The staff at Professional Physical Therapy has changed our lives

I came to Professional Physical Therapy, a bit skeptical and a little hesitant. Having endured years of seeing my child in pain and having underwent the physical therapy route without success, it was a hard to commit again. My experience started with a phone fishing expedition, culminating with a thorough conversation that ended my search. I had made the decision to entrust my daughter to the expertise of Alex and his team.

My daughter’s first session came and I had bombarded Jennifer with questions, while making my presence known to Alex; I involved both therapists in my scrutiny. With patience I was addressed and I was reassured with a plan. Although anxious, I walked away knowing that my daughter would be in good hands.

In a couple visits, Jennifer and Alex proved to be miracle workers. After two years of constant leg numbness, PT made a difference! Within a month, my daughter is almost at 100%. I finally saw PT to be a cure. The therapists at PPT listened and analyzed my daughter’s story, they deciphered a plan to make recovery a reality.

I cannot thank Jennifer and Alex enough for their dedication and expertise. The staff at Professional Physical Therapy has changed our lives.