really cares (which is important in this field of work). She is a very nice person and I am truly happy to have been in her care. Because of all of this I will recommend your services to others that I know, and thank you for your caring spirit that helped me heal in my time of need! You are truly heaven sent. You exude professionalism to the MAX!